How Fast Does Monstera Grow? (Explained)

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Monstera is a popular houseplant often referred to as the Swiss Cheese plant. If you are looking toward spicing your house or garden with good flowering plants, think of Monstera.

This is hinged on the fact that it has perforated green leaves that light up your environment, and the best part is that it does not take much to take care of it.

In addition, monstera is capable of filtering and making your environment healthier. If you are planning to plant Monstera this season you might be having a series of questions dangling on your mind, such as how fast does monstera grow?

Be sure to read down carefully as we answer all your questions.

How Fast Does Monstera Grow?

If left under an adequate and favorable environment Monstera can grow as fast as 1.5 to 2 feet yearly.  Once you provide the plant with adequate care and maintenance even if it is less careful, it is bound to bloom, grow taller, and bushier.

This justifies the fact that Monstera does not require much to develop into that beautiful green houseplant you desire. However, enough water, sunlight, drained soil, and fertilizers are needed to help your Monstera grow faster and go green!

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Factors That Affects Monstera Growth

Making your Monstera go green is not usually a walk in the park. To be on the safer side, you need to have a clear understanding of the various factors that affect the growth of Monstera plants.

Keep reading as we explain some of these factors below:

1. Adequate watering

The swiss cheese plant needs watering to flourish and bloom to your desire. Here, you need to be careful with your watering schedule.

Too much watering or inadequate watering can affect the growth of your monstera. What should you do?

Ensure you water your plant moderately. If you noticed any change in the color of the leaves like a brown color then, you should adjust your watering routine.

2. Sunlight

Sunlight is another factor that affects the growth of Monstera. It is indisputable that you can grow Monstera indoors, but please do not forget it needs sunlight to bloom.

Monstera needs about 10 to 12 hours of indirect bright sunlight to flourish. Exposing it to bright direct sunlight will only lead to the opposite of what you want.

3. Soil Nutrients

The nutrients in the soil or the concentration of the nutrients of the soil play a vital role in the growth of Swiss cheese plants.

Monstera normally grows beautifully in soil that has enough organic materials and manure. If you are growing it within your house, then, ensure that the soil is rich enough.

4. Humidity

You should ensure that the plant is under a moderate humidity level. High levels of humidity, as well as low levels of humidity, will affect the plant seriously.

Low levels of humidity can lead to dryness of the leaves and drought. Sometimes, the plant might develop an unquenchable thirst and hence, rendering watering useless.

5. Timing

If you have done the above and yet you are not getting your desired results, you may check your time of planting.

Generally, Monstera does better during summer than any other season. While in winter it approaches its dormancy stage.

How Do I Make My Monstera Grow Faster?

If you want your monstera to grow faster you may consider the factors we listed earlier that affect the growth of Monstera.

Here are practical ways to speed up swiss cheese plant growth;

  • Ensure that the soil is well-drained
  • Provide your plants with bright indirect sunlight for about 10 to 12 hours daily
  • Water your plants moderately. Let’s say once every 7 days
  • Apply fertilizer as at when due. Do not apply fertilizer at the dormancy stage of the plants, which is usually during winters
  • Ensure moderate humidity level and plant during the summer period
  • Plants need care and maintenance, your monstera plant is not exempt

Related Questions

How Long Does It Take For A Monstera To Develop A Leaf?

One unique feature is that the bushier it grows the more new leaves are produced. However, for a Monstera to develop a new leaf under the right conditions, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

Is Monstera Easy To Grow?

 Yes, Monstera is easy to grow. With little maintenance and care your monstera is good to go green!

Is Monstera Slow In Growth?

No, Monstera is not slow in growth rather it grows rapidly.

They are capable of growing even up to 60 feet.

How Long Does It Take For Monstera To Mature?

The swiss cheese plant reaches maturity from 2 to 3 years after germination.

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Monstera is aasy-to-an groeasyant. And also grow very fast by the addition of 2 inches annually if placed in the right environment.

We also did justice to the factors that affect your plant growth. Now, it’s time to work with this knowledge for better performance. Go green!