Toilet Tank Wobbles (3 Causes & Repair)

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You seriously don’t have to worry if your toilet tank wobbles slightly on the bowl, as long as your tank is not leaking water onto the floor. You should also check and ensure that the toilet tank does not continually leak water into the bowl as this will lead to a significant waste of water.

That said, if there isn’t any indication of leakage, repairing a scarcely wobbly toilet tank is mostly a matter of choice rather than urgency. But if you want to repair a toilet wobbly tank, simply replace or tighten the tank bolts, replace the tank gasket, or install a brace for your tank.

In this article, why your toilet tank is wobbling and how to fix it!

Is Toilet Tank Supposed To Wobble?

So first off, this is the most important question, right? You’ll agree.

Your toilet isn’t supposed to shake at all. It’s meant to be steady and carry your weight safely.

If your toilet is unbalanced, I’ll show you some reasons why that can happen later in the article and we will also discuss the solutions so you can attempt to DIY but if otherwise, then ensure you summon a competent plumber to fix it.

An unsteady toilet could have leaks, and water damage can be expensive to repair. The sooner you get it repaired, the better for your purse and your valuables.

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Why Does the Toilet Tank Wobble?

It could be for a variety of reasons, all of which I have pulled together into three broad categories.

1. Loose Bolts

The type of toilet you possess might have a valve attached to it.

You will locate this valve between the toilet tank and the wall. It can shut off the water that gets to your toilet. Whirl the valve till you think it’s right enough.

Doing that will put off the allowance of water to the tank so you can drip it.

Inspect inside your tank for any slackened bolts that affix the toilet bowl to the tank. If you see any loose ones, fix them up. Ensure they aren’t too rigid, or they might result in the tank cracking.

2. A Loose Gasket

The gasket is a chasm in your toilet tank that attaches to the toilet bowl. It is a rubber ring that shuts the tank and hinders any water from dripping.

3. A Cracked Tank

You can get breaks in your tank if the bolts are too rigid.

A cracked tank may ooze a lot, and relying on the magnitude of the cracking, you might have to either acquire a new tank or mend the crack with patching.

 How to Fix Toilet Tank Wobbles

Toilet varieties that have different tanks and bowls normally have toilet tanks that wobble. If you are presently encountering this and would like to rectify it carefully, I’ll show you three ways to achieve that so that your toilet tank is steady and undamaged.

1. Replace and Tighten the Toilet Tank Bolts

Slackened bolts are the number one reason for a wobbly toilet tank. Decayed rubber washers on your tank bolts can also be the reason for your wobbly tank.

So, renewing and tightening these bolts is the most adequate means to curtail or eliminate, toilet tank wobbles.

You might be thinking far now, about how to get the job done rightly, don’t worry. I have drafted a detailed guide on the step-by-step instructions to follow in tightening toilet tank bolts.

To do this task yourself you’ll have to:

  • Switch off the water supply to the toilet
  • Flush it twice to fully drain the tank
  • Find the 2–3 tank bolts at the underside of the tank
  • Utilize a wrench or screwdriver to deter the bolts inside the tank from spinning
  • Discard the toilet bolt nuts by utilizing an adjustable wrench
  • Put some new bolts in place of the old ones
  • Twist the nuts on the new bolts
  • Use your wrench to slowly fasten the bolts one-quarter turn per bolt. Fasten just enough to make a snug impression

NOTE! Do not overtighten as this can shatter your toilet tank.

Take utmost caution when tightening toilet tank bolts.

Immediately after the nuts are finger-tight, use your wrench to fasten each bolt one-quarter turn before shifting to the next.

Fasten the bolts as much as you can to gain a wobble-free tank. If you tighten these bolts too much and break the tank, you will have to restore the entire toilet tank.

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2. Replace the Tank Gasket

Water goes from the toilet tank into the toilet bowl through a rubber gasket between the tank and the bowl. If this gasket is relaxed, too slim, or stiffened with time, it could make your tank wobbly and also leak water.

If your tank is dripping water and is shaky, it’s most adequate to put in a new gasket.

To do this you have to:

  • Shut off the discharge of water to your toilet
  • Flush the toilet until the tank is vacant
  • Discard the bolts fastening the tank to the bowl
  • Raise the tank straight from the bowl
  • Plop the tank by the side or upside-down on a towel
  • Take out the rubber gasket at the underside of the tank
  • Put in the new gasket now

When renewing the toilet gasket, it’s a wonderful idea to bring in new tank bolts and washers as well.

With time, rubber gaskets and washers crack, causing the rubber to harden and a wobbly tank. By heeding these steps, you’ll deter your tank from shaking and cease any water leaks.

3. Initiate a Brace for Your Toilet Tank

If your toilet tank has a little wobble but isn’t dripping water, sometimes all you require is a pair of affordable toilet tank braces to balance it.

A brace for a toilet tank conforms to the rear of your toilet tank.

It goes back to clasp snugly against the wall. This deters the tank from swinging back and forth. To create this you’ll need:

  • Discard the top lid from your toilet tank
  • Estimate the length between your toilet tank and the wall behind it
  • Modify the extent of your tank braces to fit the metric length
  • Slip the hooked rear of the brace on the top rim of your toilet tank
  • Redo this for a second brace. You’ll need 2 braces to prevent your tank from wobbling. Ensure the braces are nestled nicely against the wall
  • Set the top lid of your toilet tank back on

It certainly is this easy. No tools are needed.

This simple fix can deter a wobbly tank.

In situations where the tank tilts a little but the tank bolts and gasket are inadequate quality, tank braces deliver a fast, prudent fix that ends tank wobbles.

How to Stop a Toilet Tank from Wobbling

In order to avoid your toilet tank wobbling, the best things to do are:

  • Take out the loose and old toilet bolts, and replace them with new ones.
  • Get a new rubber gasket attaching the toilet tank to the bowl.
  • Place two plastic braces that’ll deter the tank from wobbling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay if the toilet tank wobbles a little after tightening the bolt?

No, it’s not. If there is no wobble, you don’t have to fasten any further at this time. If the tank does wobble, you will have to tighten it some more.

How tight should the bolts be on a toilet tank?

Get the bolts snug but not too tight.

Why is my toilet not balanced?

A broken wax ring can result in a toilet being unsteady or leaky.

Why does the water level in my tank drop?

The most popular reason your water level is meager is that your fill tube is wrecked or broken in some way.

How much does it cost to fix a wobbly tank?

Homeowners spend a standard of $250 to repair a broken toilet. Project costs generally vary from $148 and $359. In some situations, a skilled plumber will charge a flat fee for a project. Depending on the setting, a pro might charge anywhere from $45 to $200 per hour for their services.

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Your toilet tank wobbles due to loose bolts, loose gaskets, or a cracked tank.

All these are problems ranging from minor to serious that you can solve yourself, or require the help of professionals.