How High Should a 50 Inch TV Be Mounted?

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It is always a joyful moment for everyone when you acquire a new TV, but it comes with a price, as you’ll have to figure out the best place to mount it.

This condition is essential because mounting your TV too high or too low will not let you get the perfect picture quality. So, how high should a 50 inch TV be mounted?

If you want to know the exact height your television should be and get the perfect viewing experience, then you must ensure the center of your TV is at eye level, usually about 42 inches high.

For instance, a 50-inch TV is about 24-inches tall, which means it should be mounted 30 inches from the floor.

Let’s learn more about this below!

What Is a 50 Inch TV?

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The screen of every 50-inch TV possesses the size of an average computer monitor. In other words, it is a television with a diagonal screen size of 50-inches (1.27m).

Meanwhile, the term ‘TV’ is used to signify the display device and shouldn’t be confused with its function as an entertainment center or home theatre system. A 50-inch TV is ideal for a standard living room or bedroom, and it’s not too huge to be obstructive in smaller rooms.

It will afford enough space to watch your preferred shows without making them look tiny on the screen. It also has sufficient power for an entertainment center with surround sound speakers.

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What Are the Types of 50 Inch TV?

There are only two types of 50-inch TV, namely, Plasma TVs and LED TVs.

Plasma TV

This TV utilizes small cells to produce light and color on the screen. This TV has existed for several years, yet remains popular as ever, thanks to its excellent picture quality and low purchase cost. Again, they are lighter than LCDs or LEDs.

Therefore, it would be best to choose Plasma TV for portability from room to room or for traveling.


This TV type uses individual lights at the back of every pixel rather than a single significant backlight like that of plasmas. In other words, LEDs can produce deeper black and bright whites than the other type.

However, this condition gives them high pricing costs as they feature more components that make them work effectively. If you have no problem with its high price, then you are free to choose an LED.

But ensure you don’t sit too close while watching movies, as the screen door effect can be a distraction.

How High Should a 50 Inch TV Be Mounted?

Getting the actual height for a TV mounting is a little challenging, but thanks to this article, you’ll have a more precise knowledge of how and where to hang your TV.

However, before you mount your TV, you have to consider its size, your sitting distance, and more, no matter which room you choose to mount it. In other words, there are many things to consider. Sometimes, it could depend on the room and your sitting position while watching it.

For instance, watching a TV in your lounge will require you to be in an upright sitting position, while if you watch in a bedroom, you’ll probably be lying down; so, both might require a different mounting height.

Generally, if you want the best viewing experience, the center of your TV must be at eye level, often at about 42-inches high.

So, given that a 50-inch TV is about 24 inches tall, watching while sitting on the couch requires you to take half of 24 (12) and minus it from 42, which is 30. In other words, the bottom of your 50-inch TV must be 30 inches from the floor.

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How to Get the Perfect Mounting Position for 50 Inch TV

If you want to get the exact mounting spot for your 50 Inch TV, you do so by calculating how high it should be from the floor. You calculate its mounting position by measuring the height of your TV and dividing it by two.

Subtract what you get from 42 (the best eye level position for your TV), and you will get the perfect height of the bottom of your TV from the floor.

For a 50 Inch TV, which is 24-inches tall, you’ll get its actual mounting position by taking half of 24 (12) and subtracting it from 42, which equals 30. It means the bottom of your 50 Inch TV should be 30 inches from the floor.

Note that television makers measure a TV from one corner to another; hence, you mustn’t use your TV’s screen size to locate its center point.

How High Should a 50 Inch TV be Mounted in the Bedroom?

Mounting your Tv in the bedroom requires you to measure the height between your eyes and the floor to find the perfect sitting height of the TV in your bedroom.

Considering the viewing angle, the TV height shouldn’t be placed above 30 degrees, according to the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers.

The best mounting height for a 50 Inch TV is 29.7 inches from the floor. Even at that, many comfortably sit reclined between 10 and 15 degrees.

Don’t forget the hanging spot of your TV is entirely for you to decide. You can also consider how often you watch television and decide what viewing length is most comfortable for you.

Items Needed for the Mounting of 50 Inch TV

If you want to successfully and perfectly mount your 50 Inch TV on the wall, you will need several essential materials to make it easier for you.

You’ll also need help from one or two persons lifting the TV and getting the perfect spot for mounting. Essential items required include; 

  • Pencil or masking tape
  • Tape measure
  • TV mount
  • Included mounting hardware
  • Stud finder
  • Paper template (optional)
  • Level
  • Power drill with a drill bit
  • Philips head or flathead screwdriver

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One crucial factor to note is that the mounting height of any TV varies from room to room, and 50 inches is not exempted. It would help if you considered the size of the TV lying or sitting position from the TV when viewing it.

However, the article above has given you a clue of how high a 50 Inch TV should be mounted.