4 Common Stihl Br 800 Problems + Troubleshooting

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Want to buy the Stihl BR 800? 

Don’t! At least, not until you have gone through this page. 

There are certain mechanical problems the Stihl br 800 is prone to that you probably don’t know.  And some of the antsy buyers are now lamenting bitterly over them. 

It is why I want to dissect these issues and how to fix them (by your own hand) without having to visit the repair shop.

 4 Most Common Stihl Br 800 Problems + Troubleshooting

1. Starting Problems

This is one of the most common stihl br 800 problems. 

Although it could go both ways, I remember blaming Stihl for selling a lousy unit when I first got mine —little did I know, I wasn’t following the proper starting protocol. 

If you find starting your newly bought Stihl br 800 blower difficult, endeavor to go through the user manual. You might be missing out on something.

But if that’s not the case, it might be a spark plug, fuel mixture, or ignition system-related problem. 

Check if you used the correct oil-fuel mixture and that our spark plug isn’t dirty or worn out because you will have to replace them if they are. 

The ignition System is also one to be concerned about, whether it is the ignition coil or wires –as any visible damage could prevent your blower from starting. 

2. Fuel System Issues

Unintentional use of clogged fuel filters, faulty fuel lines, or dirty carburetors will result in fuel system issues. 

Due to fuel imbalance or supply interruptions, you could have difficulties starting the engine.

Some users experience unexpected engine stalls or shut down during operation. The blower could also experience sputtering or hesitation when accelerated. 

To fix these problems is to trace the causes we’ve just mentioned. 

If there is any cracking or kinks to the fuel lines, change it. Ensure you also have a clean carburetor, although if you suspect a more complex issue, it is best left to a qualified technician.

3. Loss Of Power

Reduced Power and Performance: A fuel system problem can reduce engine power and overall performance. You may notice a decrease in blowing force and efficiency.

Over time, as many users have, you may notice a drastic drop in performance or a decrease in blowing force. 

There are many reasons behind it. It could be due to the exhaust system housing much carbon buildups, a clogged air filter, or a worn spark plug. 

Sometimes, fuel quality and mixed ratio can lead to power loss. Referring to the user manual will help you rectify this issue. 

And as for the air filter that is restricting airflow, you have to clean or replace it. 

Inspect the spark plug also. If covered in carbon buildup, it will affect combustion. Dust it clean. 

4. Excessive Noise And Vibration

You should expect a certain amount of noise or vibration from such a powerful blower, but not an unbearable one. 

If it leads to discomfort or fatigue within a short period of use, it is a serious problem that must be addressed. 

While wearing hearing protection or talking tea break will help mitigate this issue, it won’t solve it. 

We have four likely culprits: a loose or inappropriately attached blower tube, debris stuck in the tube, or damaged engine mounts. 

There is only so much you can do 

First, ensure the tube is secretly connected or tightened to any attachments and that no foreign object is inside it. 

Inspect if the fan blades are in good condition, too. Replace wear or damage, or tighten the engine mount if it is loose. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Stihl Leaf Blower Is The Most Powerful?

If you are talking about the most powerful in the hierarchy of backpack blowers, the crown king is the BR 800 X Magnum.

There is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING like the clean-up power of this unit ever seen before. 

It is a commercial backpack blower with a tremendous air velocity of about 239 mph and an air volume of over 1,300 CFM.

Its tempestuous blow can throw away heavy-duty debris. This makes it the ideal choice for professional landscapers tackling large properties.

Then you have the STIHL BR 700 X, and STIHL BR 600 are next in line. Both of these units are slightly less powerful than the BR 800. 

That said, you could yield similar results using them since they also offer robust and high performance, giving a devastating blow. 

What Is The Most Powerful Stihl Engine?

STIHL’s most powerful engine wasn’t installed in a blower. It is not the BR 800 X Magnum but the MS 881 R MAGNUM Chainsaws.

This unit has an unbeatable engine with overwhelming power to tackle even the most demanding cutting tasks –whether felling large and heavy trees or processing them.

It was produced with the largest timber jobs in mind, with up to 41” guide bar length of action.

This makes it the world’s most powerful chainsaw in production today, surpassing its predecessor, the MS 880 chainsaw

Since its emergence, it has become a favorite to the arboriculture industry, foresters, and saw-mill operatives. 

How Often Should I Perform Routine Maintenance On My Br 800 Blower?

Most users treat their blower like their kids. 

Before each use, they conduct a swift visual inspection for any visible damage, loose fasteners, or signs of wear.

I ALWAYS recommend sticking to the manufacturer’s guidelines outlined in the user manual, as it contains everything from specific maintenance intervals to procedures. 

But it all boils down to how often you use the unit.  

If you are not a heavy user like me,  you can do it monthly or annually after a certain number of hours.


So, whenever you are plagued with any of these Stihl BR 800 problems, you know what to do: 

Use this page as a reference guide. 

However, if the problem persists, I suggest you step aside and let a professional handle it. Things may have gotten more complicated than you could imagine. 

But a surefire way to prevent these malfunctions is to take proper care of the unit. I mean conducting regular maintenance and whatnot. 


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