Does Bleach Dissolve Toilet Paper? (Answered)

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Paper, as a statute, scatters best when placed in highly acidic solvents. Bleach, however, has very meager acidity and is contemplated to be a base. This implies something. It will not be beneficial in breaking up a toilet paper clog in your toilet pipe. But does bleach dissolve toilet paper?

No, bleach doesn’t dissolve toilet pepper! Water and electrolytes help sever unique cellulose fibers. Really tough industrial bleaches can diminish the cellulose fibers a bit by ‘peeling reactions’, but that isn’t “dissolving.”

I wrote an article on the best ways to dissolve toilet paper, perhaps you can refer to it when we finish from here.

But for now, let’s proceed, shall we?

Does Bleach Dissolve Toilet Paper?

Toilet tissue is created in a way that it dissipates rapidly in water.

But then, there might still be a fibrous mass that can consolidate when it rolls as a whole through the toilet pipes and still block the flow.

This causes discomfort in that you won’t be able to flush, and the stagnant water might develop a foul odor after a period of time. This would lead to one thinking up multiple ideas.

Barely would you get into a house and you would not glimpse or discern the usage of bleach. This is a prominent commodity that lots of people all over the world utilize for several reasons.

It can help as a disinfectant, for washing, and scrubbing tables, chairs, doors, windows, and other coverings in the house.

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But most particularly, bleach is utilized almost in all toilets installations in most homes, hotels, restaurants, bars, and open places where people commonly go to make use of their restroom.

This is owed largely to the importance and power tied to bleach.

However, the question today is, does bleach dissolve toilet paper? Tag along.

Bleach does not melt toilet paper, instead, the bleach would shred the toilet paper and change them into clogs that would clasp to the toilet pipes and plumbing.

These clogs would in the long run become harmful and a kind of impediment to the septic tanks, sewage pipes, and other plumbing utilized in the toilet.

It is crucial to remark that bleach has many consequences on both human health, surroundings, air, and most people are at risk when they breathe or come in connection with bleach.

This is because of the kind of chemicals and acids utilized in the manufacturing procedure of bleach and it can result in some harm even though it has a good aspect of eradicating germs.

Bleach becomes super deadly when it binds with either water or other acids and chemicals that are also as harmful as them.

The toxic stenches would be discharged into the air and anyone that breathes them would be in danger of some health problems and challenges.

To the surroundings when they get mixed with some other minerals it would take ages and years before it can be wiped off, and as earlier stated, its air pollution destructions can be terrible, depending on the person that sniffs them.

Pros of Using Bleach to Dissolve Toilet Paper

Of course, like any other item out there, bleach has its upsides and downsides. Let’s discuss them briefly. Here are the benefits of utilizing bleach in dissolving toilet paper:

1. Tearing them Down

Bleach would assist you to crack down the toilet paper into little particles and with this, your toilet would not be in danger of being obstructed the way it would have been if you abandoned the toilet papers the way they were original.

2. Disinfecting the Toilet

Bleach is a kind of disinfectant, so utilizing it in the toilet would assist you in disinfecting and killing all manners of germs that may have taken their residence in your septic tanks or your toilet seater.

This is significant to prevent getting some toilet diseases you’ll agree.

3. Wipes Clean

Bleach is significant in making filthy things look white, so utilizing it in your toilet, would help you maintain your toilet sparklingness if there is a word like that.

Your toilet will be clean and white at all periods, and being clean would bring a decrease in the existence of germs and those in your household would not be handily disclosed to any form of illness at any point in time.

This is extremely significant because health is wealth!

Cons of Dissolving Toilet Paper With Bleach

The downsides are quite substantial, you will be right to say that the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. Let’s proceed.

1. Health Challenge

Owing to the variety of chemicals utilized in the creation of bleach which comprises chlorine, it is destructive to health.

Chlorine is one of the 10 proportions of chemicals that can be dangerous to human health.

Some people would start suffocating once they sniff bleach while some because of some primary sicknesses may encounter other side effects.

The most awful of it all would be combining bleach with other elements.

The toilet bleach could either be mixed with ammonia or other acids and this would be a catastrophe for every human fitness.

2. Environmental Challenge

Bleach is a very hazardous dealer to the surrounding, when it blends with water and is utilized, it can mix up with other mineral components and would require many years for such to be melted.

This is very terrible for the atmosphere, especially where people live.

3. Air Pollution

When bleach is crossed with water it goes right into the air because of the kind of chemical compounds utilized in developing it.

Once it gains the air, it would disseminate to the whole environment; this would go as far as surpassing the earth’s atmosphere and the ozone layer.

Don’t ever forget that the reason why it is harmful to the air is that bleach discharges some kinds of toxic materials in the air when combined with water.

4. Damages to Piping and Plumbing Works

The compounds utilized in generating bleach can go a long way in inducing damage to the sewage pipes and other plumbing materials utilized in the toilet when it gets into the septic tank.

And this would result in some elements of danger to people in the house and the environment entirely.

5. Extra Spending

When the bleach would have caused some kind of damage to the condition of the people in the house and the environment, and had influenced the environment and also the piping and plumbing works utilized in the toilet, it would take you into depleting extra money on ensuring that you have everything repaired and back in order as they should be.

This is to assert that utilizing bleach in the toilet would make you pay more than you imagined.

How to Properly Dissolve Toilet Paper

  1. Stop the flowing water
  2. Clear the area
  3. Open the toilet seat
  4. Plunge the toilet
  5. Flush the toilet
  6. Use an auger (toilet snake)
  7. Flush the toilet again
  8. If it doesn’t work, try using dish soap, or refer to my article on dissolving toilet paper

Related Questions

How long does it take For Toilet Paper to Dissolve?

The perfect time it would take for a toilet paper to soften in bleach should be within 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

What to Use to Dissolve Toilet Paper?

  • Plunger
  • Toilet snake
  • Dish soap
  • Chemical additives

Will Bleach Dissolve Paper Towels?

No, it won’t! Paper towels are paper but they are not regular paper. They are produced from a completely unique wood that is far much more powerful than what is utilized in the manufacturing procedure of papers. So this makes them tougher and evenly hard to be dissolved.

What does bleach do to toilet paper?

Brands bleach wood pulp with hydrogen peroxide or chlorine to make it whiter. This bleaching procedure is more than aesthetic—it eliminates the substance lignin, too, softening the paper,

Will a toilet clog eventually disappear?

A clogged toilet will normally unclog itself over time. Most things that clog a toilet are water-soluble which implies that they will certainly dissolve in the toilet water.


Once again, bleach does not dissolve toilet paper! Even if it does, it would take a ton of time for that to occur, and this is because of the composition and manufacturing procedure of the paper towel.

So you would not hope the paper towel to soften in bleach just like that, it would take some time, and sometimes it would just crush them into tiny clogs which ultimately does not dissolve them.