13 Common John Deere 3046r Problems + Troubleshooting

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All-around, transmission fixing is among the most popular issues with John Deere tractors. Plus, a severe trembling during operation appears to jar, loosen and potentially fracture or wear down moving parts, which results in repairs. 

Owners also recount issues with the warranty not expanding coverage long enough to deal with many of the popular maintenance and improvements through the years. 

In this article, we will be looking at the common John Deere 3046r problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Let’s get started!

Common John Deere 3046r Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

John Deere is recognized for altering vendors repeatedly. That implies that its pieces are hastily outdated. At times, service is hard to obtain for John Deere models that are not even that outdated. Even though you are purchasing your tractor, new or used, the ultimate conclusion is going to boil down to unique, distinct variables. 

Primarily, you’ll need to locate a dealership you have good feelings about. You’ll also need to examine different tractor brands to discover the model that is a proper fit for your specific needs.

Below is a report documented by a John deere 3046r tractor user.

At 6 months old, the three-point hitch quit working (wouldn’t drop even with ballast box attached). Valves, etc., have been replaced numerous times but still won’t work. John Deere finally agreed to completely dismantle the back end and check every component.

I am trading this junk off and am going to let the dealer put up with this nonsense. Almost a year is too long for not being able to fully use a new unit and today, the control for my 4-in-1 bucket stopped working.

The air conditioner worked very poorly and needed new controls as well.”

These problems can be genuinely annoying and worsen when you don’t see anyone help you with them. But not to worry.

Let’s briefly look through the various troubleshooting tips.

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Troubleshooting John Deere 3046r Problems

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1. Diesel can not crank over

The fuel type is incorrect

The injection pump is shattered – Check and replace

Bad fuel injection pump timing – Adjustment needed

2. The steering wheel turns around without obstruction

Meager oil rating – Pour full. 

The steering cylinder has a fault – Replace the seal. 

Pump steering broke – Fix pump or replace.

3. Motor not starting

Starter does not function – Replace or repair. 

Constraint in a fuel pipe – Tidy up and flush. 

The fuel filter is filthy – Fix a new filter. 

Old piston rings – You are required to make repairs.

4. Diesel motor hard starting

Constraint in air filter/cleaner or induction system. 

Inaccurate functions of the cold start structure. 

Wear or disfiguration of piston rings. 

Deficient fuel pump drive shaft. 

Water in fuel. 

Crankcase oil is too thick. 

Utilize oil of proper thickness.

5. Diesel is hard to start

Constraints in the fuel tank vent. 

Air drips on the suction side of the system. 

Constraint in the exhaust pipe. 

Slow starter rate. 

Injection fuel is insufficient, or the spray is not great. 

Filter blocked. 

Extended Idle intervals.

6. Breakdown of the steering

The hydraulic system has a significant proportion of air – Release air from the system. 

Meager hydraulic oil rate in the system – More oil is needed. 

Steering hydraulic cylinder worn out – Replace the seal.

7. Diesel failure to start 

Inappropriate valve timing – Adjust valve timing. 

Compression improvement. 

Cylinder bores are old – Need overhaul. 

Leaking valves and seats – Eliminate leakage.

8. Engine knock

There is a little remnant of engine oil – Fill with oil. 

The cooling temperature is low.

9. The front axle generates a rumble

This is a gear defect – Change gears. 

Ball bearings are absolutely erased – You have to fix it.

10. The motor start is intermittent

The nozzle is jammed – Which requires checking the nozzle. 

Injection pump does not function – Change fuel pump.

11. The locking differential is inadequate 

Diaphragm old or disks of the friction clutch are old – Change worn-out parts.

12. The diesel engine is not functioning

Clogged fuel filter.

High-pressure fuel pump to misplaced adjustments.

13. The engine constantly overheats 

The absence of coolant in the cooling system – Fill the cooling system to the appropriate level. 

Jammed radiator – Clean the core. 

Exorbitant load – Decrease load or speed. 

Shattered or misadjusted fan belt – Fix or change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much horsepower does a John Deere 3046r have?

A John Deere 3046r has 44.7 horsepower.

How much can a John Deere 3046r lift?

A John Deere 3046r can lift 2530 lbs.

What is the weight of a John Deere 3046r?

The weight of a John Deere 3046r ranges from 2900 to 3570 pounds.

How much does a John Deere 3046r cost?

A John Deere 3046r costs around $38,000.

Where is John Deere 3046r made?

The John Deere 3046r is made in Augusta, Georgia, USA.


There are many things to enjoy about the John Deere 3046r compact tractor, but certainly not the problems. You should do your best to avoid the John Deere 3046r problems at all costs.

But if you still encounter them, this article is just for you.

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