How Fast Do Sago Palms Grow? (Explained)

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Sago’s palm is a palm tree belonging to the Cycadaceae family and is also not an actual palm tree. However, the sago palm is mainly mistaken for a true palm due to its palm-like features like its scaly leaves, fronds, and unbranched stems. But how fast do sago palms grow?

Sago palm trees typically grows about 1-2 inches yearly, but the growth rate of a sago palms depends on whether you are planting it indoors or outdoors, more on that later.

This plant is native to both the tropical and subtropical regions of Japan and China, and you can consider them one of the oldest plant species, dating back to 300 million years. Many homeowners like planting sago palms in their homes close to their pool to give it an antique look, and a few others like having it inside for a more sophisticated interior look.

Below, we will talk about how fast, how tall, and how long sago palm trees grows!

How Fast Do Sago Palms Grow?

We have to consider the various factors that affect the sago palm tree before you can decide how fast it grows. For this plant to attain its maximum growth rate, you have to plant it outside rather than inside to maximize its growth potential; when planted in a pot, it would not be able to do this.

Another factor that affects the growth of sago palms is soil drainage. This plant requires a well-drained soil system for it to be able to perform better because if the water is soaked, it can lead to root rot and, eventually, the stunted growth of the plant.

Sago palms still amounted to one of the slowest growers. The contrasting spots it has been planted upon extensively impact the growth. For your sago plant to attain the height of about 10-12 ft, it has to be planted under favorable conditions like:

  • Ample sunlight
  • Proper temperature and humidity
  • Adequate pruning
  • Extensive root growth

When planted indoors, the plant’s growth would reduce because the root would not be able to maximize its growth capacity, limiting the growth. So, when you plant your sago palms indoors, it would take a minimum of 5 years before they can grow 2 feet tall.

This limit is not very healthy for the plant, but it is worth it if you want to enjoy its elegance inside your house. When planted outdoors, your sago plant could reach 1-2 inches.

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How Tall Do Sago Palms Grow?

The palm trees’ growth is steady; despite the circumstances, they find themselves in, they are generally not known to be tall plants. Indoor sago plants grow faster when planted outside than inside, and when planted outside, they can fully use sunlight and adequate space to grow better.

So, if you want a giant sago palm, it is advisable that you plant these trees outside and not inside because a 5-year-old sago palm that grew indoors can be able to fit into a 5-inch pot without having much trouble.

How Long Do Sago Palms Grow?

Sago plants live for a good number of years before they finally die. These plants were said to have survived the fifth great mass extinction due to their ability to withstand extreme conditions.

Since the lifespan of most plants is based on the number of years they take to attain maturity, the sago plants can be said to live for about 100 years.

Where Is the Best Place to Plant Sago Palms?

Planting sago palms outdoors in well-drained soil and adequate indirect sunlight is better to attain a maximum growth rate. Direct sunlight on this plant can lead to the burning of its chlorophyll, which directly hampers its growth since it affects photosynthesis.

The best soil to plant the sago palms in is sandy soil. Using clayey or loamy soil would possibly lead to root rot since these plants log water. The best temperature rate to ensure the healthy growth of the sago palms is 75 degrees f.

What Kills Sago Trees?

Sago palm trees are susceptible to fungal infections and certain pests like mealybugs, aphids, and spider mites. These fungal infections lead to waterlogging and then plant root rot when drained in too much water.

In addition, when the plant is exposed to temperatures around 25 degrees f, it leads to the gradual death of the plants since they cannot survive cold weather conditions.

Also, when placed under direct sunlight for too long, it leads to the browning of the leaves due to dryness, and if not remedied quickly enough, it can lead to the death of the plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make My Sago Palms Grow Faster?

Although there is a limit to the growth of the sago plants, you can ensure that they thrive and are steady by planting them in well-drained soil, infrequently watering because they are drought-tolerant, and adding fertilizer supplements only a few times in a couple of months to prevent improper growth.

Are Sago Palms Easy to Grow?

Sago palms are not only easy to grow but also easy to maintain, but you have to ensure that you adhere strictly to some growing conditions for this to happen. Checking the drainage pattern and using the right soil type would go a long way.

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Should I Cut the Yellow Leaves Off Sago Palms?

It would be best for you to trim your yellowing sago plants instead of cutting them off because even as they are sick, they are also drawing nutrients. If removed immediately, they can cause the plant stunted growth and make it susceptible to infections.

What Is the Easiest Palm Tree to Grow?

The Areca palm is the most accessible palm tree to grow and also maintain. You can refer to these plants as the golden palm, yellow palm, and butterfly palm, depending on the location, because they are aesthetically pleasing. In addition, these plants are easy to grow and maintain, so you would not need to stress their maintenance.