13 Types Of Woods For Woodworking (+ Their Uses)

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Certainly, only some wood is good for woodworking projects. And because there are many kinds of wood, it is wiser to seek clarification about which one to go for.

Now, if you are worried about the exact wood you will be needing for that woodworking project, this guide will give you a plethora of options to choose from as we share the different types of woods for woodworking.

There are a few things, however, you must consider when choosing the right type of wood for your woodworking projects, and we will also talk about that below.

Let’s get started!

What To Consider Before Choosing Woods For Woodworking


You must be aware of the quality of the wood you are about to use for woodworking. Depending on the woodworking project you have in mind, if the wood is not hard enough, then you should reconsider.

Otherwise, you stand a chance of ruining your hard work after the project. So, always check the quality of the wood.

Natural Color

Ensure that the color of the wood is as natural as possible. You can also work through any color you want your wood to be after the project. But for starters, you should go for natural color.


Ensure you are conversant with the type of wood you intend to use for your woodworking project. Some woods are soft, while others are hard. So always check the wood before you use it for woodworking.

Proper Tools

Getting the right wood is okay; using the proper tools for woodworking is another thing. Ensure that the things you need for your woodworking are there handy and you wouldn’t have to improvise any tools. You must get it right from the onset.

Use Of Wood

Another thing that you must consider before starting your woodworking project is what you want to use the wood for. Before getting wood, what you intend to use it for would determine the type of wood you should settle for.


Depending on where you are, some woods might be difficult to find. So, always consider your location before venturing into any woodworking project.

Now that you are aware of these, let’s quickly look at the various types of woods for woodworking.

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Types Of Woods For Woodworking 

You have varieties of wood to choose from, having them grouped into two; softwood and hardwood.

Softwood for Woodworking

Softwood grows from coniferous trees; these trees are mainly evergreen. Because the trees grow quickly and are found mostly in cold climates, it is less expensive than hardwood.

In addition, you can easily source them and have them make good furniture in or around your home.

Let’s have a look at the types of this softwood;

1. Pinewood

Types Of Woods For Woodworking

Formerly produced from pine trees, pine is a coniferous wood that is popular and found in wide varieties in the Northern Hemisphere.

Although pine wood is soft and almost too delicate for some woodworking projects, many people use it to build houses, furniture, and other carpentry works.

Pine is known to be very resistant to shrinking and swelling. It is a good type of wood for woodworking.

What are the uses of pine wood? 

Wood is a natural source of turpentine and is used to make all kinds of furniture for indoor and outdoor use, as well as door and window frames and flooring. Knotty pine is the most popular and is used to make decorative effects.

2. Cedarwood

Here’s another softwood that you can use for your woodworking project. Cedar wood is known to have this red-brown features that make it quite attractive; accompanied by light lines, it is decay resistant and is mostly used by many people.

What can you use cedar wood for?

You can use cedar wood to make drawers, chests, and boxes, and you can use it to make chests and construct closets.

3. Fir Wood

Also known as Douglas fir, firewood is another softwood that you can consider for your next woodworking project. Firewood is not expensive and has a tougher texture than other softwood; it is hard to stain too.

What can you use firewood for?

Firewood is good for furniture; you can use it to make doors, frames, windows, and other construction projects.

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4. Hemlock Wood

Hemlock wood is a unique type of wood that is also good for woodworking; it is sometimes referred to as tsuga; Hemlock wood comes from a plant called poison Hemlock.

The wood is light in weight compared to many softwoods. In addition, It is highly affordable.

Uses of Hemlock wood

Since the wood is relatively light, you can only use Hemlock wood to make light framing and plywood.

5. Spruce Wood

In addition to being light in color, spruce wood also has a subtle, straight grain. It is about as soft as soft pine when it comes to hardness.

It swells easily and isn’t weather resistant until it’s treated, so it’s better suited for indoor projects than outdoor ones unless it’s specially treated.

Uses of spruce wood

As a result of its versatility, it is commonly used for ship masts and spars, aircraft, crates, boxes, cladding, ladders, and general millwork.

Hardwood For Woodworking 

It is common that hardwood comes from deciduous trees that have broad leaves, produce fruits or nuts, and are usually dormant in the winter. Hardwoods also tend to have a stronger structure than softwoods.

Read on to learn about the types of hardwood for woodworking.

6. Oakwood

Speak of the wood that rewards home with beauty and class; only speak of oak wood. Oak wood is a versatile wood that most people use for a good number of reasons; the wood is durable, heavy, and strong and would fit in with exquisite designs.

There are different species of oakwood.

In addition, oak wood is decay and fungi-resistant. You will surely only spend a little time maintaining the wood after using it for your woodworking project.

Uses of Oakwood

Oakwood is mainly used for furniture, decking, and paneling. Other times they can be used for veneers.

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7. Rosewood

Rosewood is a type of hardwood that you can work with and always go right. Many people value wood because it’s dark red core wood.

Though there might be one red flag, rosewood is super expensive and hard to acquire, especially when you need it for a long project. Nonetheless, it is another type of wood for woodworking. Consider it.

Uses of rosewood

Like every other wood, rosewood is a great wood for furniture; in addition, rosewood can be used to make musical instruments, veneers, and even some decorative items.

8. Maple wood

Another type of wood that is good for woodworking is maple wood. Maple wood is a renowned hardwood used for many things. Maple wood comes from a deciduous tree, it is strong, and like oakwood, it is durable.

Uses of maple wood

Maple wood can be used for furniture, it can be used to make kitchen accessories, like chopping boards, and it can be used for flooring too.

9. Ash Wood

Searching for the best burning wood? Well, now you have it. Ashwood is good for furniture and other woodworking projects; you can also burn it to keep your home warm. The wood is strong and smooth to the touch. It is easy to differentiate it from oak wood because it is lighter.

Uses of ash wood

Ashwood can be used to build a staircase and make furniture, millwork, cabinets, and flooring.

10. Mango Wood

In addition to being dense and strong, mango wood also has a beautiful grain pattern. Its grain is unique because it encompasses several tones and colors, ranging from light shades like dark brown to hints of light pink or green. It is also lighter than most wood types and highly water-resistant.

Uses of mango wood

There are many other uses for mango wood, including flooring, wall paneling, veneer, plywood, turned objects, musical instruments, kitchen accessories, and furniture.

11. Beechwood

Beechwood is another hardwood you can use for your woodworking. It is strong and heavy, just like every other type of hardwood. In addition, it is inexpensive and would not split when you use it. There is one thing. However, it could be more durable.

Uses of beech wood

It is good for frames, flooring, and plywood

12. Cherry Wood

Often referred to as fruitwood, cherry wood has a light to reddish-brown color and is hard, strong, warp-resistant, and closed-grained. It is easy to carve and polish.

Uses of cherry wood

Cherry wood is good for furniture; it sure adds a perk class to any household it uses as furniture and other construction work.

13. Walnut Wood

Dark in color and with appealing grain patterns, walnut is a very dense and strong wood, making it desirable for furniture and carpentry.

Uses of walnut wood

This wood is mostly used for furniture, veneers, carvings, and musical instruments.

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There are many kinds of wood to choose from when you are looking forward to making the most during your woodworking project. It could be really frustrating trying to figure it out. However, in this guide, we covered the types of wood for woodworking.

This will help you tailor your choices. Remember to be aware of your location, as this would affect your choices; also, know the type of woodworking project you want to indulge in before getting any wood for woodworking.

Our guide will lead you to your desired result!