Pothos N Joy Vs Glacier (Key Differences)

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Merely staring at a young Pothos N Joy and Glacier, you might wonder if there is any real difference between them.

They do not look alike; they are ALMOST identical. And you might swear they are pretty much the same plant grown differently. But that is not true. They are two distinct cultivars of the genus Epipremnum aureum. 

Even though they share a lot in common, they have different origins, appearances (as they grow), and growth traits. 

That margin becomes more evident in their leaf size, texture and coloring, growth speed, soil requirements, and variegation patterns. 

And those are the angles we will attack to have a fair debate between the Pothos N Joy vs Glacier. 

Pothos N Joy Vs Glacier

NOTE: it is imperative to know which is which so you can help them thrive, considering their differing needs. 

So let’s jump into it. 

Pothos N Joy Vs Glacier: Leaf Size

Their leaf size is one of the most notable differences. 

NJoy Pothos and Glacier Pothos have comparatively small leaves, shaped more like ivy order than the typical heart-shaped form, as we see on Emerald Pothos

On the contrary, the Glacier Pothos is slightly smaller and rounder in leaf size compared to the irregular N Joy leaf growth. 

Pothos N Joy Vs Glacier: Variegation Patterns And Coloring

Closely looking at the glacier, it looks more like an Icy Queen with light green, silver, and white variegation patterns. 

Its colors are not as potent as the N Joy Pothos, even though they share huge streaky, patchy variegation from the center outwards. 

On the other hand, N Joy has less variegation but is vibrant and more saturated in colors. 

It also has solid patches or scars. But its variegation begins from the outer edges of the leaves and moves inward. 

Pothos N Joy Vs Glacier: Texture

The texture is another different clue to look at. And conducting a hand-feel test will help you determine which is which. 

The N Joy Pothos has a leathery bottom with a waxier leat texture. Meanwhile, Glacier Pothos is delicate with a soft, silky leaf texture. 

Pothos N Joy Vs Glacier: Flowering

Both Pothos behave differently when flowering. Glacier can flower at full maturity if kept outside or inside, but N Joy, not so much. They rarely flower. And even if they do, they do so indoors.

Pothos N Joy Vs Glacier: Soil Requirements

For optimum growth performance, you MUST meet their different soil needs. 

Glacier relishes light, free-draining ground, while the N Joy thrives with denser, more moisture-retentive soil. 

They are also very selective of a more consistent pH soil range of about 6.1 to 6.5.

Glacier Pothos, on the other hand, will grow without giving you a headache on slightly acidic to neutral soil with a pH of  5.5 to 7.0

Pothos N Joy Vs Glacier: Temperature

Both Pothos are tropical plants with a fair share of loving heat and humidity. 

But the Glacier Pothos thrive more in a warmer environment, preferably at 60ºF (15ºC). Whereas N Joy can tolerate and thrive in lower temperatures as cool as 50ºF (10ºC).

But in terms of humidity, both Pothos enjoys anything between 55% and 70%.

Pothos N Joy Vs Glacier: Overall Size

Like I said earlier, N Joy and Glacier become easier to tell apart as they reach maturity –considering they grow differently. 

No doubt, these Pothos are clustered and bushy. But the N Joy is more disciplined as it grows upward and elongated. 

It can reach 10 feet (3 meters) indoors and a 1 foot (30 centimeters) width. 

Meanwhile, the Glacier Potho’s overall size is 8 feet / 2.5 meters, with a broader width of 3 feet /1 meter. 

As it stays shorter, it doesn’t try to climb upwards. Instead, it sends out more side shoots. Of course, it can be manipulated by pruning, but if left alone will become a telltale sign.

Pothos N Joy Vs Glacier: Growth Rate

Even though N Joy reaches peak height, it does so reluctantly. 

The Glacier is the faster grower at a surprising rate. 

With the proper care and environment, both Pothos’ growth speeds will likely skyrocket. But the N Joy tends to maintain a more moderate pace. And this is because of its intense variegation —meaning it absorbs less energy from the sun. 


So those are the difference between Pothos N Joy vs Glacier. 

I hope you can tell these two beauties apart by now. Of course, you should! 

Besides, you can ALWAY reference back to this page. So you can refresh your memory whenever you opt for either of these plants. 

And since N Joy and Glacier require similar care regarding regular watering, occasional pruning, plenty of sun, and propagating,  it will be easy to look after them.

Mind you; these plants are toxic to both pets and humans. 

Contact with the skin will result in itchiness, rash, or discomfort. And if mistakenly ingested, it could trigger nausea and gastrointestinal distress.