Will Toilet Paper Dissolve In Clogged Toilet?

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By Bryan Peters

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Some people claim that stuffing too much toilet paper into the toilet can possibly clog the drain. While this is not entirely true, will toilet paper dissolve in clogged toilet? As long as there is water in the toilet’s trap region, any tissue paper thrown into the toilet would dissolve.

Toilet papers are made to be soft so that they can easily break down when put into the toilet. It is difficult for toilet paper to clog a drain because it easily melts once it comes in contact with water.

When you flush materials like paper, wipes, or other stuff that do not dissolve easily in water, you may clog your toilet drain.

Can Toilet Paper Clog Toilet Drain?

The answer is YES and NO. Don’t get confused here; we mean that toilet paper can possibly clog your toilet drain under one condition. Now, what is the condition?

Toilet papers come in many sheets curled into a roll; if you are trying to roll out the sheets and then the bunch (the entire toilet paper) mistakenly falls into your toilet; definitely, it’d soak and look wet; at this point, some people would want to flush it down the drain.

Now, if you flush the entire toilet paper roll, it could get to the S trap region and get stuck. This happens because the roll itself (the brown roll that holds the sheets) does not dissolve easily in water.

Also, because the toilet paper sheets are much and rolled up, they’d compact and become a bit stiff and won’t break down easily. Thus, the toilet paper could clog your toilet drain.

In contrast, if you’re talking of sheets of toilet paper, toilet paper sheets cannot clog a toilet. Once a sheet (2-ply or 3-ply) touches water, it dissolves and breaks down immediately.

So, if you are putting sheets of toilet paper into a toilet, they would keep breaking instantly, and if you flush them, they will go down the drain seamlessly.

The only possibility of toilet paper clogging your toilet is when you flush an entire roll (a whole toilet paper roll, which typically has 200 – 1000 sheets) through your toilet.

Well, even at that, the toilet paper would dissolve and flush away – but it may take time.

Will Toilet Paper Dissolve In Clogged Toilet?

Will Toilet Paper Dissolve In Clogged Toilet

If the toilet is clogged and there’s still water inside, any toilet paper sheet thrown into the toilet would dissolve instantly. So, YES, toilet paper can dissolve in a clogged toilet.

As said earlier, toilet papers are made to be as soft as possible; they are used for many purposes, but mainly for cleaning the anus after pooing (or cleaning the urinal organ after peeing (for women)).

If the toilet paper in your bathroom or gent does not dissolve in water, you need to re-check the product to see if it’s actually toilet paper. 

Still, if your toilet is clogged with toilet paper, below are tips on how you can unclog it by yourself.

How to Remove Toilet Paper Clog in Your Toilet Drain

Get a Plunger and insert it into your toilet. To remove any toilet clog using a Plunger, you need to press/move the plunger up and down to cause suction in the drain.

After a while, remove the plunger. If the bowl empties itself, the clog has been removed, but if the toilet bowl retained water and whatever was there before you started plunging, it means the clog is still there.

However, flush the toilet and see if the drain is free; if it’s still clogged, get a toilet auger and try removing the clog again.


So, will toilet paper dissolve in clogged toilet? Basically, it would dissolve, but you still need to remove whatever clogged the toilet. If things start getting difficult, call on a plumber to help out.

More so, whatever you do to unclog your toilet, don’t use chemicals like Drano drain cleaner. Such products are caustic and can possibly melt your toilet drain; thus, attracting more cost.

Most times, when your toilet is clogged, simply let the clog stay there for a while, and it would dissolve itself without any intervention. Hopefully, this article answered your question.

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