Will A Toilet Eventually Unclog Itself?

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Alright, since you should not use chemical drain cleaners for your clogged toilet drain, will a toilet eventually unclog itself? Well, the answer to this question can go two ways, YES and NO.

Yes, a clogged toilet can unclog itself after a while if the object or gunk that got it clogged is able to melt away. In contrast, if the clog is very strong, the toilet may never unclog itself.

So, that said, let’s discuss further about what could make your clogged toilet unclog itself and the possible DIY practices you could try if the toilet doesn’t unclog itself after a while.

Will a Toilet Eventually Unclog Itself?

Most times, the things that clog toilets are water-soluble; however, they don’t melt easily.

Thus, if left for a longer time, the water surrounding the clog could melt it and wash it away, making your toilet drain free again.

Yes, a toilet will eventually unclog itself after a while; the length of time required for this to happen would vary based on the cause of the clog. If the clog is caused by a biodegradable matter, over time, it will melt away.

In contrast, if the clog is caused by spoilt food or a rag cloth that was forcefully flushed through the WC, it may take a longer time for such a clog to flush away without intervention; in worse scenarios, such clogs may never go away without intervention.

How Long Does It Take For A Toilet To Unclog Itself?

Will A Toilet Eventually Unclog Itself

Truthfully, there is no specific length of time it’d take for a clogged toilet drain to unclog itself; it all depends on what caused the clog. There are several non-flushable materials one may mistakenly pour into the toilet drain.

However, here is what you should know; if the clog is soluble, let’s assume a thick paper or carton, if you leave the toilet overnight, the paper or carton could melt away, and your toilet would unclog itself.

But, in cases where the clog is something much stronger, it could take days before it would melt away. You may be perceiving a strong foul smell from the bathroom throughout that period due to the stagnant water.

So, simply, there is no specific length of time for a toilet to unclog itself. But then, if you noticed the clog at midnight, you might just have to let it stay till the following day, then check if it has melted away. If it’s still there, it is advisable to remove it yourself.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Clogged Toilet To Unclog Itself

As explained above, allowing your toilet to unclog itself might take a couple of hours or several days. Through the times when the toilet drain is clogged, the stagnant water in the trap could start smelling or even breed mold.

More so, a clogged toilet drain is the breathing ground for various kinds of germs and bacteria, especially if there’s unflushed poop in the WC. For sure, you don’t want the entire house to be smelly due to a clogged toilet drain.

Thus, the moment you notice that your toilet drain is clogged, you should quickly boil water and use it to “hard-flush” the toilet. Hot water can speedily soften or melt most particles that clog toilet drains.

If the hot water trick does not work, get a plumbing snake or plunger and use it to unclog your toilet.

However, if neither of these DIY plumbing tools worked for you, maybe you should contact a professional plumber to help you out.

Caution: Whatever you do in a bid to unclog your toilet, don’t use a chemical drain cleaner. They are typically caustic and can possibly melt down your toilet drain’s PVC pipe.

How To Prevent Your Toilet Drain From Getting Clogged

The best way to prevent clogs inside your toilet drain is to ensure that you do not flush hard substances, materials, or clothes through the WC.

What More?

So, will a toilet eventually unclog itself? Yes, it could unclog itself if the clog is caused by a soluble particle or material.

However, if it’s taking longer for your toilet to unclog itself, get the job done by yourself or a plumber – to promote a healthy environment.

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