How Many Cilantro Seeds Per Hole?

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By Bryan Peters

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Most times, when you don’t know how many cilantro seeds per hole you should plant, you may end up making mistakes that will lead to the poor growth and development of your seed. 

Most farmers only know how to grow cilantro seeds, but they don’t know how many seeds to put in each hole. 

In this article, we will discuss extensively how many cilantro seeds you should plant per hole, the spacing, and how to grow and care for cilantro seeds.

Let’s get started!

What Are Cilantro Seeds?

Cilantro Seeds are also called coriander because they’re from the fruit of the coriander plant. In agricultural studies, we call them schizocarps, and each of the split parts is called a mericarp. 

One of the things that makes this seed different from others is that it is shade tolerant, which means it loves to grow in a shady area and requires only about 6 hours of sun daily. 

This seed is easy to grow and cultivate by farmers because it can grow in almost all types of soil; all you need to do is to add sufficient compost manure, which will help it to grow faster, healthier, and produce well. 

How Many Cilantro Seeds Per Hole?

Most farmers get this place wrongly, the cilantro seeds are a unique type of seed, and the first thing to have in mind is that this seed requires sufficient spacing when planting them. 

The reason for spacing them out is to prevent overcrowding and to help them grow effectively; overcrowding reduces the nutritional value of the soil and causes competition among plants. 

On average, you should plant five cilantro seeds per hole and a minimum of 2. The reason why the minimum isn’t 1 is that if you plant only one seed, other factors may make it not grow; this is why we produce above 2 to the maximum of 5. 

How To Grow Cilantro From Seeds

Every seed has a known better of planting, and cilantro seeds are no exception. When you follow the method outlined in this section of this article to plant your cilantro seeds, you won’t make mistakes and they will grow Faster. 

In planting your cilantro seeds, you must first treat the soil intended for planting. As we’ve said above, cilantro seeds can tolerate almost all soil types

Still, for it to grow effectively, you must plant it on the best ground for planting, which is loamy soil; in case you don’t have loamy soil, you can treat the one you have with compost manure before planting your cilantro seeds.

 Furthermore, you need to put your cilantro seeds deep into the soil. This is because cilantro seeds love to grow in total darkness in the soil to give them the required humidity to break from dormancy. 

Where To Plant Cilantro Seeds

One of the notable features of cilantro seeds is that whenever it flowers, its nectar attracts a lot of pollinating agents, which helps to ensure the continuity of cilantro seeds. 

One of the best places to plant your cilantro seeds is to plant them adjacent to your eggplants; the reason for this is for it to attract predatory insects that will feed on the pests and beetles of your cilantro plant. 

Another reason why cilantro is mostly planted is to help in the control of pests of crops, especially aphids.

How To Care For Your Cilantro Seeds

No matter how good your seeds are or how disease tolerant they are, if you do not care for them well enough, they will die off. In caring for your cilantro seeds, there are four factors we will look into, and they are

  • Light
  • Water
  • Fertilizer
  • Spacing and air

1. Light 

This is one of the essential requirements, and every seed needs sufficient sunlight during the first few weeks of its growth. 

The cilantro seeds need a minimum of about 6 hours of sunlight daily, which helps the seed to sprout faster, providing the energy required for the seed to break dormancy and sprout from the ground. No seed can survive its germination time without sufficient light. 

2. Water 

This is arguably one of the most critical requirements of a plant that extends to all living creatures, water is needed for the maintenance of life, and seeds are not excluded. 

When you plant your cilantro seeds, during their first few weeks, it requires a sufficient amount of water for growth and development. 

Most farmers make mistakes by watering too much till the soil becomes waterlogged. When planting cilantro seeds, you shouldn’t water them till the plant becomes waterlogged.

You should use only water till it becomes moist enough for adequate growth and development. Reread this; here’s where most people make mistakes.

3. Fertilizer

This is the third and one of the essential requirements for seeds, especially seeds such as cilantro. 

Fertilizers are highly needed, especially during the first growing seasons of your cilantro seeds; the reason is simple. 

The soil may not have all the nutrients required for the effective growth and development of your cilantro seeds, and you will need to complement those nutrients by using organic fertilizer. 

There are numerous types of fertilizer, but we recommend you use the kelp liquid fertilizer because it is suitable for any seed. The next thing to consider is 

4. Spacing and Air

This is a vital process you must engage in if you want your cilantro seeds to grow to maturity. 

When planting your cilantro, you must space them at least 3 inches from each other; cilantro is a plant that grows fast and requires nutrients and lots of them. 

When you don’t space them enough, it will lead to serious competition for nutrients among the seeds, and many of them will die. Those that survive will not have sufficient nutrients for their effective growth and development, which will lead to death before maturity. 

Spacing equally allows sufficient air to come in between the seeds, which will lead to proper oxidation to break dormancy.

5. How Deeply To Plant Cilantro Seeds

Just like most other seeds, cilantro seeds do not require deep plantings. To plant cilantro seeds effectively, you need to put them just a few cm into the soil, say 2cm into the soil, and cover them with sand. 

Then press the sand to come in close contact with the seed. This will aid in quick and efficient germination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can cilantro seeds be planted indoors? 

Yes, you can easily plant your cilantro seed indoors, provided it can receive the needed amount of sunlight energy that is essential for its growth and development.

What happens when you overwater your cilantro seed? 

When you overwater your cilantro seed, it will lead to poor slight growth, and the seeds will grow too tall due to the waterlogged land. This is why you should only water your seed till it becomes moist; if you water above this, it will lead to poor growth of the seed. 

How Long Does It Take Cilantro seed to germinate? 

When you plant your cilantro seed, it will take an average of two weeks to germinate, depending on the type of cilantro seed you are planting.

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