4 Common Stihl 362 Problems + Troubleshooting

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Today, we will discuss some of the most common stihl 362 problems that show up later on. 

I’m talking about common problems like overheating, oil leakage, engine bog down, choke rod issues, excessive smoke, and chain stops spinning.

If you once owned a Stihl MS 362 chainsaw, you must have encountered at least one of these problems. 

About 79.9% of users do one way or the other, as their stihl 362 slowly ages. However, it depends on how often you use it and maintain it.

Below, I will delve into these problems, their causes, and how to troubleshoot them. 

4 Most Common Stihl 362 Problems + Troubleshooting

1. Engine Bog Down

Photo by Don Brubacher via Flickr

When cutting through wood, your engine rpm could drop or bog down, and you will spend more time finishing the task. 

The good news is that fixing it is a lot easier.  It could be a faulty carburetor or dirty air cleaner. 

You can clean and adjust the carburetor and the air cleaner to rectify it. Ensure you are using the proper fuel and oil mixture, too.

2. Choke Rod Issue

Some operators complain their choke won’t respond or always gets stuck. 

This is among the recorded STIHL MS 362 chainsaw problems. People often look for a bent butterfly valve on a chainsaw’s carburetor to blame. 

Little do they know weak or damaged spring tension and choke plate or gasket could also have a say. 

However, if it is a bent butterfly valve, you must flatten it out. 

3. Excessive Smoke

Suppose your STIHL MS 362 chainsaw is coughing out excessive smoke. In that case, it is either due to an incorrect fuel mixture, a fouled or malfunctioning spark plug, carbon deposits on the cylinder, piston, or exhaust port, or an improperly adjusted carburetor.

Sometimes, using old or contaminated fuel could be the lead cause. But the most likely culprit is a dirty or clogged air filter. 

Once the air filter has too much to bear, it disrupts the air-to-fuel ratio and stirs excessive smoke. 

You MUST clean or replace the air filter once it is dirty or damaged. 

4. Chain Stops Spinning

Stihl 362 chain stops spinning in the middle of work, one of the most frustrating experiences any operator could witness. 

It could be a lack of lubrication or too much chain tension. That is right; insufficient lubrication provokes excessive friction, which could put the chain to a halt. 

But safety first! 

Before troubleshooting, remove the unit, disconnect the spark plug, and let the engine cool off. 

Feed the bar and chain with sufficient lubrication. If there are clogs or issues in the oil reservoir and oil delivery system, you also want to address them immediately. 

Also, a loose chain won’t engage with the sprocket, so inspect the chain tension and adjust it appropriately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Sharpen Your Stihl MS 362?

A razor-sharp chainsaw will cut through the woods more efficiently with less effort than a dull one. 

This is why most users make it routine to sharpen the stihl MS 362 ahead of the task.

But how often you should sharpen your depends solely on the frequency of use or whenever you notice a decrease in cutting efficiency.

If you are an occasional or light user, you could go through an entire project without sharpening it twice. 

Meanwhile, regular or heavy users that cut through dozens of logs could sharpen every 2 hours of cutting time. 

NOTE: It is crucial to have proper sharpening tools and knowledge before performing the procedure. If you don’t, consider having a professional sharpen it for you. 

How Can I Maintain My Chainsaw To Keep It Running Smoothly?

If you service your unit when needed, do the little things that matter, and store it properly, it will be in tip-top condition and increase its longevity. 

So here are a couple of maintenance tasks you should make a habit: 

  • Before each use, inspect the unit for any visible damage, signs of wear, or even loose bolts.
  • Make sure the air filters are free of clogs or debris. 
  • Your chain should stay sharpened but replaced if worn or damaged. 
  • Your fuel mix should be what the manufacturer recommends.
  • Inspect the guide bar and replace it upon the first sign of wear or warping. Same for the chain sprocket.
  • Service the spark plug occasionally, but feel free to replace it if it’s faulty or worn. 
  • And every month or annually, replace the fuel filter and fuel line. Clean or replace the muffler and spark the arrestor screen if need be. 
  • The cooling fins on the engine should ALWAYS stay clean of debris. 
  • And perform periodic carburetor adjustments.

How Do I Properly Store My Chainsaw When It Is Not In Use?

First, empty the fuel tank. I see many users abandon their chainsaws with leftover fuel in the tank. 

While this is convenient, it can lead to fuel-related issues while sitting idle.

If you want to extend the lifespan of your chainsaw, proper fuel storage MUST be conducted. 

And the unit should be kept in a cool, dry place —protected from moisture and dust. 


Although many users complain about their Stihl 362 heating up, that is not a serious problem. 

Any unit will heat up when used for an extensive period. But you should be concerned once the temperature has clocked past what you can bear. 

This happens when working under the scorching sun. It could also be using a different oil and oil mixer ratio. 

But to fix it, leave it idle for up to 20 minutes. Flush out and use the correct fuel as directed.