3 Most Common Kubota Rtv X1140 Problems

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 Do you own a Kubota RTV X 1140?

Good! Because today, I’m going to show you how to tackle three of the most common Kubota rtv x1140 problems –when they arise, because they will.  

Even if you haven’t encountered any just yet, your utility vehicle is more susceptible to these mechanical problems as it ages.

No Kubota RTV X 1140 owner is TRULY born under a lucky star.

Problems will come; when they do, you can always refer to this page and fortify yourself with the right knowledge to solve them.

3 Most Common Kubota RTV X1140 Problems

1. Brake Issues

We both know how critical brakes are for both our safety and control.

Unfortunately, the Kubota RTV X1140 is prone to having brake issues. Even when you apply the brake, it doesn’t respond.

A lot of users complain specifically about the spongy brake pedal. A responsive brake not only catches but feels firm with a linear resistance when you depress it with your foot. However, when it is spongy, it is mushy and lacks that firmness.  

The potential causes are brake fluid leaks, air in the brake lines, or worn brake pads.

First and foremost, bleed the brake system. This will help remove the air bubbles. Fluid leaks and worn brake pads call for repair or replacement. Visit a mechanic for that.  

However, that is just one of the many brake issues. Sometimes, the brake pedal goes to the floor, or you get this squeaking and grinding sound whenever you apply the brakes.

Noisy brakes are either due to worn brake pads or contaminated ones.

Clean and lubricate the brake components thoroughly or replace them if necessary. But when it goes down to the floorboard with little or no resistance, it is often due to a brake fluid leak, the air in the brake lines, or master cylinder failure.

For air in the brake lines, you must bleed the brake system. The other two require immediate repair or replacement.

When the brake pedal “goes to the floor,” the brake pedal can be pressed down to the vehicle’s floorboard with little or no resistance, and the brakes do not engage as expected.

2. Transmission Problems

Some owners use mixed transmission fluids rather than the prescribed Super UDT. This is often the leading cause of transmission problems.

However, if you use the prescribed transmission fluid and are still faced with this problem, it relieves pressure in the port block.

 A full-blown sign your Kubota RTV-X1140 is having a problem is when the gear Slips or has difficulty shifting.

It is due to worn or damaged clutch components, misadjusted shift linkage, or low or contaminated transmission fluid.

Suppose the clutch components are worn; replace them ASAP. Check the transmission fluid level and get it juiced up if it is low. 

Then, for misaligned shift linkage, visit a professional to adjust it properly.

In some cases, you will experience an overheating transmission. It is more likely to happen when you overload the vehicle, continuously operating at high speeds and towing heavy loads.

3. Windshield Issues 

I can’t help but fathom how easy it is for a Kubota RTV-X1140 to catch up in windshield issues.

Some users say the windshield gets cracked, chipped, or scratched easily and is not forgiving or durable enough.

Sometimes, as you drive through rough terrain or the vehicle vibrates, the windshield loses or gets misaligned. But the most complaints I’ve heard is difficulties putting the windshields on the vehicle with plastic roofs.

Refer to the owner’s manual. It recommends unfastening the bolts on the front roof mounting bracket during installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Kubota RTV-X1140 In Extreme Weather Conditions?

No doubt, Kubota RTV-X1140 is built to handle different weather conditions, but certainly not in extreme cases as it is risky.

In the ferocious freezing months, RTV-X1140 barely starts. You should warm up the frozen engine before it kicks. Even so, working under the blistering sun will cause the engine to overheat.

 Neither is good for your engine.

 And while the air conditioner and comfy seat might make you careless, your engine is being dealt with.

Stormy days are the worst days. You will lose traction and stability on slippery terrain.

Can You Use RTV-X1140 For Recreational Purposes?

 Yes, you can.

 DUE TO ITS OFF-ROAD CAPABILITIES, the RTV X1140 is popular among hunters and anglers who love having fun in remote or off-road locations.

You would love it for farm and ranch activities and even camping outdoors. You can use it to transport your gear and supplies.

Where Can I Purchase A Kubota RTV-X1140?

There is no to get a better deal for a brand new Kubota RTV-X1140 than from authorized Kubota dealerships.

Kubota dealerships have a wide fleet of genuine Kubota products, from spare parts to accessories. You can also get maintenance services there.

However, if there is no nearby Kubota outlet, you can use a “Dealer Locator” from their official website to track down one within the same city.

Can You Use Kubota Rtv X1140 Without Encountering Any Problems?

That is like going through life without a single illness. It is almost impossible.

 As RTV-X1140 ages, it will experience hiccups here and there. It might not break down completely. But at least you must have changed a few of its parts.

Regular maintenance and not overloading or stressing the tractor beyond its capacity will only get you so far.

But problems are inevitable. And that is just life!

However, most people enjoy a problem-free RTV-X1140 for five years, some ten years. I only did for seven and a half years.

The point I’m making is at some point in time, problems will come knocking. If it does, it would be any of the above Kubota Rtv X1140 problems.


 While it is true that your Kubota RTV-X1140 won’t remain in excellent condition, following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule helps push these problems further away.

Surely, these problems will emerge, but how often you use this utility vehicle, store it, or maintain it all plays a vital role.

Besides, you can always refer to this page for a troubleshooting tip.