4 Common Stihl MS 211 Problems

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Stihl MS 211 has been such an excellent chainsaw that many professional arborists and homeowners swear by it.

 Well, guess what?

The Stihl MS 211 isn’t a saint either. And finally, we get to talk about its flaws!

You don’t know how long I’ve been arching for the moment. I’m not holding anything against it, but today, we uncovered some Stihl ms 211 problems users suffer from.

 Are you ready?

4 Common Stihl MS 211 Problems

NOTE: Some users haven’t experienced any of these problems. Maybe their unit is fresh out of the box –I don’t know.

 The point I’m making is that these are problems Stihl MS 211 is prone to. As such, chances are high that you could experience them.

1. Loose Chain

Loose chains are often the leading cause of slips or kickbacks.

It is a fairly common problem with the stihl MS 211. As you cut, the chain heats up and will eventually expand.

This is a mere problem that can be fixed by tensioning the chain after extensive use.   

The proper way to do this is to switch off the unit and let the engine cool.

You can wear protective gloves just for extra protection when accessing the guide bar. Use a flat-head screwdriver to tune the tension if it is saggy.

You should be screwing clockwise to tighten and not the other way around. And it shouldn’t be too tight, either.

2. Poor Cutting

You will most likely experience a decreased cutting performance with dull or worn blades. And that compels you to put more effort into cutting through. Even at that, the cut will be rough.

So ask yourself, ‘When last did you give your chain a nice sharpening?’

Reach out for a chainsaw file. Ensure you use the correct angle and file size to unify sharpened teeth.

 Sometimes, the erratic cut could result from insufficient chain lubrication.

A well-lubricated chainsaw will run through any wood smoothly.

3. Starts Then Stops Again

An STIHL MS 211 stops shortly after starting, which can be frustrating.

Most of the time, it is nothing too significant, just the choke lever isn’t sitting on the “Run” or “Open” position.

However, if that is not the case, check the fuel tank.

You should have an adequate amount of fresh and properly mixed fuel ratio, as STIHL recommends.

Old, dirty, or contaminated fuel will disturb the engine, causing it to stop promptly.

Other likely culprits are dirty or clogged air filters and spark arrestors. 

Since an air filter filters the air in the engine, a clogged one will do the opposite. So ensure it is clean. If damaged, replace it.

4. The Muffler And Cylinder Get Extremely Hot

A toast muffler and cylinder make use uncomfortable, even briefly.

 While there are several reasons for that, if you have a properly cleaned air filter and cooling fins, you are less likely to encounter this problem.

Not using the recommended fuel Mixture is another cause. The engine will run lean, which leads to overheating.

So ensure you use nothing less than STIHL recommends -high-quality, fresh fuel and oil mix with the appropriate ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stihl MS 211 A Good Saw?

After knowing what befalls the Stihl MS 211, you might be skeptical about proceeding with your purchase.

But that would be too harsh, judging it only by its shortcomings.

Regardless, the Stihl MS 211 is such a fantastic saw to use. You would be surprised how many professional arborists opt for this particular product.

I am not, as MS 211 is the perfect balance of power and control. A HUGE credit to those ergonomic design and crazy innovative functions.

How Long Does An STIHL Saw Last?

Stihl’s products have an unshakeable reputation for durability. However, it is challenging to predict the exact lifespan of an STIHL chainsaw, as several factors influence its longevity.

The minimum life expectancy is 5.5 years before dying.

However, professional-grade models can survive past this expectation even without the help of regular maintenance. 

This is because they are built for the most rigorous use, compared to entry-level models that

boil down to how often you use your saw, the maintenance routine, and the task you use it for.

How Many Times Can You Sharpen A STIHL Chainsaw?

 This is not a frequency-of-use thing.

Generally, a chainsaw can incur up to 10 times or more sharpening before it degrades and needs replacement.

But if you are talking about how many times you need to sharpen the saw while in use, that is a totally different story.

You are expected to sharpen your saw when you notice decreased cutting efficiency.

What Does MS Mean In Stihl Saws?

It means Motorsäge, which translates to “chainsaw” in German.

It is like a logo on every STIHL chainsaw model.

And if you are into STIHL products, you might have encountered MSA or MSE tags but don’t know what they mean. 

MSA indicates it is a battery chainsaw, while the MSE is an electric model.

What Is The Best Chainsaw In The World? 

There is no “OVERALL” best chainsaw in the world.

However, saws are leading in their domain. And that is what we have done below–to bring out only the best in its requirement category.

  • Steel MS 261 cm –Best known for fuel efficiency and greater performance for only $600
  • Echo Timber Wolf CS-590 –Easy to use with professional-grade engine, worth $419
  • Stihl MS 881 Magnum –Brings both power and control but is prized at $2,000
  • Echo CS2511t Top Handle –lightweight for only $430
  • Husqvarna T525 –Comfortable for climbing jobs, and it’s around $520
  • Stihl MS 500i –Has tons of power with fuel injection but is priced at around $1,300
  • Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss –Most versatile and efficient, yet cost $4