Will Sunshine Ligustrum Grow In Shade?

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By Bryan Peters

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Sunshine ligustrum, also known as Privet, is one of the evergreen ornamental shrubs that tolerate or are adaptable to any environment both dry and moisture environments. They beautify your garden and landscape.

However, here comes the burning question “will sunshine ligustrum grow in shade?”  Yes, sunshine ligustrum can grow in shade but the result won’t be the same when grown in sunlight for at least 6 hours per day.

This can easily be noticed by a mere look at the colors of their leaves. While the leaves of sunshine ligustrum grown in the full sun are brightly yellow, the ones grown in partial shade are a blend of yellow and attractive hue and that of deep shade pale green.

Though the shrub thrives in both conditions, it is also worthy of note that partial shade is preferable to a deep shade. This further shows that the sunshine ligustrum is a sun worshiper.

Will Sunshine Ligustrum Grow In Shade?

Sunshine ligustrum as we discussed earlier can thrive both In full sun and partial shade but the latter and deep shade can lead to the following;

1. Change in leaf appearance

The leaves become sparsely spaced and pale to the eyes.

2. Change in leaves’ colors

The color of the sunshine ligustrum exposed to full sun is bright and sparkling yellow while the other type is pale or dull green.

It is advisable to ensure that the shrub has access to 6 hours of sunlight daily to help in its growth.

3. Low Performance

Apart from the fact that total lack of light can retard the growth of sunshine ligustrum, do not forget it can also make the trees leggy. 

Are there nutrients needed by the sunshine ligustrum for proper growth? Yes, there are! Below are some of them.

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Nutrients Needed For Sunshine Ligustrum To Thrive

1. Sunlight

Always grow your plant where it can have access to at least 6 hours of sunlight daily.

2. Water

It is important to water your sunshine ligustrum to also aid in its performance.

3. Fertilizer

Good fertilizers play a vital role in plant growth and sunshine ligustrum is not exempted. However, choose the most suitable fertilizer. You can contact an expert in this case for clarification.

How To Care For Your Sunshine Ligustrum

Below are ways you can improve the performance of your sunshine ligustrum.

1. Pruning

Pruning your plant is good but it is optional. This is simply because you can allow it to grow into its natural shape or prune it to your desired shape. 

In addition, note that if you decide not to prune them, there may be noticeable new colors around the leaves.

2. Watering And Other Nutrients

Always water your new plants at intervals of a few days until the roots attach themselves firmly to the soil. After that, you can decide to water them once every 7 days.

Application of fertilizer Is also advisable but should be done with discretion.

3. Plant Location

Sunshine ligustrum can indeed survive in drought, however, ensuring that it has access to about 4-6 hours of sunlight daily.

 4. Pests And Diseases

Your sunshine ligustrum is prone to attack by some “garden’s enemies” like insects, aphids, and birds. These pests can be controlled by the introduction of predators.

Also, get rid of disease-infested branches to avoid fungal diseases.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is ligustrum sunshine Fast Or Slow Growing shrubs?

Generally, sunshine ligustrums are fast-growing shrubs. They can add about 25 inches per year. Hence, the importance of pruning them.

How fast-growing is the sunshine ligustrum?

Sunshine ligustrum experiences rapid growth. It can grow to a height of one foot in a year while the Japanese ligustrum adds 2 feet per year.

Can you shape the sunshine ligustrum?

Yes, you can shape it anytime you want. However, that’s not compulsory. This is simply because the shrub has a nice shape and can not grow above 6 feet.


Sunshine ligustrum is one of the ornamental shrubs‘ ideals for your garden. You can grow them in full sun or partial shade but the deep shade is not advisable if you wish to have a high-quality shrub.

Learn to prune though not compulsory while enriching them with water, adequate fertilizer, and exposing light sunlight for at least 6 hours daily.

Yes, the sunshine ligustrum will grow in partial shade.