Do Pothos Like Direct Sunlight? (A Must Know!)

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If you’re a gardener or someone that has been caring for plants, you will understand that a lot goes into growing and taking care of plants.

For example, you want to pay attention to the amount of sunlight a particular plant needs to thrive, which can vary from plant to plant. While some plants prefer more sunlight to blossom, others prefer being grown under a shade with little to no light. But what about pothos? Do pothos like direct sunlight?

No, pothos plants does not like direct sunlight! Pothos require about 13 hours of bright, indirect sunlight per day to thrive. Keep them in east-facing doors or windows, and do not exposure them to direct sunlight for more than 4 hours per day.

Too much and too little light will affect your pothos plants negatively! They will thrive and grow the most beautiful foliage when given ideal light, while poor light will stunt their growth, making them look stressed. And when given too much sunlight, your pothos will suffer from scorching, bleaching out, and sunburning of the leaves. 

Do Pothos Like Direct Sunlight?

Just like we answered earlier, pothos do not need direct sunlight to flourish. This does not mean they don’t need sunlight, no, they need it indirectly.

Pothos are often kept in closed doors or shade; in fact, they can stay up to 5-10 years indoors with little care and maintenance.

Pothos are evergreen plants, they have chlorophyll, which is used during photosynthesis, a process by which green plants manufacture their food in the presence of sunlight.

From the above, it is evident that Pothos need sunlight, however, Pothos do not need direct sunlight but rather indirectly.

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Effects Of Direct Sunlight On Pothos

Pothos are better grown with low or indirect sunlight. Exposing them to full or direct sunlight would lead to:

Dryness of the soil: The direct sunlight will dry up the water content of the soil which will lead to drought. This will in turn encourage watering and that is not ideal for growing Pothos. Once a week watering is advisable.

Drying up and yellowing of leaves: once the soil is dried, the plant itself begins to die starting from the leaves.

Can Pothos Survive In Low Sunlight? 

Yes, Pothos do better in low sunlight than in full sunlight. 

They don’t need too much sunlight, just bright and indirect sunlight since the plants are kept indoors. 

How Do I Know If My Pothos Is Getting Too Much Light?

If your Pothos are exposed to too much light, you can verify that by taking a look at the soil and then the leaves.

If they are getting too much sunlight it becomes dry and beckons you on frequent watering.

On the other side, the leaves dry up and begin to turn yellow. While the absence of light makes them darker.

Can I Place My Pothos In My Window?

Yes, you can. Pothos are generally attracted to low light. As houseplants, you don’t need to expose them to direct sunlight.

If you are placing it just at your window then, it is advisable to expose them for 12 hours under just conditions. Anything above that will affect the plant.

Again, the plant should be faced towards the East as the sun usually rises from the East and sets from the West.

Why Should It Face The East Direction?

Recall that we discussed earlier that Pothos need bright and indirect sunlight.

Since the sun rises from the East and stays for 12 hours before setting, it is advisable to place it in the East direction. Furthermore, placing it in the direction of the West is not ideal simply because the sun is not ‘bright’ when ‘setting’.

Remember, ‘bright and indirect sunlight is the best for healthy Pothos.

How Can I Care For My Pothos?

Pothos need little care and maintenance. However, the ‘little’ is not negligible. Water, sunlight, soil condition, and fertilizer are needed for the care and maintenance of Pothos.

1. Water

Pothos don’t need too much water. For healthy plants, water once a  week.

2. Sunlight

Pothos do well in bright and indirect or low sunlight. And shouldn’t be exposed to more than 12 hours of sunlight.

3. Soil Condition

The solid should be moist. Not too dry or wet.

4. Fertilizers

Fertilizer is also good for healthier pothos but be careful not to overdo it. Also, look out for reactions when you apply fertilizer to them.

Is Pothos Poisonous?

Aside from the fact that Pothos is good for beautifying your home as houseplants, it is also poisonous.

Yes, Pothos is poisonous as it contain calcium oxalates. When this happens, you can become very sick but the chances of it leading to death are far-fetched.

The sap can lead to rashes, irritation, and vomiting.  Cats, dogs, and children are usually the victims of this.

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Pothos are evergreen plants that are easy to care for and maintain. They need sunlight, water, and other nutrients to survive.

While sunlight is indispensable for their growth, they don’t like direct sunlight, rather they do well in bright and indirect sunlight. Your Pothos deserves the best, go and apply the knowledge obtained so far.