How High Should a 60 Inch TV Be Mounted? (Fully Explained)

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Buying a new TV is a happy experience, but after unboxing it, you’ll need to think about where its actual position will be.

It will provide a little challenge because mounting it too high or too low will hinder its best picture quality. Fortunately, this article exposes common things you should know about mounting your 60 Inch TV. But how high should a 60 Inch TV be mounted?

TV Mounting mostly depends on the viewing distance, eye level height, and the angle you’ll be watching from. To put it simply! For optimal view, a 60 Inch TV should be mounted at around 65.5cm from the floor level.

We will discuss this in detail below!

What Is a 60-Inch TV?

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The size of the TV illogically depends on the size of the screen. However, the size listed in several product names fails to give the actual length or width of the TV but only shows the distance across the TV diagonal. It tends to create confusion about the exact dimensions of a 60 Inch TV. Getting the best TV comes with identifying its dimensions.

Meanwhile, 60-inch TVs provide extra or more innovative features than a 32-inch TV or more minor. The aspects to consider include room size, the existing technology, and the smartness of the TV.

For instance, is your choice of TV innovative or standard? Note that whenever you see a 60″ class TV, it could be smaller than an actual 60-inch TV. A 60-inch TV provides different screen enhancements, including organic light-emitting diode (OLED), quantum dot LED (QLED), and high dynamic range (HDR) TVs.

OLED uses electroluminescence to light the pixels for the screen and provides higher contrast and livelier colors. QLEDs offer the film to LED liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and can enhance the contrast with lower picture quality consistency than QLEDs.

HDRs offer a more comprehensive range of colors, increasing the contrast between the brightest whites and deepest blacks. Failure to get superior technology will have you wondering why your TV always pixelates.

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What Is the Average Room Size for a 60-Inch TV?

Note that the room size can directly affect the TV size since you need a perfect TV for the room rather than one that overwhelms it. Smaller TVs may go well with smaller spaces such as bedrooms, guest rooms, and kitchens.

On the other hand, you should consider larger TVs for large spaces like living rooms and outdoor environments. In addition, every TV has a recommended viewing distance. So, as long as a 60 Inch TV is concerned, the guidelines state that you must sit around 8.4 inches away.

How High Should a 60 Inch TV Be Mounted?

As we mentioned earlier, how high you mount your TV depends on common factors like your TV size, viewing distance, eye level height, and watching angle. Another crucial factor to consider is the primary room function for mounting the TV.

It could be a lounge room, where you’re expected to sit on a sofa and watch TV, or a man cave, where you stand around a bar and occasionally watch the AFL or other sporting events.

According to research, the optimal height of a TV for lounge room watching is about 108cm above the floor.

However, this measurement still depends on the screen size and the distance from the viewing angle, like the couch. Therefore, the easiest way to measure the optimal height for your circumstances is by taking the TV size and the height of the sofa.

For instance, 60 Inch TV is about 81cm in height, and the average height of several couches is about 45cm from the floor; add that to a seated person at about 63cm above the couch cushions.

To summarize, the viewer’s eye line is equal to 108cm when in a seating position to watch. Given that, the middle of the 81cm tall TV is 40.5cm; 108-40.5cm=67.5cm. 

So, for optimal viewing, the total height of your TV from the floor level is 67.5cm. If you can’t get this measurement in your space, maybe because of a fireplace or other things that can stop the Tv mounting at this height, you can use tilt brackets to reduce the viewing angle/height.

Items Required for a 60 Inch TV to Be Mounted

If you must avoid mistakes and enable successful and easier mounting of your 60 Inches TV, there are specific tools that you’ll need.

  • Stud finder for maximum support
  • Power drill to speed things up
  • Different drill bits like the Carbide-tipped masonry bit and Phillips head drill bit
  • Level to ensure a correct level and avoid crooked TV and unnecessary holes in the wall.
  • TV mount recommended for your TV.
  • Painters tape (optional) to mark your wall studs.
  • Getting assistance from a friend can also help you significantly to help you lift the enormous TV and line up brackets.

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How to Mount Your 60 Inch TV on the Wall

So, you have purchased your 60-inches television and prepared the necessary items to mount it. There’s nothing else keeping you from getting on with the mounting. Below are the easy steps for successful mounting;

  • First, you need to choose your preferred position for the TV. For those with a fireplace, mounting your TV above is the ideal spot for mounting as it’s generally a focal point of the room. Consider viewing angles, as they are always vital to get the best picture quality.
  • Find the wall studs with a stud finder by moving them across the wall until it indicates locating the stud. Then, mark it using painter’s tape to help you remember the position.
  • Mark and drill your pilot holes that allow your mounting screws into the wall. 
  • Hold the mount up to the wall, using a level to ensure it’s straight.
  • With a pencil, create faint marks where you’ll drill the holes to attach them to the wall.
  • Attach a masonry bit to your drill, and drill holes precisely in the place you marked using the mount.
  • Attach the mounting bracket to the wall, hold your mount to the wall, and drill the mounting screws into the pilot holes you created in the previous step.
  • It’s time to attach the mounting plate to the TV by first removing the stand from the TV if you haven’t done it already.
  • Find the mounting plate attachment holes behind the TV; sometimes covered with plastic or have screws already inside them. If so, get rid of them. Join the plate to the back of the TV with the included hardware.
  • Mount your TV to the wall. Here, you will need your friend’s assistance to avoid profligacy. Lift the TV gently—using your legs instead of your back to prevent injury. 
  • Line the mounting arm or plate on the TV up using the wall bracket and join them using the manufacturer’s guides. This guide can vary from one mount to the other, so the instructions are essential.


If you think mounting a TV is very difficult, you can read through the article above and try mounting it, and you will find it as easy as ever. As long as you follow the guidelines, how high a 65 Inch Tv should be shouldn’t pose any problem.

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