4 Common Cub Cadet Rzt 42 Problems + Troubleshooting

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Cub Cadet is a company that makes the outdoor experience for many people much more convenient. The cub cadet RZT 42 mowers are made with the highest quality materials, but unfortunately, you would find many people facing one or two challenges with their cub cadet mowers.

We understand that mowing can be a very tedious activity but what is even worse is mowing with a device that has a fault. 

Some of the most common Cub Cadet Rzt 42 problems include issues with the hour meter, oil pressure issues, left-hand hydro transmission issues, and engaging and disengaging the PTO.

In this article, we will discuss these problems further and the possible ways you can stop them; stick with us!

Troubleshooting Cub Cadet Rzt 42 Problems

1. Hour Meter Issues 

The hour meter control in your cub cadet mower helps ensure that the mower is always ready for whatever task it has. Its maintenance schedule would also ensure that your device lasts longer since regular maintenance would be done. 

Your hour meter systematically starts as soon as you put your mower on, begins operation, and stops simultaneously.

The possible issues you can encounter with your cub cadet RZT meter mower is that sometimes when you turn the mower off, the meter does not stop counting, or when the mower is still working, the meter gets stuck and refuses to count for further hours.

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Some common reasons why this might be happening include hour mismanagement and discharge of the battery also.

Some solutions you can take for this problem include:

  • Make sure you switch off the mower with the key after every operation because the meter hour does not work based on the engine, but the key is on or off
  • Make sure you not only switch off the machine from the key after the operation but also take the key out; this also helps with your warranty and battery life

2. Problems With Engaging and Disengaging of the PTO 

The power switches-off button on almost every tractor is for engaging and disengaging the blades and deck of your mowers after every mowing operation, and that is no different for the cub cadet RZT42 mowers. To operate this, you get to pull the switch to engage the blades and then push whenever you want to disengage. 

With this, some users still expected that the deck was not engaging and disengaging correctly after pulling and pushing. If you leave this problem to continue, it will eventually lead to issues with your switch, interlock, and electric clutch. 

The best ways to solve these problems are; 

  • Replacing the PTO switch and the fuse you attach to the 12- volt battery
  • Check if the voltage is still flowing even if you replace the PTO switch
  • Replace your old clutches because there is a high chance that your clutch is worn out

3. Oil Pressure Issue 

As we all know, you must check your mower’s oil pressure before and during operations. To make it more convenient for you, manufacturers ensure that they always put an oil pressure gauge on the meter to alert you of cases of low oil pressure.

The dashboard on the cub cadet mower ride always alerts you on the oil level you have so that you can be ready to fill it up without having to stress too much. 

People who use the cub cadet mowers always complain about the oil meter indicator flashing and blinking a warning sign indicating that the oil is too low, even if you refilled the oil recently. Not to worry, there are many ways you can fix this issue; some ways include; 

  • Filling your oil to the point that they state out for you that way, the LED light should switch off. 
  • Ensure that you genuinely change the oil and replace the oil filter so that particles do not get into the water. 

4. Left Hand Hydro Transmission Issues 

The transmission system that the cub cadet RZT 42 makes use of is the hydro gear EZT  2200 transaxle transmission. People use this system because they believe it would make the cub cadet mower sturdier. 

Even with that, most times, people who complain about it tend to be people with a left-hand hydro transmission, and transaxle always has a way of impacting the mower’s speed, improving its efficiency.

If you do not attend to the issue urgently, it can lead to a reduction in the rate of your mower, weakening of the parking brakes, and also affecting the bypass lever. 

Some steps you can be able to fix this problem are; 

  • Take your transaxle out of the machine, unbolt it, and then remove the pulley
  • Remove your flip plug and watch as all the oil comes out of the unit
  • You can now remove the parts of the machine and also keep them where you can be able you find them correctly
  • Not just the cub cadet lawn mowers; always ensure that you maintain your mowers by paying heed to specific rules for their maintenance. Regular maintenance is essential because of how harsh the environment is. Firstly, you should start cleaning off the excess debris after using the lawn mower
  • The best way you can maintain the cub cadet mowers is by following the maintenance schedule that I stated in the cub cadet maintenance guide, or you can also use it to create your personalized guide

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How To Ensure That You Cub Cadet Rzt 42 Lasts Longer

You should keep in mind that in as much as your lawn mower is capable of doing a lot, you should always let it work within its limits. If you try to cross these limits, you might spoil your mower and have to pay for repair. 

Also, ensure that you do not overwork your mower and let it go for longer gourds than it’s sought to; For instance, the grass you can cut with your lawn mower is minimal, so trying to cut higher than that can end up spoiling your mower blades.

Judging by the size and specs, if you think your mower cannot be able to clear up your land, then you should get a larger one.