5 Common Kubota M7060 Problems

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The Kubota Corporation delivers one of the best tractors in terms of heavy-duty jobs, and the kubota m7060 is no exception.

This monstrous 70-horsepower utility tractor performs many tasks, such as mowing large areas and baling tiny, round bales.

However, no mechanical engine doesn’t develop an issue at one point; in this context, the Kubota m7060 is not left out.

Therefore, it is worth noting the problems that arise when using the m7060.

So, in this guide, we will inform you about the most common Kubota m7060 problems you will likely face when using this machine and how to fix these problems.

 Kubota M7060 Problems

Kubota M7060 often suffers from blunt or dull blades, although this is a minor problem due to overuse.

Just a proper sharpening can get your blades back to their razor-type form.

However, some of the significant problems include the following;

  •  Air in the hydraulic system
  • The motor crankshaft doesn’t rotate
  • The engine’s power is low
  • Loud buzzing and whinnying sounds
  • Overheating problems

So without further ado, let’s delve into these problems you might experience when using the Kubota m7060 tractor and how to fix them. 

1. Air In The Hydraulic System

This problem occurs when your steering system has an issue, such as the steering wheel being unevenly loosed or there is excessive resistance when trying to turn. 

This is due to air that has entered the hydraulic system through a connection breach or a leakage.

So when this happens, it prevents the hydraulic from being able to apply the pressure it needs to control the engine.

You must remove the air from the hydraulic system, ensure the fluid level is topped up, and check that the cylinder is not damaged or leaking.

Also, check the hydraulic pump cause if this is not working properly too, it will affect the engine’s efficiency.

2. The Motor Crankshaft Doesn’t Rotate

If the motor crankshaft isn’t rotating, your engine isn’t working right. This could be a gasoline or diesel problem.

How you refill the fuel when using your tractor matters, as a wrong refill could lead to the crankshaft not turning.

A broken or bad injection pump could also cause this problem.

To fix this motor problem, check the fuel injector and confirm it’s okay.

If it’s full of dirt, you must clean it up or get a new one depending on how bad it is.

3. The Engine’s Power Is Low

Your tractor is over-tasked, and the ignition system isn’t starting. A dead battery could cause this problem, so check the battery and verify it’s fully charged.

Remember, the Kubota m7060 is a heavy-duty tractor and requires a solid battery to perform to expectation.

Another reason the engine is not starting could be faulty wires or cold weather.

Ensure the cable is in good condition and the battery is fully charged.

After checking the battery, cable, and safety switch, consider replacing them if any are discovered to be faulty or bad.

You should also note that cleaning these components regularly will prevent any chance of corrosion forming on the terminals on your tractor.

4. Loud Buzzing And Whinnying Sounds

After removing the backhoe from the subframe, you might hear a buzzing or whining sound coming from the side of the shift and loader control sticks.

When this happens, either the tractor has an internal problem or the hydraulic system is pushing too forcefully, making it hard for the backhoe to separate.

Check the hydraulic system fluid for air bubbles to fix this issue.

And to avoid producing more problems, it would be preferable to visit a professional if you can’t fix these issues yourself.

5. Overheating Problems

Another common problem with the Kubota m7060 is overheating of the engine.

If your tractor’s engine becomes too hot, it’s responsible because of the low flow through the radiator.  Debris and dust particles in the radiator prevent the hair from flowing freely.

Since less air goes through the engine, it heats up more quickly.

To solve this problem, clean out dust and debris from the radiator’s fin.

Cleaning the fin using an air compressor is a quick fix and stops these problems from occurring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens When The Front-End Loader Leaks?

Even though you don’t usually use the front-end loader for heavy-duty work, you may discover that this loader occasionally leaks hydraulic fluids.

You will need a new bucket cylinder installed as the control valve to fix this.

How Much Ton Can A Kubota M7060 Lift?

The Kubota m7060 is a super-sized tractor that can lift around 1500 kg, 2000 kg, or 3307 lbs.

What Is The Lifespan Of A  Kubota M7060 Engine?

A Kubota tractor can support you for around 4500 – 5500 hours. But you can double this lifetime with proper maintenance and care.


The Kubota m7060 features a 70HP diesel engine and a rugged hydraulic shuttle transmission system. It features advanced field technology that can withstand any field condition and complete your work effectively.

But as I said earlier, every engine remains the same and perfect for an extended period without developing problems.

So you’ll undoubtedly face some common problems with your Kubota m7060. But as you see, the solutions to these problems are pretty straightforward. So you don’t need to go to a professional and spend a lot of money fixing the issues.