How Long Do Peonies Last Once Cut? (Definite Answer)

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Peonies are famous, beautiful, old-fashioned perennials found primarily on flower gardens, and exist from late May to June. They make lovely flowers significantly when you cut them. The blooms look large, tender, soft, silky and sexy, and colorful.

However, even though peonies are better and more attractive once cut, they can only last for a short time. But how long do peonies last once cut? Peonies can last for about 5 to 7 days when cut.

In this article, we will discuss, in detail, how long peonies last once they are cut and how to make peonies last longer once cut.

How Long Do Peonies Last Once Cut?

As earlier discussed, they are better when they are cut flowers than when they are roses. All peonies will hold a few days cut; some are better when used immediately or out of storage.

Generally, at most, peonies can only last between 5 to 7 days interval when cut. But when dipped quickly into the water, it tends to be more durable than when it was yet to be uncut.

In other words, if you want them to last longer, endeavor to store them in a cool room, away from direct sunlight. 

Also, you can cut peonies and store them for weeks or months if you know when to cut and how to store them properly.

You must consider several steps or factors to ensure that your peonies last as long as possible once cut.

How to Make Peonies Last Longer Once Cut

How Long Do Peonies Last Once Cut

Below are the tips or the factors you must consider to ensure your peonies last as long as possible once cut:

1. Get the peonies with their buds when closed

Having peony buds closed isn’t necessarily a bad idea, neither does it spell damage.

When having the most attractive blooms counts the most, just like other flowers that don’t blossom, specific strategies can be deployed or utilized to force them open. 

2. Put them in a good location

We understand how appealing it is to buy the pretty ones that have already wholly bloomed, but those that can only last a few days in your home are more prone to quick damage during movements, like petals falling off and so on.

If you decide to help them along, it can be done by putting them in warm water or location when you get home.

3. Ensure you remove any leaves from the lower part of the stems

Meanwhile, this step should be carried out before you place it in the vase or bouquet, as it will stop them from sinking inside the water, thus preventing them from quick wear or rot.

4. Endeavor to keep them away from the sunny area

The peonies are susceptible to direct sunlight; therefore, it would be a grave mistake to keep them in an area facing the sun.

By so doing, you will risk losing their color. Not just that, they will start losing their petals out of excessive wear that comes from the heat of the sun.

5. They should be in a fridge at dusk

As peonies are susceptible to the sun and heat, so are they receptive to a cold temperature.

Therefore, it is not a bad idea to store them in your fridge, as it helps keep them fresh and attractive while also increasing their lifespan.

6. Shorten the stems and replace water constantly

Ensure you trim the stems at a diagonal to enable them to absorb the maximum level of water.

Additionally, you can use cold water or drop one or two ice cubes into the vase or bouquet. It will also help keep it fresher as long as possible.

Final Thoughts

How long do peonies last once cut? Generally, when looking to increase the life span of peonies when cut, the most important thing is to keep it away as far as possible from the sun’s heat while storing it in a cool area.

The cold environs help to slow their development. Another thing you must take note of is a proper and careful cutting of the stems and the area in which you are to trim from to avoid damaging its original life span.

When in a vase, ensure you water the vase at least once in few days, although you have to be careful when watering.

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