Pygmy Date Palm White Fungus (Causes & Remedy)

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Palm trees are one of the most planted types of trees in the world. They’re accepted in almost every part of the world; they have been planted indoors and outdoors. 

When planted well and well cared for, they can be used to beautify the environment or home.

In this article, we will discuss pygmy date palm white fungus, what causes white fungus on pygmy date plant, how to prevent them, and the best way to care for your palm trees.

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Pygmy Date Palm Tree Overview

The pygmy date palm tree is a species of well-known palm tree; there are over 2600 species of palm tree in existence. 

Some are short, just 3 feet tall, while some are more than 200 feet tall. The shorter ones are usually planted for the beautification of the home, and they’re planted indoors. 

Your pygmy date palm tree is one of such a variety. They’re well known for their tropical and evergreen leaves called fronds.

This species of the palm tree is mostly planted by farmers and by individuals to add beauty to the home and to grow coconut too.

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Pygmy Date Palm White Fungus: Major Causes

There are numerous reasons why there may be a white spot on your pygmy date palm tree; some of the reasons include the following:

It can be a naturally occurring substance called scurf. This scurf usually affects pygmy date palms, but in this article, we will discuss how you can remove them.

It can be caused by a fungal infection called geographical leaves, and we will discuss how to remove or prevent it later in this article.

You should check and know whether an infestation called scale has infected your pygmy date palm. This infestation can be very deadly to your date palm tree, and this is why you should treat it as soon as you discover it on your date palm.

Failure to do this will make it spread to other areas, which will lead to the poor growth of your plant and death in the long run.

The white spot can sometimes be a simple issue like a deposit, w; whatever causes it, we will discuss it fully in this article.

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How to Treat White Fungus on Pygmy Date Palm Trees

In this section of this article, we will discuss some of the causes of white fungus on your pygmy date palm, possible remedies, and their prevention, be sure to keep reading. 

1. Scurf on your pygmy date palm 

Sometimes when you find white spots on your pygmy date palm, this may be caused by a naturally occurring substance called scurf. 

One of the differences between scurf and other main causes of white fungus on your pygmy date palm is that the scarf is not dangerous as the plant itself produces it.

To identify scurf, you need to check on the young leaves of your date palm. They’re easy white substances, and one of the best ways to identify them is to look at the underside of the young leaves of your date palm. 

However, you must know that if your palm tree is not from the species of the pygmy date palm trees, then the white stuff found under the side of the young leaves cannot be scurfed. 

Scurf is exclusively for pygmy date palms. You don’t have to worry about removing the scurf because they’re naturally occurring and do not cause any harm to the date palm.

2. Fungal Infection 

Sometimes the white spot you notice on your palm leaves may be due to a fungal infection known as graphiola leaf spot. The fungal disease affects palm trees, irrespective of their species or family. 

To tell if your pygmy date palm has a fungal infection is by checking your date palm leaves; if you notice any small black bumps on the leaves, then there’s a high chance that your pygmy date palm has this disease. 

However, your pygmy date palm has a high disease tolerance, so this fungal disease will not affect your plant to a large extent, but if you wish to get rid of this fungal disease, it is very easy. 

All you need to do is to check the leaves of your palm tree regularly, checking it regularly to know when there’s a fungal infestation. Immediately after you notice it, you start removing the affected area and leave immediately, and this will prevent it from spreading to other areas. 

This is the best and most efficient way to eliminate this graphiola leaf spot. Furthermore, to prevent further infestation, you must ensure that your palm tree is well-spaced to allow sufficient air circulation for effective growth and development. 

You don’t have to use fungicide on your pygmy date palm trees, but if you want to use it, you have to use it once in a while and only during the spring season. 

3. Insect Infestation 

One of the most likely causes of white spots or white fungus on your pygmy date palm tree is an insect Infestation called scale. 

This scale is white, small, and flat, which sucks nutrients from the cell sap and leaves of your palm tree. If you leave your pygmy date plant untreated, this insect will suck the nutrients continuously, thereby killing the plant. 

The leaves of the plant will turn brown after some time and fall off, and this is due to a lack of nutrients that the insect is sucking; if this continues, your pygmy date palm tree will die

You can tell if your plant has a scale infestation by checking the nature of the leaves; if our plant’s leaves are sticky, then there’s a high chance of it being visited by a scale. If you see ants crawling on the sticky area, chances are that your plant is infested by scale. 

One of the ways to get rid of scale infestation from your pygmy date palm tree is to spray insecticide on the leaves, and when spraying an insecticide, you need to spray the insecticide evenly and on the area that is infested by this scale. 

One of the most notable insecticides you can use is; a pyrethrin-based insecticide and insecticidal soap. Ensure you spray this insecticide once in a while and only on the affected area.

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