What Kills Trees Quickly?

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If you have a couple of unwanted trees in your yard, you might have thought about the quickest way to get rid of them.

Yeah, me too, especially one that doesn’t require much hassle. So today, I’m going to tell you what kills trees quickly.

Don’t worry; I won’t B.S you to sharpen your axe and shovel, drink Redbull, and start digging out. Instead, we will use herbicide with a little bit of elbow grease.

I will teach you how to use this solution to bring even the stubbornest trees to their roots and potentially discuss other techniques. 

What Kills Trees Quickly? (2 Really Fast Methods)

There are many ways to kill a tree, but we will only discuss two swift methods. And you might be familiar with the herbicide tactics, as they are popular. But there is a lot you don’t know about this chemical method. 

So we will break down everything in this section: 

1. Take The Tree Down! 

Oboy, this sound very strenuous!

But it is the fastest way to kill a tree. For large tree removal, you can do this by using a chainsaw or pruning saw. 

Although it requires a bit of a learning curve –especially if it is your first time, it is not always advisable to start cutting the trunk close to ground level.

Most homeowners start by cutting off branches from the bottom of the tree, working their way up until only the trunk remains.

Next is to attach a rope to the upper part of the trunk and guide it down to control how your tree falls.

Unfortunately, that only won’t kill it off. 

Step two plays a vital part in applying herbicide on the stump to discourage sprouts from growing while accelerating decomposition.

And if you think the task is too demanding, you can call a professional tree removal service.

2. Chemical Application

The use of Herbicide has never been more vital. 

Herbicides are plant poison. And you know what poison does. It kills! 

Once absorbed or injected, it cripples the plant’s cells, enzymes, or receptors, depriving them of their duties of helping them grow, develop, and generally survive. 

So when you apply herbicide on any tree, its system starts malfunctioning. Now new growth or whatever can occur. 

The whole idea is it staves the tree so that it can kill it.

And depending on the herbicide used, it can slowly or ferociously crumble the plant’s metabolism.

This is why we recommend the Tordon for a faster effect. 

Tordon is one of the most potent trees and stump kller you can use. It is more effective than even Roundup. 

The only downside is that whatever it touches, it kills —including other surrounding trees because it leaches into the soil. 

This is why it is more of a commercial application than for home use. 

Aside from that, it is expensive and often hard to find. But you will most likely get it from agricultural chemical suppliers. 

But in general, herbicides are a very versatile solution. 

You can apply it for cut Surface, Injection, Stump, Basal Bark, or Soil Treatments. 

I don’t want to go into details, but Tordon works well for each treatment. However, the most effective way to apply it is to:

First, use a hatchet to make downward cuts about 2-3 inches (5-7.5 cm) deep around the tree’s circumference.

The cut will be deep enough to reach the white sapwood beneath. Then apply your Torden into these gashes. And that is all. Watch how the tree dies from the inside out. 

It only takes a few weeks to bring down even the most gigantic and headstrong tree

NOTE: After felling the tree, paint the stump with some Tordon to kill its roots and prevent regrowth.

Another alternative is applying copper sulphate. Like many other powerful herbicides, it also stunts cell growth and ultimately damages the tree inside.

Many claim it is the answer, especially if you are considering the safety of your soil or surrounding area. 

On the contrary, copper sulphate is just as toxic as other herbicides and will affect the surrounding landscape. 


So that is all about what kills trees quickly. 

It only takes two steps to bring them your tree and terminate it for good. 

And at the end, you will have to burn some calories; put in hassle if you want to make it a DIY project. 

However, if you have a few bucks, you can save yourself the stress and hire a pro. But I’m pretty sure they will still apply some herbicides.