Is An Orange a Fruit or a Vegetable?

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Vegetables and fruits are both integral parts of a plant and are proof that the plant is in good condition. But in many cases, vegetables can be mistaken for fruits and fruits for vegetables.

However, vegetables and fruits are different though they play their unique role in the culinary world. But is an orange a fruit or a vegetable?

Wee, orange is a fruit and should not in any way be mistaken for a vegetable because botanically it is a fruit.

Food connoisseurs are few among many people that are quick to refer to fruits as vegetables, and this is because their fruits can be served as vegetables.

Let’s see the different definitions of fruits and what orange truly is!

What Are Fruits And Vegetables?

Fruit is the fleshy and sweet product a tree or any plant develops depending on its species. So an apple tree would produce apple fruits, a mango tree would produce mango fruits, and an orange tree would produce an orange fruit.

Botanically, a fruit is a flowering plant’s fleshy or dry ripened ovary; the culinary world refers to the fruit as any sweet-tasting plant with seeds. So, let’s look at the main characteristics of the fruit.

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Characteristics of fruit

  •  Fruits are fleshy
  •  Fruits have a sweet taste
  •  Fruits have seeds in them

Vegetables, on the other hand, are the edible part of a plant. Usually, the principal place considered a vegetable is the leafy part of a plant.

However, other portions of a plant could be referred to as vegetables. The stem, roots, tubers, bulbs, and flowers are all the portions that makeup vegetables.

The parts of these plants are either consumed fresh, or they are prepared in many ways. You can have the vegetables cooked, stir-fried, smoked, or grilled.

Characteristics of vegetable

  • Sour taste
  • The edible portion of a plant

Is An Orange a Fruit or a Vegetable?

Again looking at the different definitions And characteristics of fruits and vegetables, it is bold that an orange is a fruit.

Orange is from the citrus species in the rutaceae family native to Asia. Orange is said to be a hybrid of two fruits; citrus maxima (pomelo) and citrus reticular (mandarin).

Oranges can either be classified as sweet oranges or bitter oranges. They are known worldwide because they are used by many people- botanists, culinarians, and many households.

Oranges are filled with benefits as the nutritional profile is oozing with satisfaction. Many vegetarians likely settle for oranges because of their high nutritional profile.

Why do People Refer to Fruits as Vegetables?

Surprisingly it is easy to mistake fruits for vegetables and vegetables for fruits because of how it is used in the kitchen. Culinarians are most likely to call fruits vegetables.

Fruits like tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumbers are treated as vegetables in the kitchen.

Differences Between Vegetables and Fruits

Appearance and color: the formation of a vegetable would depend on the portion of the plant explored. The leafy part of the plant is always flat; most of the time, they are not fleshy.

The stems are mostly long, the bulbs are often fleshy, while the tubers and roots appear to be fuller and more admirable compared to the flower of the leaf.

The color of a vegetable would range. Although the primary color is green, it highly depends on the kind of plant.

Fruits are always fleshy compared to vegetables, so you can easily spot them on the go.

The colors of fruits are pretty vast. You will see fruit with red colors, fruits like strawberries. You will find purple fruits, like zucchini. Some fruits are green, like cucumber, and others could be yellow, like mango.

  • Flavor: the taste of a fruit is always sweeter compared to vegetables. Most vegetables are relatively bitter, while others have a sour taste.
  • Uses: fruits are served as desserts, or you can have them as snacks, but vegetables make up a full-course meal or can fit perfectly as a side dish.

Similarities Between Vegetables and fruits

  • They both are rich in vitamins, fiber, and other antioxidants
  • They both play a significant role in the kitchen
  • Vegetarians can consume fruits and vegetables
  • Both fruits and veggies can be great as side dishes
  • Both are low in calories


We successfully shared some valuable information about oranges, and if you have asked, “is an orange a fruit or a vegetable?” well, now you know that orange is a fruit.

With all the mentioned characteristics of fruits, orange should rarely be referred to as a vegetable. Orange is entirely different from other fruits that many culinarians call vegetables.

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