Garbage Disposal Not Working And Sink Not Draining

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The discovery of your garbage disposal not working can be quite unsettling. Whenever this happens, do remember that getting yourself worked up will not solve the issue at hand.

What you have to do is figure out the exact reason behind its malfunctioning. Talking about reasons, we have a couple of them and Yes, we will be discussing that and more.

Stick around!

Why Your Garbage Disposal Is Not Working

Garbage disposal might malfunction for reasons ranging from electrical to draining issues, leakages, and odors.

We’ll analyze these issues briefly, then proceed to tell you how to resolve them.

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1. Electrical Issues

The issue with the garbage disposal power cord or motor all falls under electrical Issues capable of damaging your garbage disposal.

When you find out that your garbage disposal isn’t working even after switching it on, the first port of call will be to check if it is properly plugged in. Next will be to check if the connections are in order.

You have an electrical issue on your hands if all your efforts yield no positive results.

The motor might probably be damaged or the drain, clogged.

  • How to fix it

The first thing to do will be to eject and properly re-insert the power cord, then scan the breaker for blown fuses.

Remember that we mentioned drain clog as part of the possible issues, so scrutinizing the disposal for blockage will be in order.

If you find it blocked, take time out to remove the items causing it.

Electrical Issues can go from trivial to very serious, but if the garbage disposal refuses to work after following through with the aforementioned, you just make room for a new one in your budget.

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2. Leakages

Leakages are one of the most common problems with the garbage disposal. This issue can occur in several places in your device like the drain lines, gasket, etc.

  • How to fix it 

The first thing to do when you observe a leak is to identify the exact spot where it is happening.

It is important to also point out that leakage issues can be due to broken pipes or a crack or dent anywhere on the device.

Minor cracks can be covered with epoxy but a replacement might be the only solution for major ones and broken pipes.

Lastly, ensure that the pipe which acts as a connector between the drain pipe and the dishwasher is properly sealed.

3. Strange sound

If you belong to the category of users who do not take action when you observe certain things all because it is still getting the job done, you might want to rethink.

A scenario in which your device lets out a strange noise while in motion is not something to be overlooked.

Upon further observation, you will discover that the blades of the device are not functioning optimally.

Now, this is not a case of the machine being unable to come on. In this case, the device is turned on and set to carry out its functions, but something is preventing the blades from turning well.

Overheating is mostly the usual culprit, but then there are also issues like blunt or clogged grinders to consider.

Thankfully, overheating does not pose as much of a problem as it is temporal. It is the device’s way of protecting itself from burning out.

With a blunt grinder, you simply do not have them as sharp as they used to while clogged grinders indicate that something is blocking them from turning properly.

  • How to fix it 

A proven way to fix these issues will be to reset the device. Simply press the reset button. The brilliant thing about this quick fix is that it will solve all three issues at the same time.

However, if you have detected it to be a case of overheating only, the logical thing to do will be to switch off the device and allow it to cool off for a while before attempting to use it again.

You will be needing a replacement if these solutions fail to get it working again.

4. Ineffective Draining

Drainage problems are usually due to blockages that can be found there. 

These blockages whether small or very large can tamper with the smooth running of your garbage disposal device.

When these drain clogs happen, they cause a chain reaction affecting the blade and every other thing.

  • How to fix it

Get the drain trap unhinged from the disposal site. Be sure to have a small bucket handy to fetch the excess water that is likely to gush forth.

Next is to clean every debris in there in form of food waste.

Now is also a good time to get those grinder blades sharpened. The sharper they are, the less likely you are to experience a clog as they will be more effective in chopping food.

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Sink Not Draining (What To Do)

When you are using a sink and realize that the water is not draining from it, chances are that it is clogged.

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can avoid having to pay for the services of a plumber and have it fixed yourself in no time.

We’ll be letting you in on some of the proven tips below:

Check the garbage disposal

If you have a garbage disposal attached to your sink, it should be one of the places to check.

To fix it, simply press the reset button.

Use a plunger

You should only use the plunger once you have ascertained that the garbage disposal is not the problem, a plunger should be your next bet.

It’s quite simple to use; simple. Pour some hot water halfway into the sink, place the plunger over the drain, and pump continuously.

There is also what we call the plumbers snake which works differently from a plunger.

It is a snake-like equipment that you dip into the bowl. It further has provisions to yank out the debris if there is one.

Hot water attack

The most common easily carrier out fix.

Hot water helps proven to help loosen the dirt.


Garbage disposal is one device whose importance cannot be underestimated.

They help get rid of food waste effectively and are very eco-friendly.

Whenever you experience any issue with your garbage disposal, take time to peruse all the possible causes highlighted above and follow through with tips on how to rectify it.

Garbage disposals have a life span of about 8 – 12 years and proper maintenance of the device will see you enjoy it the whole time.