Glacier Pothos Vs Manjula Pothos (Key Differences)

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By Bryan Peters

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Most people often confuse the glacier pothos as manjula pothos, thanks to their striking resemblance. However, even though they share some similar features and come from the same family, they are still two different plants.

So, as a gardener, you must learn to tell the differences between them, since it’ll help you maintain them. 

Glacier pothos is a mysterious species that features dark green, silvery green, and bluish-gray variegation leaves that are oval-shaped and partially elongated with a slightly ruffled texture. While Manjula pothos features a waiver, ruffled, or wrinkled leaf shape that comes in swirls of white, gold, and cream color.

In this article, we will discuss in detail, the primary differences between glacier and manjula pothos!

What Is Glacier Pothos?

Scientifically referred to as Epipremnum aureum, the Glacier Pothos is a variety of devil’s ivy featuring white and green, variegated foliage. It comes with leaves, which are oval-shaped and slightly elongated with a little bit of ruffled texture.

Meanwhile, this plant can either be white or pale cream and vividly displays a motley of dark and light green hues.

If you look at glacier pothos carefully, you will see leaf designs that almost resemble silvery-blue, and this enhances its gorgeous contrast against the white foliage background.

This display can make it look like the bluish patterns you’ll find on glaciers, which is unsurprisingly where it got its name.

Unlike some other plants, the glacier pothos is a hardy plant that can survive various growing conditions. Again, like other pothos varieties, the glacier needs little care, making it an excellent starting plant for people beginner gardeners.

However, the glacier pothos doesn’t have a stable variegation. It also has a bushy, compact growth nature, which means you can keep it on a stand or hanging basket and leave it on the trail. If you want larger leaves from your glacier, a moss pole is an ideal place to grow them.

What is Manjula Pothos?

Like the glacier pothos, the manjula is also known as the Devil’s Ivy. It is an attractive pothos that is a patented variety of Epipremnum indigenous to the tropical forests of Asia, particularly India, China, and the Pacific Islands.

It is always mistaken to be a Floridian. The Manjula Pothos is also grown in the USA.

It is an uncommon houseplant that features highly variegated white and green leaves and is a trailing plant that is very easy to care for. It will not only add beauty to your home or office but can also bring air-purifying qualities to its environs.

As earlier mentioned they are trailing plants, but they start to the trail when they grow, thus making them an ideal training or hanging plant for your home. To get the best from this plant, place it on a shelf or ledge and allow leaves to cascade down.

Alternatively, allow them to trail sideways above shelves, bookcases, and cupboards to produce a unique decorative look.

Glacier Pothos Vs Manjula Pothos

Glacier PothosManjula Pothos 
Different and more unique colored variegationhas more speckled leaf variegation
Leaves are a smaller, less wider and rounder than manjula pothos, partially elongated with ruffled textureBigger- sized leaves that are wider and rounder with ruffle, wrinkled leaf shape.
Leaf colors are white and green speckles of grey or silver.Leaf colors are various shades of green variegation alongside splashes on the white or cream sections
Larger and stiffer stemsSmaller and more flexible stem
Leaves and Stems can hardly be bentLeaves and Stems can easily be bent

Differences Between The Glacier Pothos and Manjula Pothos

As earlier mentioned, the Glacier pothos and the Manjula Pothos are two different plants, irrespective of their striking resemblance. However, one of the most obvious differences between these plants can be seen in their leaves.

Study both leaves closely, and you will discover some glaring differences.

In other words, the major differences between both leaves can be derived from the type of variegation on each plant’s leaves. For instance, the glacier pothos features different and more unique colored variegation on its leaves than that of the manjula pothos which has more speckled leaf variegation.

Glacier can withstand different growing conditions more easily than other pothos varieties including manjula.

Another notable difference is that the leaves of the manjula pothos are rounder and wider than the glacier pothos.

In terms of their stems, the glacier variety possesses larger and stiffer stems, even though its leaves are smaller. It has crinkled and much thicker leaves. It cannot be bent easily like other pothos varieties including the manjula.

Again, the glacier pothos is known for its transpiration, after watering, drips from water droplets from leaf edges, as well as smaller leaves with white and green speckles of grey or silver.

While a manjula pothos features more giant leaves with various shades of green variegation alongside splashes on the white or cream sections.

How Is Glacier Pothos and Manjula Similar?

Despite the glaring differences highlighted above, the Glacier Pothos and Manjula share some striking similarities.

Firstly, you will find it hard to distinguish any of them by just glancing at their leaves. For instance, both plants are pothos plants and devil’s ivy varieties, as well as the same Araceae family. They both share the same hardiness zone.

They are both low-maintenance pothos that doesn’t require much care. Both plants are perennial vining species that demand similar care tips including watering, lighting, fertilizing, soil, temperature, and humidity, amongst others.

They will both do well in hanging baskets and are tropical plants. They both produce green leaves at first, before turning to different colors.


Glacier pothos vs manjula pothos are stunning plants that will not just purify the air in your environment, but also serve as ornamental plants to beautify your indoor and outdoor space. Both feature gorgeous leaf colors that can change the concept of their area.

However, one challenging thing about this plant is how people often mistake one for the other. Despite sharing some identical features, they have their obvious differences, which we have highlighted above, to give you a better understanding of what you getting.

Meanwhile, a good care routine will yield better results for both Glacier pothos and manjula.