How Many Radish Seeds Per Hole? (Detailed Explanation)

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A radish seed takes about 7 days to sprout then seedlings are later transplanted to sunny sides of the garden. If allowed to grow too tall they might wilt and die but if grown in a greenhouse, ensure they are kept at a regular temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius during winter periods.

But how many radish seeds per hole should you plant?

It all depends. If the seeds are being used for the first time, you could plant one per hole. But if they have been used previously, you could go with two radish seeds per hole then they could be tinned later on. 

In this article, we will discuss in detail, how many radish seeds to plant per hole and how to properly space them.

How Many Radish Seeds Per Hole?

You could plant one radish seed per hole if dealing with new seeds but two or three when dealing with old or already used seeds.

This is because there are chances that some might not sprout because they have been used before so to be on a safer side it is advisable you put two or three in case one does not germinate there will be another without leaving the hole empty. 

Radishes will need to be grown in holes or pots  that are at least one and a half inch larger than the holes you want to plant them in. If your pot is not big enough it may be hard for your seed to germinate and you may also encounter challenges while transplanting.

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How Many Seeds Can I Get From One Radish? 

At least five to seven seeds are expected from every radish seed pod imagine planting about 50 pods you are to have an estimated amount of 250 radish plant seed.

How To Grow A Radish Plant 

Radishes are not hard to grow you just need to follow some guideline. They grow incredibly fast within a short period of 3 weeks their minty and peppery flavor adds the finishing touch to soups and even salads. To grow radishes successfully, you will be needing to follow the steps below 

1. Pick the radish variety you want to grow 

Like every other vegetable and plant, radishes come in different varieties ranging from self pollinated to hybrid. But it is advisable that as a new gardener you start with cherry belle radishes .

They only need 22 days to mature and have a mild, delightful taste. People are more familiar with spring radishes like cherry belle. They grow faster in spring or fall. Normal radishes are almost similar to spring radishes but they take a period of 6 – 8 weeks to mature. 

2. Pick the perfect growing site

Radishes are sun lovers; they need full sun and partial shade. Clear the area from any form of rocks or pebbles and ensure the soil is loose and well drained and also ensure you add organic material or mulch to the soil before planting . 

The PH of the soil should be around 7.4 the high PH to prevent diseases and cracks that may kill the plant. Just to be sure you can conduct regular tests to know your soil exact PH. 

3. Sowing the radish seeds 

Plant them about ½ inches deep and 1 inches apart from each other. As they grow, thin the germinating seedlings 2 inches apart and 2 feet apart in rows. 

Thin the radishes as they reach 1 inch cut off their head with a scissors down to the roots  and also radishes grow faster with little insects and bugs like beetles around. 

4. Water the radishes 

Ensure you always keep the soil moist but not soaked. Regular watering will give you quicker results. If they grow slowly they will have a woody and hot taste. If you don’t water for a few days and then feel like flooding then to compensate for the other days may lead to cracking so do not do that. 

5. Harvest period 

Most radishes are ready to be harvested once their roots are up to 1 inch. Although the maturity time differs based on each variety so you would want to check the seed packets to be sure to harvest you just need to pull the entire plant from the ground with your hands.

Unlike other vegetables, radishes can not be left in the ground after maturing or else they will have a mushy taste. 

Proper Spacing Of Radishes 

Radishes could be sowed once the ground is warm enough in the spring. seeds should be planted ½ inches deep into the soil and 1-inch interval from each other. 

This leaves enough space for seeds to grow, if you grow more than one radish per row you should leave a distance of at least 12 inches between each row.

You could also plant the rows diagonally to conserve more space. But if you are making use of square meters you could grow 16 radishes per square meter.

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