DeWalt Weed Eater 20v Vs 60v

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Garden enthusiasts have conflicting views on the cost and benefits of the DeWalt weed eater 20v vs 60v.

Some argue that the 20v model is sufficient for light-duty trimming, while others swear by the more powerful 60v model for more demanding jobs.

It’s a fair debate! With the 60v model, you get more power, longer battery life, and greater cutting capacity, while the 20v model is lighter and more maneuverable.

The choice is clear for some people, while it may not be so easy for others.

So, to make things easier for you, we’ve researched the two to help you decide which is best for your gardening needs.

Without wasting much time, let’s get started!

DeWalt Weed Eater 20v Vs 60v

When choosing between the 20V and 60V DeWalt weed eater, things could get tricky.

Well, we’ve done the assignment for you.

Gas or electricity have long been the options for yard tools. But battery power is now a new method for doing your yard work.

DeWalt Weed Eater 20v Vs 60v: Battery

These two tools have a battery to carry out tasks efficiently. But how can you then choose the best battery for you?

The proper battery backup can significantly improve work. Choosing between 20V and 60V batteries is one of the options you will have when determining which DeWalt equipment to buy.

Depending on their use, each has advantages and is functional. You can choose the best option by being aware of the differences.

Due to their size and amp-hour rating, 20V tools and batteries are best suited for low- to medium-demand usage.

They function in all applications but will have a shorter runtime and less power than 60V.

However, a 60V would be a better option if you require something that can run cooler while handling a big load.

These battery packs can power not only 60V tools but also 20V or 120V tools when used in tandem. With the higher voltage, you’ll have more convenience.

A 5.0 Ah battery is included in the DeWalt 20V weed eater kit. This battery was tested to provide 26 minutes of continuous operation on high when there was no load.

Depending on the resistance of the object being cut, the runtime will change during the actual operation.

While the 60V weed eater’s runtime is a compromise, we expect to make it in exchange for its 17-inch cutting swath and muscular power.

With the package’s 3.0/9.0 Ah battery, the weed eater can run in high gear and with no load for slightly over 31 minutes. 

DeWalt Weed Eater 20v Vs 60v: Efficiency

If you’re a homeowner looking to switch to a gas-free outdoor power equipment (OPE) platform or a professional using the 20V, the DeWalt 20V weed eater is an excellent addition.

It’s highly efficient and easy to use, and with a typical 20V battery pack, you can quickly complete your to-do list.

However, if you require even more power, the DeWalt 60V weed eater is a high-performance option with a broad 17-inch cutting surface and a 60V brushless motor that requires minimal maintenance.

This tool allows you to work all day without worrying about overheating, and it can power almost any 20V cordless tool in your toolbox, making it a versatile choice for professionals.

Although the 60V model exhibits a higher-than-usual vibration level and is slightly heavier with a shorter runtime, the trade-offs are worth it for those needing the extra power.

Its incomparable performance, and it can easily tackle even the most challenging tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Maintain Dewalt 20V Weed Eater Maintenance?

Most DeWalt 20v trimmers owners don’t maintain their DeWalt regularly. Regular maintenance is essential to prevent frequent Dewalt 20v weed eater problems.

Regularly checking the cooling fins and cleaning them helps you prevent clogging.

Also, always check for any damage to the cooling fins and replace them immediately to avoid overheating and engine damage.

In addition,  check all the electrical connections and clean them to prevent damage and power flow problems.

How Do You Know When A 20V/60V Dewalt Battery Is Fully Charged?

You need to look at the charger to know when a 20V Dewalt battery is fully charged. Dewalt battery chargers usually have LED lights that indicate the battery’s charging status.

When the battery is fully charged, the LED light on the charger will turn green.

It’s important to note that Dewalt batteries have different charging times depending on their size, so it’s best to refer to the manual to determine the expected charging time for your particular battery.

How Can I Make My DeWalt Battery Last Longer?

You can do several things to extend your battery’s lifespan.

First, avoid subjecting the battery to extremely hot or cold temperatures, as this can reduce its longevity.

Utilizing your battery frequently is another way to increase its lifespan. Although it may seem strange, constant use keeps your battery from being entirely depleted, which could be bad for the battery’s overall health.

Finally, use the battery exclusively for the intended purpose and avoid taxing it beyond its capacity with heavy-duty duties.

Is The 60V DeWalt Weed Eater Suitable For Heavy-Duty Work?

The 60V DeWalt weed eater is powerful equipment for labor-intensive yard maintenance tasks.

 Its high-voltage battery enables extended use, and its durable design guarantees dependability.

This weed eater’s cutting-edge technology makes it the perfect tool for anyone who needs to maintain huge outdoor spaces or has challenging terrain. It can easily take on stubborn weeds and thick brush.


In conclusion, when it comes to choosing between the DeWalt Weed Eater 20v vs 60v, it all depends on the intended use.

The 20v model is best suited for low to medium-demand usage, while the 60v model is more powerful and suitable for larger jobs.

The 60v model also has a larger cutting swath and a more powerful motor requiring almost no maintenance. However, it is heavier and has a shorter runtime.

Regular maintenance is essential to prevent frequent Dewalt 20v weed eater problems, extend the battery life, avoid subjecting it to extremely hot or cold temperatures, and utilize it frequently.