How Many Cucumber Seeds Per Hole? (Explained)

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How many cucumber seeds per hole should you plant? In this article, we will discuss extensively how many cucumber seeds you should plant per hole, how long it takes cucumber seeds to grow and how to care for your cucumber seeds. 

We will equally answer most of the frequently asked questions on this topic. Stay tuned, and this will be one of the best articles you will ever read on this topic. 

What Are Cucumber Seeds?

Cucumbers are one of the easiest and best vegetables to grow from seed. In most places, they are grown as food, some as fruits; growing cucumbers from seed is fun and easy.

You can quickly start them indoors without the stress of getting a garden or farmlands, but if you already have farmland or a garden, you can quickly grow them there. 

One of the benefits of growing cucumbers is that they germinate very quickly; even if you haven’t grown cucumbers before, you will know how to after reading this guide.

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How Many Cucumber Seed Per Hole?

When it comes to how many cucumber seeds per hole, you need to prevent overcrowding; it is advisable to plant only 2 to 4 cucumber seeds per hole.

When planting the seeds, do not push them So deep into the ground; about 2 inches is ideal for growing your cucumber seeds. Remember to water constantly but make sure the ground does not become waterlogged.

How To Grow Cucumber From Seed

Before you think of growing cucumbers from seeds, you must choose the type of cucumber you want to grow. 

There are different types of cucumber seeds out there, and the method for growing one may be other from growing another, and how long it will take for a particular kind of seed to grow may be different from another type of see.

This is why it is essential to know the kind of cucumber seed you are growing.

Types Of Cucumber Seeds To Plant 

There are many cucumber seeds out there, and the type you choose depends on what you intend to use them for, your preference, and your texture. Some of the best varieties are

  • Market more
  • Homemade pickles
  • Baby Persian 
  • Lemon cucumber

Best Cucumber Seed Starting Methods 

There are two significant types of cucumber seed planting methods you can utilize; they are direct sowing and indoor growing. They grow fast, so we advise you to plant them directly into your garden, but you can choose either method. 

Direct sowing: 

This is the process of sowing cucumber seeds directly in your garden, and it is very easy to do; you don’t need to worry about caring for your seedlings indoors or transplanting them later. 

This is the most widely used method regarding how many cucumber seeds per hole you can plant at any given time. 

Indoor planting 

In indoor planting, you could start planting your cucumber seed inside. Most people prefer this method, especially when they have a short summer period or their garden soil one lawn is not good enough for direct sowing.

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How Long Does It Take From The Seed To Harvest?

Generally speaking, it takes from 50 to 70 days for the seed to grow to the harvest period. But these days are not constant; it generally depends on the type of cucumber seed you are planting as well as the growth condition of your plants, the kinds of manure you are using and other factors. 

When To Plant Cucumber Seeds

For effective growth and development, it is advisable to plant cucumber seeds directly into your garden a week or two after your last frost; once you’ve felt the ground and it’s warmed up to 60°F then you can start planting your cucumber seed.

It is advisable and essential to use a soil thermometer to check the temperature of the soil before planting. 

If you intend to start them indoors, then you have to plant them 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost date in your area; this way, your timing will be the same as the cucumber seasons, which will aid its growth and development.

Preparing Cucumber Seeds For Planting

When preparing your cucumber seed for planting, there’s nothing extraordinary about it; all you need to do is to sow them directly out of your pocket. However, soaking your cucumber seed before planting it in warm water for 12 to 48 hours will help them to germinate faster. 

Germination Time For Cucumber Seeds

One of the benefits of growing cucumbers from seed is that they sprout very quickly. The germination period of cucumber seed is anywhere from 3 to 15 days, but this depends on the seed you are using. 

They equally germinate faster on warm soil; if you want to hasten the process, you can use a heat mat to keep them warm or plant them in a warm environment up to 60°F. 

How To Care For Cucumber Seedlings 

When it comes to how many cucumber seeds per hole you can plant, you need to learn how to care for your cucumber seedlings. These are some factors you should consider when caring for your cucumber seedlings

  • Light
  • Water
  • Fertilizer
  • Potting up.


It is well known that cucumber seedlings grow extremely fast, so when planting them, you need to grow them where there are abundant light sources. Otherwise, they will get very tall and leggy. 


Your cucumber seeds need constant watering, if you want your cucumber seeds to grow effectively, you should water them often, and you should never let the soil dry completely. To prevent the drying up of the seeds, you should make sure the soil is moist at all times but not waterlogged.


Immediately the cucumber seedlings start getting their true leaves; you are expected to feed them with ¼ dose of organic liquid fertilizer daily; you can equally use compost manure where organic liquid fertilizer can’t be found. 

Potting Up

When the seedlings are twice as tall as the original pot, you are expected to report it. Use a plantable pot that is made from Coco coir or dried cow manure.

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Related Questions

What Do Cucumber Seedlings Look Like?

Seed leaves are the first two leaves that form after germination, and they are oval and pointed at the tips. Every other leaf that grows after the seed leaf is called a “true leaf,” and these leaves look like tiny cucumber leaves.

How Can You Make Your Cucumber Seeds Germinate Faster?

One of the best ways to germinate your cucumber seeds faster is by giving them plenty of warmth, keeping the soil at a temperature of 60 to 80°F at all times. Another thing you should consider is to soak the seeds in hot water before planting them, as it will help speed up things. 

Do Cucumber Seeds Need Light To Germinate?

In a sense, cucumber seeds do not need lights to germinate, but the seedlings need lots of sunlight as soon as they begin to sprout, or they will grow too tall and become leggy.