5 Common Problems With Husqvarna Riding Mowers 

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With lawn mowers, you would save the stress of using your hands or other strenuous tools to remove or reduce the number of grasses on your lawns. The importance of these equipments cannot be over emphasized.

Husqvarna is one of the best lawnmower brands in the industry, knowing for their robust, reliable, and long-lasting lawn mowers. But even with all these enviable features, the Husqvarna riding mowers do develop a few problems as time goes on.

Some of the most common problems with Husqvarna riding mowers include the engine not starting up early, the inability of the engine to start on its own, uneven cuts, smoke emission from the mowers, and many others we will be talking about below.

Problems With Husqvarna Riding Mowers

Some common problems your Husqvarna riding mower is most likely to experience include; 

1. Mowers Refusing to Start

Most times, Husqvarna mowers refuse to start due to natural maintenance issues. If you refuse to clean up your Husqvarna mowers properly, refuse to fill the fuel tank or if your mower has a flooded engine. The most common reason lawn mowers refuse to start is low fuel in the mowers.

These are all the most common reasons your lawn mowers might refuse to start. If the Husqvarna lawn mowers still don’t work after checking for these, then the problems might be more profound than you think, and you should call on a professional.

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2. Losing Power and Dying Quickly 

If your lawn mower dies when operating the mower, the highest possible guess is that the air filter and fuel system are clogged. Most times, this is caused by lousy fuel, and you have to ensure that you check your fuel if it’s either old or finished. 

Also, if you notice that your engine is surrounded by dirt or materials that look like dirt, you might want to ensure that the surrounding areas of your engine are clean.

If your fuel is inadequate, ensure that you drain it and replace it with a new one; in cases of clogged air filters, ensure that you check your air filters for dirt and grasses and clean it up or if it is too bad, replace it. 

Also, if you keep your carburetor dirty by leaving in the wrong fuel and ethanol deposits, it can lead to your device dying off quickly; ensure that you clean up all the components that make up the carburetor. 

3. Smoke emission From Your Lawn Mowers 

Smoke from your lawn mower is hazardous and indicates that you are burning up more fuel than air. You have to take this issue seriously so it doesn’t lead to a fire outbreak in the nearest future. 

Another sure reason is if the engine oil is burning off fast due to insufficient oil level, oil leakage, or internal engine problems. If too much oil in your crankcase and too little engine oil, ensure that you free up oil from your crankcase and increase the engine oil level. 

4. Vibrating Mowers 

Some common reason your mower should be vibrating is that you have missing or broken parts, dirt or grass under your pulleys, or even wrapped under the spindles.

You must check your pulley and spindle systems correctly because even the slightest fault can cause vibration. 

Reasons Why Your Husqvarna Mowers Are Vibrating Solutions To This Problems 
Loose or damaged engine bolts reduce the mowers’ vibration, primarily when the mowers operate. Secure the engine bolts tightly and replace any missing bolts with new ones.
A damaged or unbalanced mower blade can cause your device to vibrate and move haphazardly. Replace any damaged blades with new ones or sharpen and tighten these blades to ensure that they are tightened
The most minor and common reasons why your Husqvarna mowers vibrate is dirt and debris stuck in the mower’s deck. Ensure that you clean your mowers properly before every operation

5. Uneven Cut 

Although this isn’t the mowers’ fault in most cases, uneven cut is another major issue that Husqvarna mower owners experience.

When cutting grasses from your lawns, you might notice that the grasses are cutting unevenly and not the way you want it; in most cases, you would need to sharpen your blades, and then your mower would be as good as new. 

In other cases, you should check the deck underneath your mower and ensure that there is no grass building up underneath it because if a lot of grasses are gathered underneath it, then it would not be able to cut effectively. 

Reasons For Uneven Cuts Solutions To Uneven Cuts 
Worn out or bent mower blades s a result of the wrong installment of the mower blades.Replace worn-out blades and ensure that bent blades are re-installed properly
Uneven tire pressure as a result of too much or too little air in the tiresEnsure that you reduce the air in the tire in cases with too much pressure or increase the pressure in cases with too little pressure. 
Work out deck as a result of excessive usageReplace your decks 
Damaged deck shell as a result of mishandling the mowersReplace the deck shells with new ones 

Some other common reasons why your Husqvarna mower won’t start include; 

  • A weak hydrostatic transmission
  • Not drinking correctly or straight 
  • Dies while mowing

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Does My Husqvarna Mower Keep Dying?

The most common reason why Husqvarna mowers die is due to the inability of the mower to regulate the amount of air to mix with the fuel and the engine oil to form combustion. Some other common reasons are a terrible fuel tank, broken carburetor, bad air filter and plugged fan. 

Why won’t the Deck of My Husqvarna Mower Engage?

The primary reason why the deck won’t engage has to do with the clutch. So, if your clutch is not getting power, is solenoid defective or worn out, your deck mower wouldn’t engage. You should know that the PTO clutch is not repairable, so you would have to replace it. 

How Old Would a Husqvarna Mower Last?

Although it all depends on how well you maintain the mowers, your Husqvarna mower should be able to last for 15 years. So, if you handle your mowers very well, it is most likely to last for more extended periods, and if you handle them less, the opposite is the case, and you wouldn’t want that. Some ways you can care for your Husqvarna mowers include;

  • Ensuring that the fuel tank is empty before use every season so you can fill It in with new fuel
  • Sharpen the blades of your mower
  • Change the spark plug frequently
  • Ensure that you get it professionally checked from time to time
  • Do not leave your mower under the rain or the sun
  • Ensure that you properly lubricate the engine parts that need lubricating

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Is The Husqvarna Lawn Mowers Good?

The Husqvarna lawn mowers are among the best mower brands in the market. The Husqvarna mowers are one of the most durable and reliable mowers you can find.

Not only that, but you should also be aware that these mowers also come with outfitted sought-after features, including a pedal operating speed and direction control.