Top 10 John Deere x380 Problems (Troubleshooting Tips)

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John Deere X380 is one of the top-rated utility tractors in the market. Please give it to the John Deere x380 regarding durability, high performance, and endurance. 

However, despite being a fantastic machine, it also has its shortcomings and you need to know about these issues so you will know what to do once you notice them.

In this article, we shall look extensively at the common John Deere x380 problems plus how to troubleshoot and fix them. 

Let’s get started! 

Common John Deere x380 Problems 

The problems of the John Deere x380 are not peculiar to it. Yes, it is not. These problems are shared among the JD X series, of which the X380 is no exception. 

Below are the common problems reported by users; 

  • Mechanical Problems 
  • Engine Problems 
  • Electrical Problems 
  • Mower Deck Problems

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Mechanical Problems

The first problem of the John Deere x380, as reported by users, is mechanical problems related to the machine. 

From our research, users of the John Deere x380 complained of the following; 

1. Tractor Not Moving When Engine Runs

This issue of the tractor not moving with the engine can irritate. However, there are a few things to inspect to fish out the culprit. 

  • First, you need to check if the parking brake is locked. Unlock the brake if it is locked. 
  • Secondly, ensure that there is enough transmission oil in the machine. This is simply because lack of oil can cause damage to the tractor. 
  • Furthermore, a loose or damaged blade can cause the tractor not to move. Tighten the open blade and confirm it is properly balanced. 

2. Excessive Vibration Of The Tractor

If your tractor vibrates too much,  it could be caused by the following factors;

  •  The blade is not well balanced or damaged, or the traction and equipment belts are worn out. 
  • Once you ascertain that the above is the culprit, change the worn-out belts and replace the damaged belts. 

Engine Problems 

Another common problem of the John Deere x380 is engine problems. 

Here are the problems most users complained of:

3. Engine Not Starting 

Suppose your tractor engine is not starting at all. Here are the reasons behind such and how to go about them.

  • An empty fuel tank and cause the engine not to start. Ensure there is enough fuel system before thinking of starting your engine.
  • A clogged fuel system is another reason. A dirty fuel system will not allow the engine to work. So, cleaning your fuel system is the best.
  • Old gas or low-quality gasoline can cause your engine to malfunction. Get rid of old gas and refill with fresh gas. Also, ensure that the gasoline is of high quality.
  • The spark plug is not exempted. Replace damaged spark plugs.

4. Difficulty In Starting

Aside from the engine not starting, users also complained about the difficulty in starting. From our research, below are the possible causes and how to fix them.

  • The wrong carburetor setting can affect the engine significantly. Do well to set your carburetor correctly.
  • Spark plug failure can also make your engine difficult to start. Replace or repair the failed plugs 
  • A faulty starter is another culprit. Confirm that your starter is in good condition and repair or replace it if damaged.
  • Damaged throttle cables and blocked fuel lines are also causes of difficulty in starting your engine. Replace damaged wires and clean up the fuel lines.

5. Engine Knocking And Rough Running

Engine knocking and rough running are the other issues that most users complained about in the engine of the John Deere x380. Once you encounter any of these, check the reasons below and troubleshoot.

  • Damaged electrical contacts are the significant causes here. Inspect the electrical contacts and ensure they are in good working condition.
  • The cooling fins can cause the engine to knock when there is low coolant or clogged. Also, wash and clean the cooling fins thoroughly and ensure enough coolant.
  • The ignition switch and setting should be considered. This is because wrong settings can affect the tractor engine.

6. Engine Overheating

Allowing your engine to overheat can pose a significant problem to your tractor, especially engine knocking. To avoid this, you may consider the following;

  • Do not overload your tractor. Yes, excessive load is the primary culprit. Reduce the workload of your tractor to avoid engine overheating.
  • Specks of dirt around the cooling fins, air filter, and fuel pump can cause the engine to overheat.

Electrical Problems

We can not talk about the problems of the John Deere x380 without having electrical issues.

Check the electrical problems, culprits, and how to solve them.

7. Battery Not Charging

This particular issue is irritating mainly when you have devoted tichargearging it. You are not alone. Many users complained about it too.

What could be the reason, and how can that be fixed? Excellent! Keep reading.

  • One of many dead battery cells can cause your battery not to charge. Confirm if the battery is dead and change it immediately if it is dead.
  • Clogged cables by debris and specks of dirt in the terminals can also cause your tractor battery not to charge. Therefore, clean the wires and terminals.

8. Starter Problem

A faulty starter can affect your tractor’s engine in the same way it can pose a threat to the tractor electrically.

Meanwhile, check the possible causes of a faulty starter and how to fix them below.

  • The damaged ignition switch causes the starter to malfunction. Replace the damaged switch or repair it.
  • Wiring issues are also inclusive. Disconnection and poor terminals should be dealt with. 
  • Low battery voltage is a culprit too. Recharge your battery.
  • It could be that your starter is damaged beyond repair. In this case, the best thing to do is to get a new one.

Mower Deck Problems

Mower deck problems are another complaint of the users. 

We have outlined the different mower deck issues, possible causes, and solutions below. Check them out.

9. Excessive Vibration Of The Mower

If your mower vibrates too much, the following could be the causes;

  • There is dirt on the mower. Wash and clean the mower to get rid of debris.
  • The belt of the mower may be old or worn. Change old belts for greater work efficiency.
  • Imbalanced blades are another thing to consider here. Ensure the blades are well-fitted.

10. Blocking Of The Discharge Chute.

This is a severe problem that requires immediate action. 

  • Wet and too-high grasses are a cause of the clogged discharge chute. Ensure the grass is not too high or wet. Work only when the grass is dry.
  • Obstructed airflow is another culprit here. Adequate airflow is critical. You can do this by cleaning up the airlines and filters.
  • Poor belt installation is another factor to consider. Inspect and ensure the belts are well installed.


The John Deere x380 is not a perfect machine. Hence, users are prone to encounter one problem, like electrical, engine, mower deck, or machine problems.

However, these problems are common and do not make the John Deere x380 less efficient. JD x380 deserves the tag of the most durable and reliable utility tractor.

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