10 Different Types Of Cherry Tomatoes (With Photos)

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Tomatoes are one of the most planted types of plant in the world, they’re from the cabbage family and over the years, they have been planted for food mostly and as vegetables. 

They’re vigorous plants that are easily cultivated in containers or planted outdoors in a garden. In this article, we will discuss extensively the different types of cherry tomatoes, and what makes each one of them unique. We have picked the best, feel free to choose your preference and go ahead and plant it.

Let’s get started!

What are Cherry Tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes are widely known as vigorous plants that are normally cultivated indoors or outdoors, they’re from vegetable families. 

There are numerous varieties of cherry tomato cherries, but they all have one thing in common which is the fact they grow very quickly and normally produce delicious fruits throughout the summer. 

The different varieties of cherry tomatoes produce different flavors, the flavors can be sweet, mild, or tangy. Cherry tomatoes are one of the most planted types of tomatoes in vegetable families. 

Furthermore, cherry tomatoes are known for their fast growth rate, it doesn’t take up to 2 weeks for a cherry tomato to sprout and start growing. And they’re fun to grow and reach maturity early, and most of its varieties are suitable for juicing and dehydrating. 

Having known what cherry tomatoes are, let’s go ahead and discuss our main topic.

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Different Types of Cherry Tomatoes 

There are numerous types of cherry tomatoes, in this section of this article, we’ve listed some of the best and they are; 

  1. Baby boomer
  2. Maglia Rosa
  3. Sweetheart of the patio
  4. Tiny Tim
  5. Black cherry 
  6. Black Pearl
  7. Italian ice
  8. Green envy 
  9. Midnight Snack 
  10. Mirabella blanche 

1. Baby Boomer 

This is one of the most widely planted types of cherry tomatoes, and this is because of the bountiful seeds it produces, this species of cherry tomato is widely known to produce lots of tomato seeds more than many other varieties.

On average, this species of cherry tomato produces about 300 bright red Tomato Seeds every season, and this variety of cherry tomatoes does this every season and every year, this is why it is mostly planted among farmers and gardeners. 

Furthermore, the fruit of this species is very sweet and ideal for eating, it grows fast and reaches maturity in about 54 days. On height they grow up to 25 inches tall, these features add to make it one of the most planted types of cherry tomatoes. 

2. Maglia Rosa 

This is one of the most beautiful specie of cherry tomatoes to look upon. Their seeds hang out like different clusters of jewels, which makes them a sight to behold indeed, like most species of cherry tomatoes, you can choose to grow them in a container or grow them outdoors. 

They grow up to the height of 37 inches and from the time it’s planted, it takes 70 days for it to grow to maturity, produces Fruit and prepares for the next season.

 This species of cherry tomatoes are known to have different types of flavors, they can be acidic, rich, or sweet. 

It depends on many factors such as where they were grown, nutrients given, and access to light and water, among other factors. The beautiful colors and the way the fruits hang out are one of the reasons why they’re mostly planted among farmers. 

3. Sweetheart Of The Patio 

This is another widely grown variety of cherry tomatoes, they have a superior yield that produces different sweet-flavored cherry tomatoes. 

This species of cherry tomato grow very fast, it reaches maturity and produces numerous fruits after 68 days, this makes it one of the most easily cultivated types of cherry tomatoes. 

The sweet fruit it produces can be used for food or for making other edible substances. They grow up to a height of 36 inches, this specie of cherry tomato prefer bright sunlight. 

This is one of the reasons why it is important to plant this specie where it receives direct and maximum sunlight from the sun, this will lead to a healthier plant, faster growth rate, and ultimately a better cherry tomatoes yield. 

4. Tiny Tim 

This is one of the oldest known types of cherry tomatoes, they produce an abundance of fruits that are deep red and bert beautiful to behold. 

This variety of tomatoes because of its sweetness is mostly planted indoors to make different dishes, this tomato was first introduced in the market by the University of New Hampshire in 1945, since then it has become one of the most profitable types of cherry tomatoes to plant. 

It takes these cherry tomatoes about 60 days to reach maturity and produces fruit, as the name implies, it grows only to a height of about 16 inches hence the name “Tiny Tim”. 

Its deep red colored fruits and its profitability in the market are one of the many reasons why they’re planted mostly among farmers. 

5. Black Cherry 

This is a variety of cherry tomatoes that is from the heirloom varieties, they’re widely known for their sweet flavor and firm textures which is a little hard for a tomato seed. 

The color of their tomato seeds is bright red which when matured is a sight to behold. 

This species of cherry tomato grows very tall more than other species, it grows to an incredible height of about 60 inches and matures in 64 days. One of the ways to check how mature your cherry tomato seeds are is to look at the type of fruit they produce. 

Furthermore, the sweet flavor of this species of cherry tomatoes is one of the reasons why they’re widely used in the preparation of pizzas and other edible substances. 

One of the things that makes this variety of cherry tomatoes unique is the fact they’re disease resistant. You don’t have to worry about plant diseases after planting them. The above reason is why they’re mostly planted among other species. 

6. Black Pearl 

The black Pearl variety of cherry tomatoes has a very beautiful rich and deep mahogany color, the fruits of this species produce a very beautiful and sweet flavor that is satisfactory to the stomach after taking a bite. 

This species of cherry tomatoes keep producing different varieties of fruits every season and every year, on average, they produce up to 300 fruits each season. 

This is why farmers keep planting them in large quantities year in and year out. They grow to an incredible height of 60 inches and require stakes for support for effective growth and development. 

They produce fruits and mature in 65 days, they’re equally disease resistant, and some of them are pest resistant, what this means is that when planted, you don’t have to worry about pests and diseases, this makes farmers always plant these varieties of cherry tomatoes among others, to be able to protect them from pest and diseases. 

7. Green Envy 

When you need that sweet, juicy type of cherry tomato with a nice flavor, this is the right variety of cherry tomatoes to plant. They’re deep red and color and when their fruits reach maturity, they become one of the best things to look upon especially, on a sunny day. 

This species of cherry tomato keeps producing fruits until fall. Farmers and individuals because of the amount of fruit this species produces now plant them mostly for profit. 

They grow to an incredible height of about 70 inches and the fruits grow and mature in 65 days. You can tell how a variety of cherry tomatoes is by how mature the fruits are, the more mature the fruits are the more indication that the fruits are ready to be harvested. 

Like the other variety, this plant needs a stake as a support system during its growing season for effective growth, development, and the production of seeds. 

8. Italian Ice 

This is one of the varieties of cherry tomatoes that has a mild, low-acid taste. This species of tomato produces a lot of fruits. 

Its low acidic taste is one of the reasons why this species of tomato has been used for several purposes. Some of them include; making delicious salsa, and making different types of pasta with different flavors which are mixed with other varieties of cherry tomatoes. 

They grow to an incredible height of 72 inches and the fruits of the plant can be harvested in 65 days. You check how ready the fruits are to be harvested by checking how mature and ripe they are on the trees. 

The multi-purpose use of this species of cherry tomatoes is one of the reasons why it’s mostly planted by farmers for commercial purposes. 

9. Midnight Snack 

When you talk of the most beautiful, tastiest, and the best type of cherry tomatoes to plant, this comes to mind. 

They’re very beautiful to look upon largely because of their purple color. This beautiful purple-colored tomato comes from the presence of a natural chemical called anthocyanin, which adds to its nice taste. 

Furthermore, they’re one of the species of cherry tomatoes that grows the tallest, they grow to an incredible height of 84 inches and their fruits reach maturity and are ready to be harvested in 55 days. 

The lovely taste of this species of tomato seeds is ideal for salads and grills, which makes it to be planted in large quantities for commercial usage and profit. 

10. Mirabelle Blanche 

This species of cherry tomato grows in massive clusters and its fruit is pale yellow. This species of cherry tomato has a mixture of two sweet flavors which are sweet and acidic, in addition to this, the seeds of these tomatoes can be successfully stored for propagation. 

They grow up to 50 inches in height and take about 80 days to reach maturity and produce fruits. There are several varieties available and they all have one thing in common which is a sweet mild acidic taste, this is why they’re used for many things.

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