Top 13 Red Perennial Flowers (With Photos)

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By Bryan Peters

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If you’re looking for something that will draw attention to your garden, then you need to plant the red perennial flower. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best you can choose from and plant in your garden. These flowers will draw a lot of attention to your garden, mainly because of their colors and spots. 

From the well-known chrysanthemums, one of the best and most widely planted red flowers is the bright ruby poppies, which are a beauty to look upon. 

Now, let’s look at the best type of red perennial flowers you can plant in your garden!

Red Perennial Flowers 

There are numerous examples of red perennial flowers. In this section of this article, we will discuss a few of the best types that are sure to bring out the beauty of your garden. Some of them are; 

  1. Ranunculus
  2. Geraniums
  3. Roses
  4. Poppies
  5. Bleeding heart
  6. Gerber Daisies
  7. Tulips
  8. Cockscomb
  9. Amaryllis
  10. Freesia
  11. Yarrow
  12. Coneflowers
  13. Dahlia

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1. Ranunculus 

This is one of the best and most popular red perennial flowers. It is a member of the buttercup family, and when planted, they have one of the most striking reddish colors that is hard to be ignored by individuals. 

Planting this type of red perennial flower is one of the best ways to improve the beauty of your garden.

2. Geraniums 

This type of red perennial flower is mostly planted in a pot. That is, it is a potted plant. They’re perennial flowers that, when established, can give rise to so many other geraniums. 

This flower loves sunlight, so it is advisable to plant them outdoors or provide an artificial light source. 

When planted, you need to water it effectively, but when watering, make sure you don’t need water to the point the soil becomes waterlogged; water moderately so that the flower will grow well and effectively.

3. Roses 

This is one of the most popular types of plants. There are well over 150 species of roses worldwide, and they’re available in different colors and shapes. 

The red roses are the most frequently planted mainly because it is recognized as a symbol of love worldwide. Most people equally purchase this rose flower for a substantial amount as proof of love for their partners. 

This means you can grow roses as a means to beautify your garden and also as means to make some cool cash. The red color of roses is so prominent that it is difficult for people to ignore it when they see it. 

Planting red roses in your garden is a great way to improve the beauty of your garden and attract more individuals to it, and most especially, pollinating agents. 

4. Poppies 

The beauty of these red flowers and their tenderness earned them the name poppies. They exist in groups and have brought red spotted colors to them. 

Their texture resembles crepe paper, and this is one of the best types of red flowers to plant. Their prominent red colors are beautiful, so farmers and gardeners can’t stop planting them.

5. Bleeding Hearts 

Because of the heart-shaped nature of this red flower, it earned the name bleeding heart. This perennial red flower grows well and effectively in well-drained soil areas that directly interact with the sun. 

This means that this red flower loves as much sunlight as it can get and, at the same time, prefer well-drained areas. 

When watering this plant, you should make sure you don’t water it to the point it becomes waterlogged, and it will lead to poor growth and development of the flower. 

6. Gerber Daisies 

The Gerber Daisies is also known as Gerberas, this red perennial flower comes in different colors, but the most beautiful of them is the red-colored varieties. 

They have ray-like petals surrounding a golden brown center, which helps effectively in attracting pollinators and pollinating agents such as bees and hummingbirds. 

This flower grows well in sufficient sunlight and requires an adequate water supply for effective growth and development. Planting this flower in your garden is a great way to beautify it. 

7. Tulips

This red perennial flower is well known for having different varieties, not just different varieties alone, but the different varieties blooming at different times. 

When you plant different varieties of tulips in your garden with different bloom times, chances are that in each season, there will be new blooms, which will maintain the beauty and keep the reddish color of your garden alive. 

Most farmers choose to plant the Tulip because of the different varieties that bloom at different times. It’s a great way to beautify your garden. 

8. Cockscomb 

Another unique type of red perennial flower to plant is the cockscomb; this flower earned its name because it looks like a rooster head, that is, it looks like a cocks foster head. 

The reddish color of this flower is a sight to behold. Several other varieties come in different colors, such as yellow, pink, and white, but red is the most beautiful and the one that farmers and gardeners mostly plant. 

9. Amaryllis 

This is a unique red perennial flower that is very versatile and can survive in various areas. 

They can thrive and survive well as flower beds, they can be used in edging and containers, and they can equally be used as borders. 

This is the most versatile type of red perennial flower out there; the reddish color and versatility make it one of the best types of flower that farmers and gardeners plant. 

This flower is known to grow, mature, and bloom early; the growth period, maturity, and blooming period do not take up to 3 weeks, this added to make it one of the best. 

10. Freesia 

This is a unique type of red perennial flower, it has trumpet-shaped petals and comes in different varieties of colors, but the most planted among farmers is the red color. 

This flower is known as a night-blooming flower, unlike other red perennial flowers. 

This flower blooms at night, and when it is the day, you will observe its color and beauty. It thrives and survives well in areas with sufficient sunlight and areas of sufficient water. 

When watering this plant, make sure you water effectively, but do not waterlog it as it will lead to poor growth of the plant. 

11. Yarrow 

This is among the best red perennial flowers, and it is hardy, versatile, and very easy to care for. All you need to do is to plant it in an area with sufficient sunlight and adequate water and watch it grow, bloom, and develop into a mature flower. 

Another feature typical of this yarrow flower is that it attracts butterflies, one of the best pollinating agents. The Color of this flower is beautiful, and this is why farmers and gardeners plant it. 

12. Coneflowers 

This red perennial flower is also known as the echinacea, this red perennial flower grows in groups, each with its blooming time, and they mostly bloom in summer. 

They come in different varieties, but the bright red ones are the most planted because of their beauty. 

The petals of these red perennial flowers are broad and have a very bright appearance, which is helpful and important in attracting different insect-pollinating agents. 

They can be used to make herbal tea for consumption, which is another reason farmers and gardeners grow them. This flower grows well and survives in areas of sufficient sunlight and water. 

13. Dahlia 

This is another gorgeous type of perennial plant that comes in different colors and is widely known for its spectacular and distinct color and petal formation, the petals that help to attract pollinating agents. 

The only known downside of this flower is that they usually suffer from hay fever allergies. Aside from this, they’re mostly planted by farmers and gardeners, mainly because of their beauty and ability to attract insect pollinators.

Planting Method Of Red Perennial Flowers 

There are various methods of planting red perennial flowers, and it doesn’t matter if you are planting them in your backyard or garden. 

The two methods we will be discussing in this section of this article are the best out there. 

There are numerous types of red perennial flowers, and before you choose a planting method, you must know what they all have in common. 

All perennial red flowers require a sufficient amount of sunlight, and they equally require a well-watered area. 

This is to aid in efficient growth and development. Having said this, the two main methods of planting your red perennial flowers are

  • Outdoor method
  • Indoor method

1. Outdoor Method 

This is the first method of planting your red perennial flowers; due to the fact they require a sufficient amount of sunlight, you need to plant them outdoors to be able to provide them with these. 

When planting them outdoors, you need to water them effectively so they will not dry up. 

2. Indoor Method 

For those who want to plant indoors, you can easily plant the red perennial flowers indoors if you don’t have access to a good outdoor landscape. 

Planting the red perennial flowers indoors will require you to find a way to provide an artificial source of light that will serve as sunlight to make sure that they grow effectively and reach maturity. 

Having known these, we will now discuss some of the best types of red perennial flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I plant them together with other species? 

Yes, you can, especially when you want to add a touch of beauty to your garden. Planting them together is a great way to improve the beauty of your garden.

Are there different species of red perennial flowers? 

There are numerous species of red perennial flowers each with its distinct properties. Go through this article and choose your preference.

How long does it take my red perennial flowers to reach maturity? 

This is highly dependent on the species of red perennial flowers you planted, but on average it takes 2 weeks for your red perennial flowers to start developing.

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