8 Common John Deere 5055E Problems + Troubleshooting

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The John Deere 5055E tractor is fortified with a 3-cylinder, Turbocharged, and charge air cooler (CAC) diesel engine, which delivers outstanding torque, hydraulic capacity, fuel efficiency, and durability.

Its turbocharger with CAC improves the air intake volume for sufficient combustion, execution, and fuel efficiency. 

But despite having all these these superb attributes, some prevalent difficulties are encountered by almost all customers. Failing to start, fuel contamination, steering issues, PTO problems, and front and rear axle cracking are some common John Deere 5055E problems.

In this article, we will discuss the different problems with John Deere 5055e tractor and thair troubleshooting tips.

Let’s get started!

Troubleshooting John Deere 5055E Tractor

Here are a few quick tips you can observe when facing the problems mentioned above.

If the Tractor’s steering wheel twists without any obstruction, it has a steering cylinder malfunction, or it does not have a minor oil level. 

You must top up the oil or fix the pump if the steering is broken.

If the diesel motor doesn’t turn on, you need to repair the faulty starter or work out the piston ring failure. There may be grime in the fuel system. If so, wash the fuel system.

You may encounter trouble where the steering wheel works very tightly. It occurs when the hydraulic connections are not appropriately sealed. It may also occur due to a faulty steering pump and wrecked power steering.

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For front axle cracking continually, you need to change the deficient fear. For firmly erased ball bearings, you have to change them.

Starter failure can result in power loss difficulty in your John Deere 5055e tractor. You’ll have to change the starter, which may amount to a reasonable amount.

Fuel contamination, the restraint of fuel flow, and insufficient coolant level can bring about other engine issues like starting problems or overheating.

Steering problems, PTO problems, front and rear axle cracking- all these problems have distinct origins and troubleshooting. Let’s look at them individually and their solutions.

John Deere 5055E Problems and Solutions

Join me. Let’s review these John Deere 5055e troubles and solutions in detail below.

1. Sudden Loss Of Power

Some 5055e users have encountered an abrupt loss of power. At times the engine completely shuts off without any indication or sound. 

To analyze the problem, you can begin with the relays and fuses. Survey all of the relays and fuses, and if none of them is deficient, the electric fuel pump might be the wrong thing there.

Check to see if there are any leaks or constraints between the fuel tank and the fuel pump. If the fuel pump doesn’t acquire power or doesn’t work, your engine will lose power.

Search for any damage or incorrect timing of the fuel pump. Change or repair the deficiencies according to the circumstance. 

Some other short checks are the fuel filter, the injection pump, and air intake and turbo. 

If they are old or damaged, you should change them as they can also develop this power loss problem. If you can’t discern the exact cause, I suggest you reach mechanics near you. 

2. John Deere 5055E Hydraulic Problems

That’s a significant issue because it can melt the fuel tank. So, comprehending what leads to the hydraulic problem is substantial to prevent this in the near future.

Some people have encountered similar difficulties with JD 1025R Tractor as well.

In the midst of the Tractor read side, there is a ball check valve on the 3-point lift arms. That 3-point lift arms should be switched on at least once a week. 

If not, moisture will grow in that ball check valve, resulting in it sticking. This will result in heightened fluid pressure along with severe heat or friction. 

This eventually superheats the hydraulic fluid up and influences the fuel tank to melt. 

5055E Tractor is constructed to work continuously, and when you keep it inactive for a long time, you will have to handle this problem.

3. Engine Doesn’t Start or Hard To Start

Engine starting problems are familiar with these tractors. 

Your Tractor may not turn on for numerous reasons. But the main problem is the starter fault. 

If the starter is bad or there is so much opposition in the starter circuit, the engine doesn’t turn on. To be convinced that the issue is with the starter, get a voltmeter and test the voltage drop of each element of the system while you ignite the truck. 

When it occurs after the warranty time, you might have to spend $700 more to acquire a new starter.  

Nonetheless, if the starter is okay, a blocked fuel system can influence this. The dirty fuel system should be tidied up by cleaning, and the contaminated fuel filter requires to be replaced.

Also, the air filter’s constraints can make it difficult for the Tractor to initiate. Old or broken piston rings, inadequate injection pump drive shafts, water joined with fuel, or oil of inappropriate density can be the other reasons. 

Check these problems one by one and locate the cause. 

4. John Deere 5055E Fuel Problems

If you utilize the wrong fuel type, you will encounter this trouble. But it rarely happens.

A few of the 5055E owners admitted the abrupt loss of power. The engine shuts off at times without any strange noise or sign. 

And they think it’s the fuel problems they are handling. 

When you see that the relays and all the fuses are functioning okay, it’s probably the electric fuel pump you are handling. The fuel pump may be cracked, or the fuel pump timing is inaccurate.

And I strongly suggest informing the service manager if you are unsure what you should do.

5. John Deere 5055E Engine Overheat Problem

If the JD 5500e continuously overheats, the difficulty can be most possibly with the coolant or cooling system. 

The first assessment is the very apparent coolant level. Fill coolant to the proposed level. Then get to the cooling system to examine any relaxed connection or leak. 

They don’t allow the system to work appropriately. Radiator fins can get choked with dirt; tidy up the radiator screen and fins. 

Diesel overload can also result in overheating. So, lessen diesel load if it is too much. 

Lastly, inspect the fan belt. It shouldn’t have any problems at all. Conduct repairing or adjustment as required. You may also have to change these components. 

6. John Deere 5055E Starter Problems

It’s important because you may have to ultimately purchase a new starter and solenoid, just like many have already done!

That is how the problem arises.

You will continue trying the ignition switch over and over, and the Tractor won’t start. Sometimes, it will stop clicking and start up totally. 

Now, you may contemplate so many reasons causing this problem, but this happens mainly when the starter has just gone wrong or there is too much resistance in the starting circuit.

To be sure about it, you can get a voltmeter and check the voltage drop of each component during starting. 

Once you are sure the starter has gone wrong, you have to spend around $700 to get the starter and solenoid if the warranty period expires.

7. John Deere 5055E Steering Wheel Problem

You can encounter two numerous difficulties with the steering wheel. 

If it turns effortlessly without opposition, the problem can either be a steering cylinder malfunction or not having the lowest oil level. Top up the oil if it’s not, and fix or change the pump if the pump steering is terrible. 

The other problem is the precise opposite, where the steering wheel is worked very tightly.

Inspect whether the hydraulic connections are appropriately sealed and eliminate any damage. It can also occur when the steering pump is wrecked. 

Fix the defects. Power steering may also require repairing. 

Some other problems may also come up which need to be expounded over in brief. If the front axle cracks regularly, you would have to change the inadequate gear. 

Firmly wiped out ball bearings need to be changed. Some users have deduced a crunch in the rear axle housing. It can also be a bearing issue. 

Usually, all sounds imply bearing difficulties.

Another trouble is the white smoke produced from the motor. Such indications are harmful to the Tractor, and you should fix the piston rings immediately if you notice white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe.

8. John Deere 5055E PTO Problems

After some years of performance, the PTO disengages after just a few minutes. Now, some may conclude it’s because of the high temperature running or overheating engine.

To rectify this, ensure the PTO control lever is engaged with the cable and search for some adjustments. If that does not work out the problem, keep calm, don’t fret.

There is clear-cut what to do about this specific problem in the manual you acquired. Observe that service tech manual to rectify this difficulty.      

Under distinct conditions, like when it gets below 20 degrees, the power reverser does not work occasionally. And you may get an error code like PTR A.

It can occur when you halt the Tractor to toss out the load and then go backwards or forward. And then you discover the Service Indicator Light flashing.

The frustration gets substantial when you won’t locate anything about it in the manual. At times, the problem goes away if you shut down the Tractor and start it again after a while.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a John Deere 5055E cost?

A John Deere 5055E costs around $11,000.

How much horsepowers does a John Deere 5055E have?

A John Deere 5055E has 55hp.

How much can a John Deere 5055E lift?

A John Deere 5055E can lift up to 2,500.

What is the weight of John Deere 5055E?

A John Deere 5055E has up to 5070lb.

What category is a John Deere 5055E?

A John Deere 5055E is of category 2 hitch.


Remember to always follow the maintenance tips and have complete care for your machine.

That is the only way to avoid John Deere 5055E problems.