Top 15 Inexpensive Garden Edging Ideas (With Photos)

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Are you stuck for inspiration on ways to clean up the perimeter of your garden? You need a neat edge that can provide a touch of beauty and add a definition of beauty to your area.

In this article, we will be looking at the best and beautiful inexpensive Garden Edging ideas that will make your garden stand out.

Let’s get started!

Inexpensive Garden Edging Ideas

In this article, we will be listing the best garden edging ideas you can try that will help you spark your creativity.

This list was carefully selected; only the best fit is included, so go ahead and read through and choose the one that best suits your fantasy and taste.

  • Sharp-Edged Lawn
  • Gray gravel border
  • Curved stone path 
  • Bucket brick edge
  • Pebble Most
  • Contemporary Block Edge
  • Boulder Border
  • Concrete Corner
  • Mini Fence
  • Rustic Paving slab
  • Hedge Edge
  • Stepping stones
  • Wood-edged raised bed
  • White picket Fence

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1. Sharp-Edged Lawn 

This is one of the first inexpensive Garden edging ideas to help keep your garden neat. The straight edges and angular corners of this design are simple and robust to look at. 

This style, called sharp edge lawn, is modern and minimalist; you can use artificial or natural turf to achieve this look. 

The fullness and lushness of the grass area of the essential parts of this design. To gain a neat edge between the lawn and the stone slabs, you will have to use a lawn edging tool. 

2. Gray Gravel Border

This garden edging design is very decorative; gray gravel pebbles were used to distinguish between the walkway and the lawn. 

This design is lovely to look at, but in addition to the beauty, it equally serves a purpose; the pebbles it the definition of a barrier, discouraging people from walking on the lawn. 

The gravel used in this garden edging idea effectively keeps people off the grasses. 

To get this look in your garden, you need to dig a shallow trench between your lawn and path, then line it with some protective sheeting to prevent weeds from growing through, and then fill the top with pebbles of your choice. 

3. Curved Stone Path

This type of garden edging idea is quirky. It looks a lot different from the norm of straight edges typically found around the perimeter of gardens and creates a stunning design. 

This style depends upon your effort in finding curved edging bricks to purchase; you should be able to find them in big stores and garden centers.

This design is very straightforward to achieve if you don’t mind getting the materials and are not too concerned about your budget. Dig a trough around the edge of your lawn with the same edging bricks, then the next thing you need to do is to lay them on top of the builders’ sand. 

4. Budget Brick Edge

When you want to add definition between areas of your garden on a budget, brick edging is an excellent solution. Bridges can be easily obtained, and the only essential tools are the ones you already have in your store.

You need to be knowledgeable a little to achieve this look; you can efficiently complete this look over the next few days. 

Dig a brick-sized trench around the lawn, and set the bricks close to each other; before you do that, you need to fill the bottom with a layer of cheap sand. You have to level them as much as possible.

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5. Pebble Moat

In this design, they use different levels, and this is what makes it so eye-catching. There’s a deck that rises out from the pebbles, which gives the impression of a pebble Moat.

If you want a beautiful look in your garden, create different levels at different heights and fill the lowest trench with a beautiful pebble selection. 

6. Contemporary Block Edge

If you need a good garden edge idea that serves the dual purpose of providing a neat border around your garden area.

In addition to that, they also enclosed the crushed rocks within to prevent any dirty overspill. This contemporary Block has clean lines and a simple style of blocks that gives it its stylish look.  

Due to their enormous size and modern type design, blocks such as this won’t come cheap, but their feature is the fundamental feature in the garden that will stand the test of time. 

7. Boulder Border

This type of design is easy to achieve and could be done by even the novice landscaper. To create an edge that is made up of large rocks, you need to source out the rocks and then pile them on top of each other alongside the perimeter of your area. 

If you already have boulders on your property, this is an excellent way to use them; if not, buying rocks of this size will be expensive.

8. Concrete Corner

This concrete curb creates an industrial look that is popular and has become widely known over the last decade. The use of concrete as a material and the uncomplicated design of the curb evoke a feeling of frugality.

People that are pretty handy with different tools will probably be able to create this type of look by themselves by making a mold and filling it with different kinds of concrete; otherwise, you can purchase some curb lengths or commission some of them to be made for your use.

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9. Mini Fence

This is a cheap and beautiful solution for creating a good edge in your garden; it is famous for a good reason. It is very easy to do and effective in transforming the edges of your lawn or area of flowerbeds in a matter of minutes, which is incredibly fast.

This type of design is inexpensive and very easy to find in any garden area or hardware store. When buying a fence, make sure you buy one treated for outdoor use to prevent attack by pests. This will help increase the lifespan. 

10. Rustic Paving Slabs

If you have a lot of space around the edge of your garden, then placing a paving slab is very important. They help create a luxurious, unique yet rustic look, with their enormous size making a fundamental feature out of the edging type. 

One of the disadvantages of this is that they are not well suited to smaller gardens as they are an inefficient use of space, meaning they use up a lot of space. 

Always remember to keep rustic slabs such as these aware of the area where children play or gather because they can have sharp and jagged edges. 

11. Hedge Edge

One of the signs of a true gardener is having a manicured hedge along the edge of your garden. A well-trimmed hedge such as this type looks impressive and luxurious, adding a touch of beauty to your garden. 

This is no doubt one of the stunning ways to edge your garden, but it will be time-consuming to grow this type of hedge if you don’t have one already. If you don’t have one already, you should get ready to invest time in building one. 

12. Stepping Stones

When you want to create or divide between sections in your garden, a stepping stone is the best choice. This design also serves as a walkway to save people from walking on your lawn. 

These stepping stones were created with sliced tree stumps set amongst pebbles. Still, as with every other design, you can add a touch of creativity with your stepping stones, using different types of traditional slabs, bits of old wooden pallets, or anything else that has a flat surface that can stay outside. 

13. Wood Edge Raised Beds

When it comes to one of the best yet most stylish types of design to use for your edge, this comes to mind. Using thin lengths of wood to design this provides an elegant border.

This design is very easy and inexpensive to achieve, ideal for anyone who wants to design the edge of their garden. To do this, you need to create a frame with lengths of timber and nail, or you can easily screw them together. You can add a touch of beauty by painting the wood in any color of your choice.

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14. White Picket Fence

This traditional edge gives a wholesome look to your garden or home. A white picket fence makes your garden look well-kept and gives your home a great appeal.

This type of style isn’t for everyone, but if you’re after a beautiful and classic look around the edges of your garden, then this is a very great option. 

You can easily purchase white picket fences pre-made, or you can go for a more cost-effective option; you can easily buy a low wooden fence and paint the fence white. 

15. Plastic Edging

This is an excellent type of garden edging idea; it is an economically friendly, economical, and a do it yourself way to give your garden beds, borders, and outdoor spaces a clean, finished look.

This type of edging idea is flexible and very easy to work with, which makes it an excellent choice and ideal for curved borders around your garden. 

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