How To Get Rid of Cricket Noise at Night (8 Easy Ways)

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If you are looking for how to get rid of cricket noise at night, then this article is specifically for you.

We understand that the chirping sounds of crickets at night can be irritating and constitute a nuisance. However, such can be eliminated if you ensure there is no hiding place, food, or light available for the crickets.

However, it doesn’t end there; hence, we have carefully researched and compiled everything you need to know about getting rid of cricket noise at night.

Why Do Cricket Chirp at Night?

First, you need to understand that crickets are nocturnal. That is, they see better at night and in the dark. Crickets chirp for many reasons. Some of them include the following include:

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1. Food 

We noted earlier that crickets are nocturnal. This means they utilize the night to search for food. Also, note that they chirp with their wings and not legs, as many thought.

2. Mating 

Chirping sounds are made mainly by male crickets to att female crickets for mating. These sounds are usually heightened by late July when they are old enough and mature to mate.

3. Less Active Predators 

Tortoises, salamanders, spiders, frogs, and lizards are the primary predators of crickets. At night, these predators are the least active. Therefore, giving the crickets a chance to chirp.

How To Get Rid Of Cricket Noise At Night

Having known the reasons crickets make noise at night, in this section, we shall discuss how to have a soothing and blissful sleep at night. Here are 8 ways to get rid of cricket noise at night;

  • Maintaining A Neat Garden And House
  • Use Of Solutions
  • Use Of Traps
  • Use Of Predators
  • Wise Use Of Light
  • Low Temperature
  • Scents
  • Use Of Soundproof And Ear Isolators

1. Maintaining A Neat Garden And House

The first step to eliminating crickets chirping sounds at night is to keep a clean and tidy garden and house.

First, understand that crickets love hiding, especially in dark places. Ensuring there is no hiding place for them is a sure way to eliminate them.

The bark of trees, logs, piles of leaves, cracked walls, holes, window holes, and other places provide closure for them.

Keep your surroundings clean, and mow your lawn as often as possible.

2. Use Of Solutions

Another means to have a soothing sleep at night without having the chirping of crickets is the use of robust solutions.

Solutions like:

  • Vinegar and salt
  • Lemon juice and
  • Saltwater

Vinegar And Water

If you want to eliminate crickets within a few minutes, vinegar and water will perform the magic. This solution is very effective and kills crickets faster. To prepare this solution, do the following;

  • Mix vinegar and salt together
  • Add water to the mixture in a ratio of 110ml per liter
  • Get a spray bottle and fill it with the vinegar solution
  • Move to the exact place the noise is emanating from and spray it evenly

Once you are done, see dead crickets within five minutes of spraying the solution.

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Lemon Juice 

Lemon juice is another solution you can try if you don’t have vinegar. Though it is less powerful compared to vinegar and water. To apply this;

  • Squeeze out the water content of lemons, about 110ml
  • Fill a spray bottle with the juice and spray it around the area where the crickets are presumed to be
  • Wait for the magic


If you don’t have the two earlier listed solutions, then you may try your hands on salt water.

  • Add water to salt in a ratio of 170ml per liter
  • Get a water bottle and fill it with the solution
  • Spray on places where the crickets are

3. Use Of Traps 

Setting cricket traps is another way to eliminate cricket noise at night. If you want to trap them, set very sticky traps; this way, the crickets won’t escape.

Additionally, adding baits to your traps is a plus—crickets like rotten plants, fungi, fruits, and even cardboard. Also, you can sprinkle little honey on the bait cardboard, preferably, to facilitate effective trapping.

4. Use of Predators

You can also deal with crickets by allowing predators to prey on them. Numerous animals enjoy feeding on crickets. Some of them include; lizards, frogs, cats, birds, salamanders, and spiders.

Allowing these animals into your garden guarantees the total elimination of crickets.

5. Wise Use Of Light

Crickets are indeed like dark places. They are also attracted to lights, especially at night. If you find crickets around your house, it could be because of the presence of light. So what should you do? Good, read the next lines.

Put Out Your Light 

Put out all the lights both inside and around your gardens. This will help lessen the intensity of the noise since there is no light attracting them.

Use Blackout Curtains 

Blackout curtains are seriously needed here, primarily if you work at night. This means you may not be able to turn off your light. So with blackout curtains, you can prevent the rays of light from getting outside, thereby attracting crickets.

Use Of Yellow Light 

Yellow light turns off crickets. If getting blackout curtains may cost you much, you may try yellow lights.

6. Low Temperature

Crickets generally strive in a warm environment. Hence, reducing the heat and temperature of your garden or surroundings would help keep them off.

A temperature as low as 55F would threaten the lives of crickets the same with a temperature above 100F.

7. Use Of Scents 

We can’t talk about how to get rid of cricket noise at night without citing the relevance of essential oils like; rosemary oil, sage, and even thyme. These oils are powerful in warding off crickets hence why they are used in preparing pesticides.

Lemon oil, peppermint oil, and cinnamon oil are also effective alternatives.

Moreover, adding chili and garlic powder to these oils can speed up the efficiency of the oils and results quicker.

8. Use Of Soundproof

If after trying the tips mentioned above on how to have a soothing sleep without crickets disturbing with its noise, you may try soundproofing your house.

This may be expensive, but it is the most effective way to eliminate cricket chirping sounds at night. And not just crickets noise but other forms of noise regardless of the source.

How Do I Get Rid Of Cricket Noise If I Can’t Find Them?

If you find it challenging to eliminate the chirping because you can’t see where they are, you can drop a can of beer with little content around the area you presumed they are.

Then watch them move out of their hiding place. Cardboards with a bit of honey can also do the magic.

Will Crickets Stop Chirping?

Crickets chirp for many reasons, which are the major reasons they chirp. They start chirping in late July.

However, the chirping can be controlled by trapping the crickets, keeping your garden clean and dark, maintaining a low temperature, and soundproofing your home are proven ways to eliminate cricket chirping noise at night.

What’s The Lifespan Of Cricket?

Crickets have a lifespan of 90 days. They are usually born around spring and die in late summer (fall).


The chirping of crickets at night can be irritating and disturbing. We strongly believe that you are armed to the teeth on how to get rid of cricket noise at night.

Maintaining a neat home and garden, using traps, vinegar and salt, and soundproofing your home are the surest ways to have a relaxing night without crickets interfering.