How High Should A 55-Inch Tv Be Mounted? (Answered)

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Adding a flat screen tv is good, but then mounting your flat screen tv correctly is the perfect addition you can make to your living room. Mounting your TVs at the correct angle can create a better scenario for viewing pleasure. But how high should a 55-inch tv be mounted?

It would help if you mounted your 55-inch TV 100 inches from the ground for the perfect viewing pleasure.

We will discuss this in detail below!

Factors That Affect How High You Should Mount Your 55-Inch TV

There are several factors you need to consider as a homeowner before mounting your TVs; some of these factors include the following:

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Size Of Your TV 

Before you hang your TV, you should ensure that you measure the size of your TV and its width so you can get the exact measurements of how you should turn it. Generally, wider televisions are mounted higher than narrower ones; you should keep that in mind. 

Your Viewing Distance and The Size of Your Room 

Another essential factor you should consider is the size of your living room, bedroom, or the room you want to mount your TV. Factors like the width of your wall and how far your viewing location would be from the couch are other important factors6 that should be considered. 

Would glaring be an issue for people sitting on other couches, and would your TV serve as an inconvenience to the location of different electrical outlets? After considering factors like this, you can now know the position you should mount your TV. 

This factor is significant because being too far from your TV can lead to the absence of that optimal expression when watching your tv, and being too close can cause headaches. Being at the proper distance is just what you need for that satisfaction. 

Knowing The Necessary Calculations That you Should make

There is a particular way you calculate how high your TV should be from the floor, so measuring should not be much of an inconvenience. A standard method is taking the size of your TV and dividing it by 0.55. 

For instance, a 42” TV should be 76 inches away for optimal viewing distance; for a 55” TV, it should be about 100 inches away for your viewing pleasure.

Another essential factor you should work based on is the viewing angle between your sofa and your TV should be convenient enough for the eyes to make trips up and below. 

Average Height of The Individuals in The Home 

The height of the individuals in the house is also essential, as this can cause many issues. However, if you notice that the size of various home members does not tally, you can create a different viewing distance for all of them. 

How High Should A 55-Inch Tv Be Mounted?

It would help if you mounted your 55-inch TV about 61 inches from the floor to the center of your television. Following all the factors listed above, there are a few variances, but it shouldn’t be too far from the answer. 

Tools You Would Need to Mount Your TV

Mounting your TV is not a big deal; you should be able to do it all yourself. There are specific tools you would need to get to mount your televisions successfully. These tools include; 

  • Power drill
  • Wall mount
  • Level checker
  • Stud finder

Are TV Mounts Better Than TV Tables?

When considering many factors, TV mounts are much better than TV tables. Some benefits you would gain from TV mounts include the following; 

  • They save you from wasting much space. For instance, if you have a fireplace in your home, there would be confused about where to place your TV tables, but when you decide to mount your TV, you can do it right above your fireplace. When you get a TV table, you need to create room for that table and several other appliances to sit on
  • Apart from space, mounting your TV can save you a lot of money. The amount of money you would need to get this table can be utilized for something else when you decide to mount your TV

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Big Should My TV Be If I Sit 10 Feet Away?

The size of your TV should depend on your viewing preference, but a general note is a calculator that helps you calculate how you should do this. The calculator that provides a good starting point is; the viewing distance (in inches) divided by two equals your recommended TV size. 

So if you love sitting 10 feet away from your TV, that would be 10 feet by 12 inches, resulting in a 102 inches TV. 

What Size of TV Is the Best for A 10 By 10 Room?

If your room size sits between 10 by 10 inches and ten by 11 inches, the ideal size would be 40 to 55 inches. 

What Is the Most Popular TV Screen Size?

A 65-inch TV is very popular in various households, based on the research carried out in 2021. 

Is It Possible for A TV To Be Too Big for A Room?

Yes, it is possible. However, if you are viewing a massive tv from a smaller room, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the experience as it would relate to viewing a movie from the front row of the cinema. Except if the TV is in 4K, it would be possible for you to have a blurry experience watching the TV. 

What Is the Average Size for TVs?

The average TV size for your living room is 55 inches. Most families around the world make use of this site.

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