How To Get Glitters Out Of Carpet Without A Vacuum

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By Bryan Peters

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Almost all seasons and celebrations call for glitters; Valentine, Christmas, Halloween, etc.

What happens after these celebrations? You have clingy glitters sticking all over your carpets. Yes! Clingy.

That’s because a single glitter as small as 0.002 square inches (1.3 mm2) is not just designed to grab the eye’s attention but can stick to your carpets for days on days!

Sometimes trying to vacuum the glitters might just be your worst nightmare. And this is exactly why we are interested in how to get glitters out of carpet without vacuum.

You can roll a lint roller over your carpet to get stubborn glitters off or use masking tape wrapped in your finger.

Read on as we discuss more tricks that can help you get these clingy glitters off your carpet.

How to Get Glitter Out of Carpet Without Vacuum

Sometimes trying to vacuum glitters off carpets might just be an exercise in futility.

Just when you thought you may have captured it all, boom! there are still some specs of glitter gleaming at the far end of your carpet. Yes, I know, sounds pretty irritating, right?

Well, let’s discuss some tricks that can help you get glitters off without vacuuming, shall we?

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1. The Duct Tape Trick

We think this trick is the most efficient of all the tricks used in getting glitters off the carpet.

Wrap duct tape or masking tape around your fingers with the sticky side out. Then use that finger to pat the glittered area until clean all glitters are gone.

Yes, you’ll have to get on your hands and knees for this trick, but rest assured, all the glitters will be gone in no time.

2. The Balloon Trick

Another trick that is quite effective in getting rid of glitters off your carpet (or even hair) is by creating static electricity. Sounds like rocket science right?

Only that it’s not, and no, you don’t have to play around with your electronic stuff; just blow up a balloon, then rub it on the carpet to create some static electricity.

In no time, the balloon will be covered with glitters. Easy, right?

3. The Lint Roller Trick

Sometimes the trick to getting glitters off your carpet can likely be found in your linen closet.

Any standard lint roller can be used to get clingy glitters off your carpet. All you’ve to do is to glide over the stubborn glitter with the lint rollers.

All the stubborn glitters will be picked up, leaving the carpet clean as it can be!

4. The Rubber Kitchen Glove

If there’s no lint roller in your closet, well, move into the kitchen.

Your favorite pair of kitchen gloves can also be effective in getting glitters off the carpet.

Just put on the gloves and run your gloved hand over the glitters to create some static electricity. In no time, the glitters will be to sticking to the glove.

5. The Damp Paper Towel Trick

This method is not so popular because your carpet might get wet in the process. But still, it’s worth a try.

Wet the paper towel or cloth, then dab and wipe the glitter with it. The glitters will stick to the wet paper due to static electricity.

After this method, you will have to dry the carpet: you don’t want your carpet to have that musty or damp smell.

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How to Clean Up Glitter from Carpet

How To Get Glitters Out Of Carpet Without A Vacuum

What do you do when a vial of glitter hits the floor and spills over a small area of your carpet? Use a vacuum cleaner to clean it off? No! that will only make the situation worse.

Follow the steps below to tackle it.

Step 1: Use a piece of stock card, angle it to be near the bulk of the glitter spill, holding it at a slight angle.

Make a ramp with one edge completely against the floor, carpet, or rug.

Step 2: Now, you need another piece of stock card. Push the second piece along the other side of the pile, using it as a broom to push glitter up the ramp.

Step 3: Deposit the glitters collected into an empty container or on top a sheet of paper.

Try this procedure a couple of times until you have little or no glitters on your carpet.

Step 4: Use a broom to sweep off the remaining glitters and deposit them into an empty container or on top a sheet of paper.

Step 5: Put the glitters deposited on top of the paper into the vial by folding part of the paper to make a V shape and pouring it back into the vial.


With the tricks discussed in this post, now you see it is possible to get glitters off your beautiful carpet without vacuuming.

We hope this post provided all you need to know on how to get glitters out of carpet without a vacuum.

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