Hoya Tricolor Vs Krimson Queen: Major Differences

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The Hoya Carnosa Tricolor is also known as the krimson princess, and it produces a variegated leaf and stems with distinctive three colors (that’s why they are known as tricolors). The colors are pink, green and white.

Krimson Queen or simply hoya is variegated and quite similar to hoya tricolor because of the capacity to showcase three colors.

The critical difference between both hoya tricolor vs krimson queen is the color depth. While hoya tricolor flowers are reddish pink, krimson queen flowers are pale pink.

There are many varieties of hoya plants today, and being able to tell their difference and uniqueness puts you in the company of people that cannot be confused when there’s a need to make a pick between both plants.

This article critically compares and contrasts both plants to unveil their exciting similarities and differences.

Since both plants are quite similar, it will be hard to tear them apart. However, our study, identification, and grooming of both plants side-by-side make it possible.

Here’s everything we discovered!

What is Hoya Tricolor?

Hoya tricolor is a popular variant of hoya carnosa. It is also widely known as the krimson princess.

Although krimson princess is not a recognized scientific name, it has gained the acceptance of many. This plant has broad and thick lanceolate leaves.

Generally, the hoya tricolors leaves are creamish yellow or white, and the center with green across its edges. The flowers take on a light pink color with spherically shaped inflorescence patterns that’s very common to hoyas.

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What is Krimson Queen?

Just like every hoya plant, the krimson queen belongs to the Apocynaceae. Conversely, the krimson queen is also known as the hoya variegata. The leaves have a core center color of green with white, pink, or cream around their edges.

These plants are widely famous for their waxy and succulent leaves. They also require a tailored growth condition to flourish.

Hoya Tricolor Vs Krimson Queen | Key Differences

Hoya Tricolor Vs Krimson Queen

Although both the Hoya tricolor and the Krimson queen have several similarities, you can still tell them apart by the number of features each of these plants showcases when you grow them up close.

Here’s the comprehensive difference we discovered:

Leaves Difference

Both the hoya tricolor and the krimson queen are appealing ornamental plants. Quite attractive with lovely leaves to show for it.

But each plant has many distinct features of its leaf, which make them stand out from each other. Here are a few of these unique leaf features.

Leaf Shape

The Hoya Krimson Queen has a thin and cordate-shaped leaf that can grow up to 5cm long. However, the hoya tricolor leaves are thicker and can only grow 3-4cm in length.

Leaf Texture

The Hoya carnosa, also known as Krimson Queen, has succulent leaves with presumably smooth surfaces. However, the hoya tricolor has a waxy and comparative smooth left surface to the krimson queen.

Leaf Color

The hoya tricolor plant majorly has leaves with possible three colors variegation which includes pink, creamish white, and green variegation. 

A majority of its leaf population has a green core center with white or pink marking edges. Most of its new leaves surface as bright pink or completely white.

Consequently, In Hoya krimson Queen, the leaves are finer and darker, having deep green color at its core center and white at the edges.

In comparison, the leaves of krimson queen are thinner than hoya tricolor, and a major part of each leaf has a green coloration that indicates the presence of chlorophyll.

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Height and Structure

Hoya tricolor is a considerable slow-growing plant. As such, its exposure and height growth rate are slower than that of the krimson leaves.

Due to the fast growth rate of Krimson Queen, it grows comparatively faster and longer than hoya tricolor.

Leaf Stem

The stem of the Hoya tricolor is a very bright pink color. In Hoya Krimson Queen, the stem is always brownish. But both plants have stems that look attractive.


One of the obvious places you can tell the difference between both plants is by the flowers of the bear. Although both plant flowers look alike at first glance, a closer and critical look shows otherwise.

The hoya tricolor has a reddish-pink coloration with the deep reddish zone at the center of the plants. Alternatively, the krimson queen has a full pink color.

Similarities Between Hoya Tricolor and Krimson Queen

Difference Between Hoya Tricolor and Krimson Queen

We’ve stylishly introduced and jettisoned about the similarities you’d find in both plants. So let’s make it formal.

What are the similarities between the hoya tricolor and krimson queen?

  • They both are from the same family of Apocynaceae
  • Both are the native origin of Asia
  • Both plants cannot survive under scorching sunlight
  • Both plants can be cultivated as ornamental houseplants
  • Both plants have nice scented plants with a coloration variant

The lightning condition for each plant is the same. It is bad to have either plant in direct sunlight in both cases as they don’t fare well in that condition.

More appropriately, place them in shades to filter the amount of sunlight the plant can receive.

What We Like About Hoya Tricolor

Before buying a hoya tricolor plant, don’t you want to know what makes it stand out from every other houseplant you can have?

The hoya tricolor is a beautiful mix of three colors and is well scented. Ideally, that’s a perfect description for houseplants. What else can tingle your fancy about plants?

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What I Like About Hoya Krimson Queen?

The krimson queen is a known dependable house plant. Very similar to the hoya tricolor but offers a cool and mild mix of colors in the plant.