12 Types of Plants in the Rainforest (With Photos)

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Research shows that 2/3 of the plant species are found in the tropical rainforest, as these plants and trees are said to provide shelter to the animals in the tropical rainforest.

These plants also take part in the gaseous exchange as they provide oxygen all over the world. Tropical rainforest plants prefer a humid environment to grow healthy, which is why the tropical rainforest is the best pick. What are these plants that you can find in the tropical rainforest? 

Some common plants you can find in the tropical rainforest are the heliconia flowers, rubber trees, orchids, Goliath water lilies, cacao plants, etc.

In this article, we are going to be discussing the different types of plants in the rainforest. 

What Is a Rainforest?

A rainforest is usually a very tall and dense jungle, and it gets the ”rain” part of its name from the fact that extreme rain falls around that area. Each year, the rainforests get about 79 to 394 inches of rain, depending on which rainforest you’re working with.

Due to the very high rain, you always find evergreen leaves in the rainforests. These forests experience rain yearly since there is little to zero climate change in that area. You can also find some of Earth’s living plants in these rainforests.

The flows and trees in rainforests have been classified into four major classes:

  • Fruit-bearing plants
  • Flowering plants
  • Herbaceous plants
  • Tree spices

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Types of Plants In the Rainforest

you can find several plants in tropical rainforests. These plants include the following; 

1. Heliconia Flowers 

The heliconia flower is one of the most beautiful flowers in the tropical rainforest. These flowers are long plants that produce flowers with very bright colors.

These plants are primarily famous for their long structure, which can grow up to 15 feet tall, and their leaves, which can grow up to 300cm. 

These plants require warm and humid conditions for them to be able to grow very tall, hence the tropical rainforest. The primary pollinators of these plants are the birds; they also serve as a home for nesting hummingbirds. 

2. Orchids 

The orchids are the most beautiful rainforest plants you would find around. It is one of the most prominent families of flowers in the rainforest, having about 30,000 species of flowers. Although there are several species of these flowers, each has unique characteristics. 

You can find these flowers in different sizes and colors because they are well-adapted to nature. These plants are very fast growers and would quickly grow in any part of the world, which is why they rapidly spread through various species. 

3. Rubber Trees 

From the economic use, rubber trees are the most critical part of critical rainforests. These trees are about 100cm tall, and the sap obtained from these trees is used in the production of latex which is later used in modern times for the production of tires. 

Without even having to tap latex, when the inner part of the tree gets cut, you would see sap-like latex coming out from the bark.

At a time, these plants were found in only the amazon rainforest, but now, the seeds have been smuggled and moved around various parts of the world. 

4. Cacao Tree

There is at least a chocolate type that everyone in the world loves; even with that, cacao is a chocolate-like superfood packed with many benefits. You can get several natural benefits just by consuming cacao products. 

Apart from health, you can get several other mental benefits from consuming cacao-based foods. Due to the high calcium content in cacao, it Is perfect for the heart and the brain. 

5. Bromeliads 

Bromeliads are very beautiful epiphytes you can find in tropical rainforests. They are attractive because the leaves arrange themselves around a central flowering, forming a rosette. 

6. Passion Fruit Flowers 

This enthusiastic natural product can blossom into a fiery vine that can stick to nearly everything and grow up to 15-20 ft every year. The arrangement of this plant does very well in tropical rainforests as it inclines towards the sun. 

7. Vines 

The rainforests are home to more than 2500 species of vines, which is about 90% of the total world’s percentage. Vines grow from the bottom to the top of trees and hide in the underlayers of the stems. 

An example of a vine is the strangler vine, a parasitic plant with very thick foliage; in most cases, vines kill their host plants. Another example is the rattan plant; it makes good use of its spiky foliage to clutch the trees; they can also grow up to about 3000 feet. 

8. Indian Timber Bamboo

Another rainforest lant is the Indian timber bamboo native to the south Asian rainforest. These plants are famous for their grassy nature and tremendous growth rate; some of these bamboo can add three feet in a day. 

9. Lianas 

Lianas is a group name that describes plants that grow into woody climbing plants. These woody plants are responsible for holding up large trees in an elaborate manner. The sad part is that the lianas are mostly neglected, even with their positive impact on the ecosystem. 

Lianas can develop up to 650ft with some connecting trees and plants. These plants begin with their journey from the ground like every other rainforest tree and eventually grow very high with the help of the trees. 

Many residents around the area use these plants for drinking water and some other species as a source of toxic substances. 

10. Monkey Brush Vines 

The monkey brush vine is a flower with gorgeous colors but is mainly adorned with a striking orange color, making it identified among the rainforest greenery. People gave the name monkey brush to this plant due to its long and beautiful stamen.

The monkey vines are parasites because they can grow on any other type of plant or tree you find in the rainforest. These plants are very beneficial because they serve as host plants for green iguanas and food for hummingbirds. 

11. Drip Tips 

The drip tips got their names. Their leaves have been adapted to cope with the very high amount of rainfall because their tips can shed the rain ff. The leaves of these plants shed water to prevent fungal and bacterial growth, common on damp areas or surfaces. 

12. Epiphyte 

Unlike most rainforest plants, epiphytes are plants that do not grow from the soil and do not touch the ground in their lifetime. These plants are mostly found growing on other plants for tree nutrients. 

These plants usually grow on orchids and ferns and can be found on the upper canopy of plants. The fantastic thing about this plant is that when they start growing, they start small, but as time goes on, they can grow up to about 14 ft or even more!

These epiphytes depend on the birds for them to pollinate.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is the Biggest Plant That You Can Find in The Tropical Rainforests? 

Apart from the tropical rainforests, the giant taro is said to have one of the world’s most giant unsplit leaves. These plants can trap a minimal amount of sunlight and use it well. Their trees can grow up to two feet tall. These plants and leaves are supported by thick stalks that grow up to 10 cm wide and up to 2 meters long. 

Are There Flowers in The Rainforest? 

The rainforests are filled with many exotic flowers that can supply their water and water to the surrounding plants. These plants are mostly known to grow up to 30 ft in height. 

What Type of Plants and Animals Can I Find in The Rainforests? 

The main animals you would find in the rainforest are the blue morpho butterflies, three-toed sloth, jaguar, capybaras, poison dart frogs, toucan, okapi, and the significant animals you would mostly find are the monkeys. 

For the plants, you would mostly come across plants like mosses, ferns, lichens, bromeliads, orchids, and several trees like rubber trees. 

What Is the Rarest Plant in The Amazon Rainforest? 

The rarest flower in the amazon rainforest is the rafflesia flower. Apart from being rare, it is also considered one of the most endangered flowers, most likely to go extinct soon. 

How Do Plants Survive in The Rainforests? 

Rainforest plants can survive comfortably with plenty of water due to their shallow root system. These plants can obtain moisture from the soil by tapping into the rich supply of nutrients available underground to prevent them from rotting.

Naturally, the leaves of these flowers have a unique adaptation to weak areas.

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