4 Common Cub Cadet Mower Deck Problems + Fixes

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Cub cadet mowers have always stood out amongst its competing mower brands with their very high level of power and superb ways you can handle them. Despite all these, the cub cadet mowers also have a handful of problems that hinder their operation sometimes. This article is focused on Cub Cadet mower deck.

Some common Cub Cadet mower deck problems include step cutting, uneven cutting, stuttering and excessive vibration from the mowers.

Today, will discuss the various problems with cub cadet mower deck and how to troubleshoot and fix them.

Cub Cadet Mower Deck Problems

If you have been using your cub cadet mower for a long time, then you should be familiar with some of these mower deck problems. In this article segment, we will provide some of the issues you can face with your cub cadet mowers deck.

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1. Step Cutting Problems 

Step cutting is one of the significant problems you are most likely to face with your mower deck. In step cutting, the lawn is left with many blisters, eventually contributing to one serious problem you can meet with your deck. In most cases, the cause of this issue is your mower deck breaking or a wrong setting. 

You can be able to fix this problem quickly, but you have to first ensure that you turn off your mower and ensure that you do not plug in the spark plug. Then secondly, make sure that you measure the tip of your mower blade to ensure that the angle you set it at can cut the grasses better. 

2. Stuttering Issues 

Stuttering is said to have occurred when your mower leaves streaks of uncut grasses behind. The major causes of this issue are inadequate blade maintenance or mistakes from the operator; when you operate the mower slowly, dirty blades can also lead to this. 

The first thing you should know is that mower a piece of land at a lesser speed than full throttle can also increase the damages caused to your engine, so you must mow at an increased pace.

Also, ensure that you clean the blades of your mower properly so grasses and mud do not clutter around it, leading to its slow operation. 

3. Problems Of Uneven Cut 

The uneven cut is a problem caused by either an unbalanced deck, poor inflation of your tires, dull or unsharpened blades and operating your mowers at a very face pace can also lead to an uneven cut of grasses.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even depend on how fast you use your mowers; when you position the rollers incorrectly, it can also lead to your grasses not being cut properly. 

To fix this issue, it is essential that you first consider the level your tractor’s mower deck is in. if it isn’t levelled, then you should work on balancing it first. After you have done all that, check the pressure of your mower’s tire; if it is too low, do not hesitate to increase it.

Thirdly, you should consider changing the height of your mower wheels, as sometimes, improper mower alignment can be an issue. 

4. Excessive Vibration from Your Mowers 

Many users have complained about the excessive vibrating sounds from the mower deck during its operation. One of the most common causes of this sound is a clogged mower deck. Other causes include malfunctioning pulleys or belts, out-of-alignment, and imbalanced blades. 

You must ensure that you address this issue fast to prevent accidents like battery explosions because if this problem is not attended to for long, it is most likely to occur. To fix the case, you should first be very sure of the problem, so troubleshooting should always be the first step. 

After determining the cause, you can resolve the problem by cleaning the clogged filters, aligning the blades, belts and pulleys, and ensuring that you change defective parts, if necessary. 

Mower Deck Problems Possible Fixes 
Lawn scalping caused by dull blades and poorly adjusted machinery Check your mowers tire and air pressure, and keep the grass hydrated 
Uneven cutting problems Increase the air tire pressure and reduce dull blades 
Excessive vibration from the mower Clean clogged filters and adequately adjust the belts. 
Stuttering issues Properly adjusting the blade tip and proper air circulation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Is My Mower Deck Lower on One Side?

Some common reasons this happens are damaged wheel, loose or dull blades, clogged or damaged cutting blade. 

Why Is My Mower Leaving a Strip in The Middle? 

When your mower leaves a grass strip in the middle, it indicates that your lawn mower blades are unbalanced or installed incorrectly. 

Why Is Grass Sticking to My Mower Deck?

This is prevalent in wet mower grass, as damp grass equals sticky grass. So, a simple hack is mowing your grass once it is dry because dry grass would reduce the build-up you would notice under your mower deck. 

Should You Mow in Circles or Straight Line?

Cutting your grasses in concentric circles is a very effective pattern because all the turns you make will be in one direction. Mowing in circular patterns would match the design of trees and even r beds. 

What Happens If Mower Blades Are Installed Upside Down?

If you install the mower blades in the wrong direction, it would only ace your mowing experience much worse because you would be using the blunt end of the mowers to mow. 

Should You Cut Grass Clockwise or Anti-Close-wise?

Even if mowing in an anti-close wise direction would also do, it would be much better if you mow in a clockwise direction. 

How Short Should You Cut Your Grass?

When living on a typical Midwest lawn, it would be better if you mow your grass at a height that is three inches at least or a bit higher.