How To Clean Non-Slip Flooring (4 Easy Steps)

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Non-slip flooring has a watertight, waterproof, and seamless surface, which is perfect for areas that demand hygienic finishes like nursing homes, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, sports centers, pools, and spas.

Non-slip flooring is usually placed in high traffic areas, making them prone to a buildup of moisture alongside high footfall; this builds up with dirt and grime, making them harder to clean.

Mopping isn’t just going to cut it with non-slip flooring, and you may need to get on your knees; here’s how to clean non-slip flooring.

How To Clean Non-Slip Flooring

1. Get The Right Cleaning Tools

First things first, before you begin cleaning your non-slip flooring, you need to get the right equipment; now toss out your cotton mop heads! 

Due to the rough, sandpaper-like surface of non-slip flooring, when a cotton mop is used to clean it, the small fibers from the mop head snags on the floor surface and gets left behind, which inherently reduces the slip resistance and increases the likelihood of dirt.

You will need a good quality flat mop with a removable micro-fiber pad! Opt for a micro-fiber pad that includes agitation strips as it scrubs and buffs the cleaning detergent into the flooring better.

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2. Know The Type Of Dirt You Are Up Against 

How To Clean Non-Slip Flooring

Before you begin cleaning, you should carry out a pre-cleaning procedure on the targeted floor area. 

Inspect the area and try to understand what causes the dirt in the first place, so you determine the most appropriate cleaning regime. 

Depending on the space the flooring is in, dirt can be caused, from anything such as food waste to rust and brick dust. 

Know the kind of dirt you’re dealing with, as this will enable you to choose the right cleaning method.

As you pre-clean, ensure you have access to as much of the floor surface as possible so you can either vacuum all the loose debris or prepare it for the application of the cleaning detergent.

3. Apply A Detergent

You need a floor cleaning chemical if you want your floors sparkly clean, as the standard micro-fiber mop is not substantial enough to clean up the dirt alone. 

You will need a pH-neutral floor cleaner, spray the detergent directly onto the floor, and buff it into the surface with the microfiber mop; work in small sections as you make your way through the floor. 

Allow the cleaner to soak for a few minutes before wiping it off. 

Afterward, thoroughly rinse off the dirt and residues and allow the floor to dry before walking over it.

4. Non-Slip Floor Cleaner

There are different non-slip floor cleaners but ensure to use the product at the correct dilution; this is as important as using the right product.

Cleaning General Areas And Bathrooms

Windmill Captain

This product is available in both 5l and easy dose format; this is a great alkaline floor cleaner that can be used for daily cleaning. Windmill captain is a great maintenance cleaner.

Windmill Easy Does Ultimate

This is another effective cleaner for daily cleaning of non-slip flooring- it can be used in your mop bucket and your scrubber dryer as well.

Windmill Wrestler

As you can already tell from the name -wrestler is tough on stains and gives your floor a really deep clean – due to its cleaning strength, it is recommended to only use it for periodic cleaning as it could cut through the floor if used too frequently.

In Your Scrubber Dryer

Windmill SD Heavy

This is a low foaming heavy-duty cleaner that achieves a deep cleaning result when added to a scrubber dryer.

Windmill Easy Does Ultimate

This is a very effective cleaner suitable for daily cleaning, and it is low foaming.

Cleaning Your Kitchen

Windmill Hygiene Plus Degreaser

If there’s grease buildup in your kitchen, this degreaser cuts through the grease easily and is an excellent solution for use in a mop bucket.

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Cleaning non-slip flooring is as easy as it can get, be sure to use the right equipment and cleaning product, combined with some elbow grease is sure to get your floor sparkly clean.