3 Common Stihl Ms 271 Problems + Troubleshooting

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The STIHL ms 271 is such a pleasant chainsaw to use. When you pick it up, you will instantly feel an upgrade from the MS 270. 

The sad part of the story is that it inherited some of its predecessor’s problems. 

But that doesn’t define the Stihl Ms 271. Problems will come, as with any mechanical tool; how you handle it is what matters. 

So today, we will diagnose the Stihl ms 271 problems, find the root causes, and offer a solution. 

Are you ready?

3 Common Stihl MS 271 Problems + Troubleshooting

Below is the list of Stihl MS 271 problems and troubleshooting: 

1. Brake Fails

Photo by Zosma via Wikimedia

The STIHL MS 271 chainsaw is prone to brake-related issues. 

The chain stopper is a vital safety feature that halts the chain in case of a kickback. 

With this feature gone, you expose yourself to the potential danger when a kickback happens.

So, if the brake mechanism has gone rogue, it is crucial to address this problem promptly. 

Start by visually inspecting the chain brake, particularly the spring and other components, for signs of wear or damage.

And if the tension is loose, it won’t engage the chain as it should. So adjust it according to the manual’s instructions. 

Note: Spring replacement is best left to the professional.

2. The Chainsaw Cuts Roughly

Some users complain their STIHL MS 271 chainsaw doesn’t cut as smoothly as it used to. 

Well, there are several reasons for that. Let’s start with the obvious: dull chain. 

If the chain’s teeth are dull or damaged, it will not yield a smooth cut. You either sharpen or replace it. 

In some cases, the chain needs to be properly tensioned. A loose chain will always lead to erratic cutting and could lash off the guide bar. 

Refer to the user manual for chain tension correction. 

Aside from that, if the guide bar is bent or the rails are worn, you will also experience an uneven cutting. 

Leftover sawdust, resin, and debris could impede the chain from running smoothly. 

So ensure you wipe it clean and give it a nice lick of chain oil. 

3. Engine Inconsistency Problems

Three things are involved if the engine can’t start on the first try or has difficulty maintaining a steady RPM. 

Either the air filter is clogged, restricting sufficient airflow to the engine, or the spark plug is fouled, worn, or damaged. 

Sometimes, it could be the carburetor needs adjustment. 

After inspection, if the culprit is a dirty or damaged air filter or spark, you should clean or replace it. 

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Know If My Chainsaw Is Dull?

While you won’t feel it within an instant, you will notice a decrease in cutting speed. 

Another tell-tale sign is that the chainsaw will produce a powder-like sawdust instead of larger chips. 

The sawdust production shows that the chain grins away instead of cutting clean, even when applying more pressure. 

And lastly, it won’t follow your intended cutting line. It is extremely different to make an accurate cut with a dull chain; instead, it cuts in a crooked path. 

Can You Use Grease As A Chain Oil Substitute?


Traditional grease does not provide adequate lubrication for your chain and guide bar since it wasn’t specifically designed for this purpose.

Grease doesn’t have the same level of adhesion to clinch the components, let alone reduce friction or promote smoother and more efficient cutting. 

If used, you will notice a drop in your cutting efficiency, and the guide bar will overheat during operation, which could accelerate wear and tear. 

Instead, use a bar or chain oil

What Happens If Too Much Oil In Chainsaw?

If it is imperative to get the proper oil gauge. 

If the saw had too much oil to drink, it could leak out of the muffler; this splatter can create a mess.  

Also, the exhaust will smoke a lot, and you will notice a loss of power. 

Ironically, when oil floods in the reservoir, the oiler system delivers more than it should, which results in excessive oil consumption. 

That is more cost on your side. 

What Makes The Stihl Ms 271 Different From Other Models?

Nothing truly makes the Stihl MS 271 explicitly special –if I’m being frank. 

It doesn’t have the most mesmerizing engine power. The Guide Bar Length is about 16 to 20 inches, as expected from a mid-range chainsaw. 

Meanwhile, STIHL’s Easy2Start™, Ematic™, and Anti-Vibration System are features common in many STIHL chainsaws. 

 I’m not insinuating it is a mere replica. It is just an upgrade from the MS 270. 


In conclusion, if you want to enjoy a problem-free experience with your STIHL MS 271 chainsaw, you MUST prioritize proper care and maintenance above anything else.

The user manual will get your foot in the door, containing the proper operating procedures, maintenance, and safety guidelines dedicated to the MS 271 model.

It has it all, whether it is proper chain sharpening, fuel system and oil maintenance, chain lubrication, and proper storage technique.

You should also prioritize safety and use quality replacement parts.