7 Best Weed Killer For Gravel Driveways

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If you want your landscape to look the best throughout the year, then the best option is to use a good weed killer you can find in your space. There are several invasive weeds that you have to kill if you want your driveway to look its best. 

Some of the best weed killers for gravel driveways include spectracide weed and grass killer, southern Ag amine 2, 4-D, Gordon’s speed zone lawn weed killer, and the ortho weed B gon chickweed clover weed killer. 

This article will look at some of the best weed killers you can use to get your gravel driveway looking healthy; stick with us. 

Best Weed Killer For Gravel Driveways

Below are some fantastic weed killers to use on  gravel driveways; 

1. Rm43 Total Vegetation Control Weed Preventer

This weed killer is the total solution you need for your gravel driveway. This weed killer can kill existing weeds and prevent weeds that will be coming up again, so if you want to keep this plant free from invasive plants. 

This weed killer is a combination of two herbicides, glyphosate to kill the weeds and imazapyr to prevent the growth of new weeds. 

2. Natural Armor Weed and Grass Killer All-Natural 

This weed killer is eco-friendly and does not affect the land, so if you are surrounded by kids and pets that are most likely to get infected, this weed killer would be the best pick for you. 

3. Natria Grass And Weed Control with Root Killer

The Natria weed killer can kill weeds from their roots. So if you want a weed killer that effectively eliminates weeds from the root, you should opt for the Natria grass, a weed control root killer. You can get this by clicking on the Amazon link below. Spectracide weed killer 

If you want to match quality with quantity, spectracide is the best option. This weed killer would work better in areas that have trees around them. The fantastic thing about this weed killer is that it is weatherproof within 15 minutes. 

This weed killer comes in a 64-ounce container and should not be directly applied on the driveway without diluting it first. If you do not want to use the mixing formula, you must ensure that you get the pre-mixed recipe first. 

If you want to archive the best from this spray, you must apply it on warm and sunny days to have long-lasting effects. You can get this spray by clicking on this amazon link for as low as $43. 

4. Preen Garden Weed Preventer 

The preen garden weed preventer is also an excellent option if you want to prevent the growth of these weeds on your driveways. This weed preventer best works on flower beds and rocky areas like driveways. 

An excellent constituent of this weed preventer is that it contains a plant fertilizer that aids in keeping your flowers healthy and sprouting. The most beautiful feature of this spray is how easily the product sprays. 

All you have to do is add a little water to the spray, and you don’t have to worry. It already comes in a convenient shaker, making spreading the liquid quickly.

Also, you can use this spray throughout the year without worrying about rain; you can use these killers around your vegetables like spinach and carrots without any fears or worries. 

You can get the preen garden weed preventer by clicking on this link. 

5. Hi-Yield Spreader Sticker

The weed enhancer was majorly manufactured to enhance the use of whatever herbicide you will use. This weed spreader enables the rate at which the herbicide gets to the weed tissue and reduces the time you would need to see success. 

You do not have to worry about your crops being on gravel because this weed spreader is enabled to work for weeds in varying landscapes like gravels and even football pitches. A fantastic feature is that you can use this spreader for herbicides. 

You can also make use of them for pesticides and the like. You can get this hi-yield spreader on amazon by clicking on this link. 

5. Ortho Weed apparent Lawn Weed Killer 

Many weed killers are not meant to be applied in hot or humid weather conditions, but the ortho weed apparent weed killer is an exception. This weed killer has been tested and trusted to have killed over 200 species of weed in the past. 

You do not have to worry about rainfall anymore because this plant is said to have controlled several species of broad leaves in the past.

All you have to do is ensure that you are careful with pathways or areas with heavy foot traffic so as not to let it come in contact with the human skin frequently. 

This weed killer contains a formula of 2, 4-D, and you can also get the ortho to weed apparent weed killer for as low as $23. 

6. Green Gobbler Organic 20% Vinegar Weed &Grass Killer 

The gobbler weed killer is 100% natural, so you would not need to dilute it for it to work. Since this plant is made with synthetic ingredients and not harsh ones like glyphosate, you do not worry about it coming in contact with human skin. 

These weed killers have been tested on several driveways, flower beds, gravel, and concrete blocks and are confirmed as 100% natural. The manufacturer gives you a guarantee of 100% because this plant is made with vinegar. 

The only downturn you would realize when making use of this product is that it is not weed-specific, and for that reason, it can cause harm to your plants are everyday vegetables when using them. When writing this article, the price of this organic killer was $30 on amazon. 

The clock on this link to purchase the green gobbler organic vinegar and weed &grass killers. 

7. Roundup Pro Concentrate 

If you have a tough weed in a large area, you should use the roundup pro concentrate. This weed killer has excellent use in industrial and agricultural management. With that, it contains 50.2% per cent of glyphosate, which provides you with adequate and fast results. 

The roundup pro concentrate comes in a 2.5-gallon jug, and its mix rate for this chemical is 1-10.5 ounces per gallon of water. You should ensure that you use the weed killer in killers in stainless steel or plastic containers. 

When writing this article, the price of this weed killer is $374, and you can get this roundup pro concentrate from amazon by clicking on the link. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing Weed Killers for Gravel 

There are certain factors you have to consider before choosing the best weed killers for your gravel space. Some of the factors you should consider include the following; 

1. Selectivity Of the Weed Killer 

Weed killers are selective or non-selective, and you must be aware of the type you would be getting before you get one. Selective weed killers are designed to kill specific types of weeds, so you have to ensure that you know the constituent of the weed killer before getting it. 

Several of these selective weed killers contain varieties of ingredients, and for that reason, you would be able to kill a more significant number of weeds. Non-selective weed killers kill all types of plants, both your weeds and your vegetable, without consideration due to their formation. 

It is advisable that you go for the selective weed killers if you have crops around the area where these weeds are growing and use the non-selective weed killers for areas with full weeds. 

2. Ingredients Used in Making These Weeds

Several chemicals weed killers should have to get rid of weed effectively. Some of these ingredients wipe out the weed on their own, and you need to mix others with several other chemicals for it to be able to work. 

Common ingredients found in most effective weed killers include; glyphosate, triclopyr, 2-4-D, imazapyr, fluazifop, and vinegar. 

3. Persistence 

The persistence, also known as the lingering effect, describes how long these weed killers would be able to keep eliminating these weeds after some time or after coming in contact with water.

If you want a weed killer for gravel driveways, you must ensure that you get weed killers that would remain on the path long after application. 

4. Pre Or Post Emergency 

In most cases, weed killers are supposed to be post-emergent because they reduce the effect of weeds that have already emerged as seeds. Pre-emergent weed killers do not kill these weeds. What they do is that they prevent these weeds from sprouting further. 

To get the most out of your product, ensure that you check the significant ingredients so you would know what you are settling for. Several other pre-emergent products include benefits, isoxaben, trifluralin, and siduron. 

5. Contact Or Systemic 

Some non-selective weed killers can be classified under either contact or systematic weed killers. Contact weed killers kill the green foliage on the plant, and if you want the best results, you should spray them uniformly.

The effect these weed killers have on the plant leaves it in a shocking state that kills the entire plant. 

Systemic weed killers penetrate the weed foliage and travel through the entire plant. You should ensure that you do not overuse these weed killers because if you make use of these weed killers too much, you may also end up killing several plants. 

6. Safety Of Usage 

Several commercial weed killers are toxic to humans, animals and even properties. These herbicides usually bear the label that states that they harm usage in several areas. So if the weeds are around areas where you would have people go through, you should be careful about your weed choice. 

7. Coverage

Coverage is another significant factor you should consider. So if you want to cover a particular square foot, you should ensure that you plan for it. 

It would help if you also thought about the area your weed would be able to cover. 

Several ready-to-use weed killers were designed to cover up to 500 square feet, and several concentrated weed killers can cover up to 4000 square feet. 


When getting weed killers for your gravel driveways, you should ensure that you use highly effective ones based on several factors, like the area you’re trying to cover and the safety of the weed killer you will cover. 

So there are several picks you can choose from to get the best out of the weed killer. Also, ensure that you work based on your budget.

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