6 Common Bad Boy Mower Problems + Troubleshooting

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By Bryan Peters

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For those who can remember, in 2001, the bad boy mowers made their very first lawn mower and were set on display at the law and garden expo in Louisville, Kentucky and eventually won the product of the year, which attracted a lot of dealers. After that, later in 2005, they went ahead to release their first catalog. 

If you have owned a Bad Boy mower before, you can testify that the mowing deck, starter and transaxle are the significant points of failure on the machine. There are many reasons why these points fail and several ways you can correct them. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the common Bad Boy mower problems you are most likely to face with this machine and how to troubleshoot and fix the problems.

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Troubleshooting Bad Boy Mower Problems

Some of the most common issues you can find wrong with your Bad Boy mowers include; 

1. Transaxle Issues

The suspension mechanisms in the Bad Boy mowers are excellent, allowing a smooth ride on the mower while maintaining a stable deck, even when riding on derelict land. Apart from that, you would benefit from enjoying a smoother and cleaner cut. 

 But now, the problem is when this transaxle system has an issue, it will result in poor ride quality; bumpy rides or the quality of the grasses cut would be intense. This might not be a problem with some grasses, but a clean cut is required for grasses like the Bermuda grass

Some common transaxle issues are leaking hydraulic fluid or a damaged charging pump. The best solutions to this problem include getting a new seal kit for the leaking fluid, and if the hydraulic system is defective, you should have a mechanic look at it. This issue can also be a result of stale hydraulic oil. You can be able to replace the oil by yourself by just following a few steps; 

  • Underneath your oil filter, place a pan to drain the oil
  • To drain the oil, remove the oil filter from its reservoir
  • With that, the oil could drain out freely on its own
  • After you empty it, replace the oil tank with new oil but make sure you do not overfill the container
  • If needed, install a new oil filter once the oil has been emptied from its reservoir

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2. Mower Moving to One Side 

Another common issue people experience with their Bad Boy mower is the issue of the mower pulling to one side. There are several reasons why your mower would be facing alignment issues, and some of the common issues include steering issues, faulty dampeners, and loose tires.

Although these problems may seem difficult to handle, there are a lot of easy ways you can fix issues with traction. 

If your tire pressure is low, there is a very high possibility that the tractor would be dragged to one side. To check the pressure of all four tires, check the required PSI and your machine’s PSI to ensure they are both filled, and if it is low, ensure that you blow it all back up. 

3. Vibrating Decks 

After mowing for several hours, sometimes you notice that the decks on your mower begin to vibrate, this is not normal, but there are several ways this can be fixed.

The primary reasons behind this are the loss or displacement of the e-neckband and ring and allowing the key on the solenoid side to carry it. 

To fix this, inspect the ring on the most distant call on the solenoid side and adjust the belt correctly. If this doesn’t work, exchange the solenoid’s lost part. 

4. Starting Issues 

There is nothing as annoying as your mower not starting when you want it to, and it can be a lot of work when your mower doesn’t proceed after the gear switches on.

Some common reasons why this happens is a faulty pump or gasoline pump, and if your fuel filter also has issues, then your mower wouldn’t start, even if the engine is functioning correctly. 

Firstly, check the fuel level on your mower and ensure it is proper. So, if the signal signs negative, you should top up the fuel. If your fuel is not the exact type that the mower requires, then change the oil, fuel or diesel; it depends on which the mower makes use of. Lastly, check the fuel filter to see if it has debris or dirt. 

5. Spindle Problems 

When the spindle does not spin correctly, then that is a clear sign of a malfunction. There are several reasons why your spindle would rotate incorrectly; some of these signs that show your spindles are defective that you should watch out for include;

  • Squealing sounds from your spindles as a result of wearing out
  • Slow heating from the spindles
  • Low vibration sounds
  • Bent spindles

If you notice any of these problems from your spindles, the central issue is most likely to be spindles. 

6. Fast Draining Battery 

With the several issues as to why your mower would stop working, battery problems should be one of the first you should inspect. There are several reasons why your battery would develop a problem, some of which include a damaged battery charger, low battery life and corroded battery terminals. 

You can fix these issues by ensuring that your battery health is excellent by replacing it frequently when your terminals are corroded, ensuring that you clean them correctly and if the damage is beyond repair, replace your batteries. 

some other common issues you might face with your Bad Boy mower include;

  • Shaking mower deck
  • Problems with lifting your deck

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How Long Can the Bad Boy Mowers Last?

Your Bad Boy mowers can last for about 3-4 years, delivering approximately 1500 to 2000 lawn mowing time. To maintain that, you should regularly service and provide proper maintenance services to your mowers from time to time. 

Why Does My Bad Boy Mower Keep Shutting Off?

If this is the case with your Bad Boy mower, then you should check for any of these problems;

  • Clogged air filters
  • Ignition coil problems
  • Clogged fuel filters
  • Spark plug

What Engine Works Best in A Bad Boy Mower?

The best engine to use with your bad boy is the 747cc KHL pro engine if you are searching for a durable and reliable machine. This engine sis built with an imposing 747cc Kohler command pro engine that can handle even the most challenging terrain. 

How Do I Know If My PTO Switch Is Bad?

Some clear signs that your PTO switch is wrong are if your mower is challenging to start, makes noise during operation and if the engine won’t turn over.