Where to Hang a Hummingbird House (Fully Explained)

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If you’ve ever desired to know where to hang a hummingbird house in your home, we will address that today.

Hummingbirds are lovely and amazing avian creatures that people desperately want to attract. However, the most burning question remains, “where can I hang my hummingbird house?” Because one thing is to attract them, another is to keep them. 

To hang your hummingbird house, you need to ensure that the location is safe for the hummingbirds because safety is a necessity for them. 

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the perfect places to hang a hummingbird house in your home.

Where To Hang a Hummingbird House

For safety and shelter, below are the best locations to hang your hummingbird house;

  • Well-protected Porch
  • Branch close to your house
  • Under the edges of your roof
  • In your garden and
  • On a hanger

Stay tuned as we explain each location extensively. 

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1. Well-Protected Porch

The first place you may want to hang your hummingbird house is on your porch or veranda. 

This location is perfect; however, you must ensure that safety and shelter are provided. Hence, your porch should be covered. 

Meanwhile, do not forget to hang the house as high as you can on your porch. 

2. Branch Near Your House

Hanging your hummingbird house on a high branch near your home is another place that suits hummingbirds. 

Ensure the hummingbird house is not confined and the birds are safe without fear of wind, rain, and excessive sunlight. 

3. Under The Edges Of the Roof

The eaves of your house are another perfect place to consider hanging your hummingbird house. 

However, ensuring that there is not too much sun or wind is essential and that it is well covered. This will help maintain and retain hummingbirds. 

4. In Your Garden

A garden is also a good place for hanging your hummingbird house. 

However, you must place the house on a high tree or stand. This location may not be the best. However, it is better than exposing the hummingbirds to danger. 

If you must keep your hummingbird house in the garden, ensure it is far from predators. 

5. On A Hanger

A hanger outside your house is another good place to hang your hummingbird house. The height of the hanger should be high, and ensure the hanger is well sheltered. 

Additionally, ensure adequate ventilation to avoid suffocation. 

How High Should I Hang My Hummingbird House? 

We clearly stated that your hummingbird house should be well elevated. This is because hummingbirds prefer a high habitat. However, you may be forced to ask, how high should I hang my hummingbird house? 

In that case, you are expected to hang your hummingbird house for an average of 10 -50 feet from the ground. Also, if you can raise it 90 or 100 feet, it is okay.

The aim is to keep it high in an environment free from predators and excessive wind or sunlight.

Factors To Consider Before Hanging a Hummingbird House

Before you ask where to hang your hummingbird house, first, you need to understand the conditions that these beautiful creatures desire. 

Hence, we shall discuss three crucial factors that should be considered. They are;


Hummingbirds crave safety badly. They seek to be away from the eyes of enemies or predators. If you must hang your hummingbird house, ensure that the location is free from danger.

More giant birds like hawks and owls, frogs, lizards, snakes, and squirrels are enemies of hummingbirds. 

Weather Conditions

Aside from safety, another essential factor to consider before hanging your hummingbird house is the location’s weather conditions. Too much wind, rain, sunlight, and cold could pose a threat to the lives of the birds. 

We do not insinuate that there should be an absence of the above weather conditions. We didn’t; instead, we mean they should not lead to adverse effects. 

High Places

Generally, hummingbirds like higher ground. So, while hanging your hummingbird house, ensure the location is high.

When Should I Hang My Hummingbird  House?

To know the best time to hang your hummingbird house, you should take your time to observe your environment to detect when the hummingbirds are seen.

In the Southern United States, they are seen around February, and in Canada, around May.

Once you determine when these creatures are seen around your area, the next thing to do is to hang your hummingbird house two weeks before the expected coming of the birds.

Would Hummingbirds Live In Birdhouses?

The answer is simply no. Hummingbirds are a special kind of bird that is very skeptical about their environment. They do not need to be in a confined house.

No matter how you may design the birdhouse or buy the most expensive one in the market, hummingbirds will not be attracted to it.

Hummingbirds are attracted to hummingbird houses provided that safety, protection from predators, and adverse weather effects are assured.

Most hummingbird nests are made of the following;

  • Spider Silk
  • Moses 
  • Feathers and even
  • Plant down 

Tips On How To Attract Hummingbird

The following tips will help you attract hummingbirds o your nest.

First, you need to stay away from pesticides. This is simply because hummingbirds are easily irritated by pesticides. Pesticides may drive them away from your garden.

Secondly, control the pests in your surroundings. Pests ward off hummingbirds. Hence, ensure that pests are drastically reduced in your garden.

Again, do not apply too many feeders. Too many feeders will attract a crowd which may scare the hummingbirds away.  A little feeder is better for effective results.

Most importantly, eliminate all the predators of hummingbirds. Predators are significant threats to these tiny creatures. 

More giant birds like hawks and owls, frogs, lizards, snakes, and squirrels are enemies of hummingbirds.

In addition, hang your hummingbird house high and ensure there are no excess adverse weather conditions.


We have come to the end of this content. We are confident that you are sure where to hang your hummingbird house.

Remember we said that you could either hang it on the eaves of your house, hanger, or even garden, provided that safety and protection are in place.

Meanwhile, if you are still confused about how high you should hang your hummingbird house or how to attract hummingbirds, you may have to re-read the post.