My Poop Won’t Flush Down the Toilet (6 Main Causes & Fixes)

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My poop won’t flush down the toilet; what could have caused it? There are different reasons why your poop won’t flush; the toilet could be clogged, or the cistern didn’t push the water with enough pressure.

As funny as it may sound, almost everyone had been in such a situation – where your poop refuses to flush.

Such moments can be really embarrassing, especially if you used a public toilet or it happened in a friend’s house. But we live in a world where virtually any situation is solvable.

This article tries to explain the various possible reasons why your feces won’t flush down the toilet properly and what you can do to remedy the situation.

My Poop Won’t Flush Down the Toilet | Cause and Solutions

When your poop comes back after flushing, there are many possible reasons for that, and we discussed these reasons below.

1. Clogged Toilet Drain

My Poop Won't Flush Down the Toilet

A clogged toilet drain can be a very stressful and annoying situation to deal with. One of the signs of a clogged toilet is the inability of your poop to flush down the drain or an over-floating toilet.

Well, there are a couple of ways to fix a clogged toilet. You could use a plunger or plumbing snake to remove the clog and get your toilet working properly again. But, can you do this when there’s poop inside the toilet?

The unflushed poop will really make it difficult for you to unclog the toilet drain following the two DIY methods mentioned here. You may need to call a professional plumber to help out here.

However, the point here is to let you know that your poop couldn’t flush down the toilet because the drain is clogged or blocked.

2. Insufficient Water In The Cistern

When you flush your poop, and it doesn’t go down the toilet, one of the things to check is the quantity of water in the cistern.

Apparently, the cistern needs to release a sufficient quantity of water – with strong force – to push down poop through the PVC drain.

So, when there’s not enough water in the cistern, the water pressure may be low, which can result in the situation being discussed. An alternative solution to try here is to flush the toilet manually using a full bucket of clean water.

You can lift the cistern’s lid to check the water level; if the cistern doesn’t store much water, try the manual method. Ensure that you pour the water with great force because hard feces don’t easily go down the drain without a strong force.

3. Something Is Damaged With/In The Cistern

It could be the rubber flapper inside the water cistern or the lift chain. When either of these is bad or not properly installed, it will affect the pressure and amount of water released into the toilet when you turn the handle or press the flush button.

Interestingly, replacing either of these components is not costly, and you can actually do the replacement yourself. To find the rubber flapper and lift chain, lift the cistern’s lid; they are both there.

4. Toilet Type

Yes, the toilet type can play a role in this situation. There are many types of water closets or water cistern toilets; some of them are easy to use, in the sense that regardless of the amount of water poured into the toilet, it’d push the poop through the drain.

In contrast, there are water cisterns that need more pressure before poop could pass through the drain. The installation method also plays an important role here.

Thus, the main point here is that your poop couldn’t get down the toilet due to the type of WC installed in your place or at the place where the situation happened.

5. Improper Installation

The problem could be a result of improper installation if the scenario happened in a public toilet you’ve never used before.

Sadly, not all plumbers are good at doing their job, and thus, the chances are that you used a toilet that was not correctly installed.

Well, some stores may place a notice on such faulty toilets to alert users. But just in case there was no notice, one of the ways to get out of this mess is by flushing the toilet manually using bucket-full water.

As long as the drain is not clogged, when you manually pour water into the closet (with great force), the poop would forcefully pass through the drain, and the problem is solved.

6. Dissolve the Poop and Flush

This may sound sketchy, but it’s a way of flushing hard poop. To dissolve hard feces, you need to pour a compound into your toilet and wait for some time, after which you can flush the toilet as you’d typically do.

However, it is essential to note that most of the products in the market that claim to help in dissolving poop are chemically formulated.

It is actually not advisable to use chemical compounds on your toilet to avoid melting the PVC pipe used for the toilet drain.

That said, you should be careful when picking a poop dissolving compound in the market.

Alternatively, you should contact a plumber to come and get the situation fixed; this may cost you more money, but it could be the best harmless solution you’d ever get.

DIY Tip: Some people add detergent or liquid soap to hot water and use it to flush the toilet. The hot and slimy water could possibly force the poop to slip through the drain.

What More?

Do you have the same question in mind? “My poop won’t flush down the toilet?” Well, we have explained the possible causes and solutions to this issue.

If the toilet drain is not clogged, you only need to find a way to apply more pressure while flushing the toilet.

If it happened in your personal toilet, you could wait for a little while for the hard feces to soften, then flush the toilet again.

Hopefully, these tips shared above would help you get over the situation. If things get worse, call a professional plumber to do his job.

Have a great day!

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