4 Common Dewalt 60v Trimmer Problems

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The Dewalt company has produced some great blowers so far, and the Dewalt 60v trimmer sits prevalently amongst the best in the market.

It is a powerful blower that offers the most maximal control and helps reduce stress during cleaning activities.

But unfortunately, problems may arise with mechanical tools during an operation, and this blower is not exempted.

Problems like the blower not starting, the battery failing to charge, or the blower shutting down mid-work, and many other problems I would love to educate you about in this article.

We will review some of the most common Dewalt 60v trimmer problems and some practical DIY techniques to get your blower working perfectly again.

Before going down to the problems, I will hint at the specifications of the Dewalt 60v Trimmer to ensure we are on the same page.

Specifications Of The Dewalt 60v Trimmer

  • The trimmer type is usually handheld with a battery-powered source.
  • Has a dimension of 15 x 18 x 10 inches.
  • 9.8 pounds in weight and 423 cfm of air volume at the nozzle.

After being acquainted with the specifications, let’s dive into your problems when using the trimmer.

4 Common Dewalt 60v Trimmer Problems

There are four common problems you will encounter when using the trimmer. We will list the four and some practical solutions to help you fix them quickly.

1. Dewalt 60v Trimmer Will Not Start

After much usage, you might need help starting your trimmer even when you are sure you follow the right starting process.

When this happens, it could be a fault in the battery. Your battery may be drained out or probably dead. Take the battery out of your trimmer and inspect it. Charge it if it is low; if it is dead, replace it.

If it’s a case of low battery, connect a charger and charge it to full voltage. It usually takes 2 to 4 hours at room temperature to do this. Also, inspect the charger and be sure it is working perfectly.

Another way to fix this problem is by connecting the trimmer to a socket and trying to start it again.

If you do this and the trimmer starts, it signifies that your battery has drained and lost its wattage, which could be why the engine could not start by itself. Simply test the voltage of your battery by using a voltmeter and service or reset the battery to fix the problem.

 2. Dewalt 60v Trimmer Battery Fails To Charge

You might notice that the battery of your Dewalt trimmer doesn’t charge or the charger is too weak to power the battery (you see weak flickers while connecting the battery to the charger.

In such a situation, you must do the following to revive your battery.

You may need a fully charged battery and speaker wires to solve this.

  • Take a small speaker wire and safely place one end of this wire into the good battery s positive terminal (B+) position. Then place the other end on the bad battery’s positive terminal.
  • Repeat this step for the negative terminals as well.
  • You are expected to hold the wires like that for a few seconds to transfer power from the good to the bad battery.
  • After doing this for some seconds, pull the wires from the batteries and put the dead battery on the charger again.

3. Dewalt 60v Trimmer Hose Is Not Attaching

When you observe, the hose of your trimmer does not stay attached as expected.

What to do first in this situation is to inspect parts such as the tubes, elbows, and clamps to know the damaged areas.

Detach or disassemble every connected tube with a screwdriver and turn the nozzle to the left. Then slide the nozzle and remove it from the middle of the tube.

Inspect if the nuts that are holding the nozzle in place are still good and not damaged.

After that, turn the nozzle to unlock it entirely and check whether it can lock back into place securely or not.

If the nozzle or tube is faulty and neither part malfunctions, replacing them might be necessary.

Loosen the clamps and the knobs connecting the throttle holder in place.

Pull the tubes out and inspect whether they are cracked or damaged. And repair or replace the damaged parts as required.

The next thing to check is whether the clamps are corrupted or damaged, and replace them when necessary.

The elbow connects directly to the trimmer bag, so any malfunction will significantly affect the trimmer.

Ensure it is connected properly and the rubber seal on either end of the elbow is not cracked. Service them or replace the parts that are damaged.

 4. Dewalt 60v Trimmer Is Not Blowing Air Again

Over time, the operator might encounter the problem of the trimmer not blowing air.

If this is the problem you might be facing, you should inspect the tubes, impeller fans, and nuts.

The impeller fans are attached to the crankshaft and circulate airflow by rotation.

But over time, rocks and debris can be sucked up into these fins, leading to the fan’s malfunctioning.

Clean the fins thoroughly and regularly or replace the fan to solve this issue.

Check the impeller and fan blades and ensure they are working and in good condition.

If there is a fault like a broken blade, do well to change it.

You are expected to service these tools for a good work operation regularly.

If you’re dealing with a detachment of nuts to the impeller or fan, the crankshaft might probably spin, but it will not rotate the impeller. As a result, airflow will not be generated.

You need to access the inside of your Dewalt trimmer to solve this problem.

Also, check whether the airflow restriction is caused by a missing or damaged tube. Replace if damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will A Dewalt 60v Trimmer Battery Take To Get Fully Charged If It’s Drained Out?

The charging capacity of the trimmer battery depends solely on the usage and the condition of your charger and battery.

A good battery should be fully charged up in 6 – 8 hours. But it might consume much longer if your charger or battery is faulty.

Does The Dewalt 60v Come With A Charging Box?

Yes, the battery & charger are included in every Dewalt 60v package.

The Dewalt 60v does come with a charging box. The box is made of plastic and has two openings on the front.

You can place the battery in one of these openings, or you can use it to store other accessories that you have for your drill.

This box is an excellent addition to this powerful tool because it makes storing and transporting your drill and other accessories easy.

The battery can deliver up to 180 watt-hours of energy in extremely cold conditions, such as below 0°F.

The Fan cooled fast charger pulls air across the battery to cool and reduce hot/cold pack delays in just 75 minutes.

What Maximum Air Volume Do The Dewalt 60v Deliver?

 The Dewalt 60v trimmer is a powerful machine that offers up to 433 cubic feet per minute of air volume at 175 miles per hour speed.

This is more than enough for most household tasks. It’s also more than most other cordless compressors from other brands.


There’s a lot to love about the Dewalt 60v. So much to love, in fact, that it might take you 20 minutes to list everything so great about it. But just as you have seen, these machines, too, develop flaws over time.

Difficulty in starting, stopping mid-work abruptly, and the hose not working correctly are common problems this machine usually develops. Fortunately, knowing this problem and a practical troubleshooting guide should help you fix them quickly.

Nevertheless, the Dewalt is one of the best trimmers available in the market, and these problems shouldn’t deter you from getting yourself a sound machine to help handle your work effectively.